Plot Structure Diagram Rubric

  CATEGORY        4                         3                       2                        1
Required          The diagram includes      Student missed 1        Student missed 2         Student missed 3 or
Elements          all required elements     element in their plot   elements in their plot   more of the elements
                  in the correct order.     diagram. The title is   diagram. May be          of a plot diagram.
                  The title is clearly      included.               missing the title.       Does not include a
                  displayed.                                                                 title.

Explanation /     Student fully explains    Student explains        Student does not         Many elements lack
Support           each of the elements.     each element. The       explain each             explanation. The
                  Sentences are well        student did the bare    element. The             explanations are
                  written. A deep           minimum. No extra       explanations are         weak and often
                  understanding is          effort was taken.       weak. Very little        incorrect.
                  evident.                                          effort was taken.

Design / Effort   The diagram is easy       The diagram is          The diagram is either The diagram is
                  to read, appealing,       either difficult to     difficult to read AND sloppy and there is
                  and creative. It is       read OR lacks           lacks creativity.     no decoration,
                  obvious that a lot of     creativity, but not                           embellishment, or
                  effort was put into the   both.                                         detail of any kind. It is
                  assignment.                                                             obvious that little
                                                                                          effort was taken.

Content -         At least 7 accurate       5-6 accurate facts   3-4 accurate facts   Less than 3 accurate
Accuracy          facts are displayed       are displayed on the are displayed on the facts are displayed
                  on the poster.            poster.              poster.              on the poster.

Mechanics         No mistakes or one        2-3 mistakes in      4-5 mistakes in      6 or more mistakes in
                  mistake in grammar        grammar or spelling. grammar or spelling. grammar or spelling
                  or spelling.

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