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World Without Tears: A Devotional by ProQuest


While my decision to draw on Wilde, Garland, and Lady Gaga may seem, to some, too subjective or general, I would like to simply point to the significant role that themes and invocations of tragedy have to play in the reception and affiliation that undergirds each of their individual constructions as iconic figures in the homosexual imagination From the scandalous, failed, and even pert ways Wilde himself presented the details of his private life to the public, to Garland s unfortunate and very wellknown problems with substance abuse, to the tears that Lady Gaga conjures up and weeps for her 'Tittle monsters, the publicity machine that has produced this particular line of tragedy queens has relied on sentimentalizing and protecting the bond made with their gay audience around a shared sense of misfortune. How personality and creativity are tethered to any project of style is exactly what, in Quentin s terms, we must lament about the ways our celebrities and our cultural icons have become historical moments and fashion trends in and of themselves: We have lost forever our capacity for reverence. . . . [...] do not ask why there are no Garbos, no Dietrichs.

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									World Without Tears: A Devotional

Taylor Black

  I climbed all the way inside
  Your tragedy
  I got behind
  The majesty
  Of the different shapes
  In every note
  The endless tapes
  Of every word you wrote

Preface: Twilight of the Idols

Much has already been said about the gay men and their beloved tragedy
queens. From Oscar Wilde to Judy Garland to Lady Gaga’s current acid
reign over the homosexuals who ov
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