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					                  Department of History – Plan of Study Form
                        Please fill out this form prior to meeting with an UNDED advisor

                                           Student Information
Name:                                                    Columbia College       General Studies
                                                        Other (please specify)______________________
Local Address:                                           Sophomore       Junior     Senior
Local Phone:                                             Major       Concentrator
E-mail:                                              2 Major/Concentration in:

     Requirements                           MAJORS                               CONCENTRATORS
Total Credits in History    29 credits                                    21 credits
  Specialization            13 credits                                    9 credits
  Breadth Requirement       3 courses outside specialization,             2 courses outside specialization,
                            including 1 removed in time & 2               including 1 removed in time & 1
                            removed in space, one in hemisphere           removed in space
                            complementary to specialization
Seminar Requirement         2 seminars, at least 1 in specialization      None

 The field should be defined, in consultation with a member of UNDED, according to geographical,
 chronological, and/or thematic criteria. A student might choose, for example, to specialize in “Twentieth-
 Century US History,” “European Diplomatic History,” “Ancient Roman History,” or “Korean and
 Japanese History.”
 Breadth Requirement
 Students must fulfill a breadth requirement by taking courses outside of their own specialization. Majors
 must take three breadth courses and concentrators must take two. The breadth requirement itself has two
 parts: Time and Space. One can think of this breadth requirement as “removed in time and space.”
 Time: Both majors and concentrators must take at least one course removed in time. Any students
 specializing in the Modern Period must take one course specifically covering the Pre-modern period
 (before 1750) and students specializing in a pre-modern field must take at least one course in the modern
 Space: Majors must take two additional courses in a regional field or fields not their own. At least one of
 these courses must cover an area on the opposite hemisphere. A student specializing in Europe or North
 America, therefore, must take one of their breadth courses in either Asia, the Middle East, Latin America
 or Africa, and vice versa. Concentrators must take one course providing geographic breadth.
 Some courses cover multiple geographic regions. If one of the regions covered by the class is the one
 covered by a student’s specialization, the course cannot count toward the breadth requirement unless it is
 specifically approved by the DUS. For example, if a student is specializing in “Twentieth Century US
 History” and takes a class on World War II, the class is too close to his or her specialization and will not
 fulfill the breadth requirement in as a course in Asian history, for example count, for example, as a
 breadth course fulfilled by Asian history.

 Thematic Specializations: Thematic and cross-regional specializations are permitted and the breadth
 requirements for students interested in these topics will be set in consultation with a member of the

 For more information about the requirements and for examples of acceptable programs of
 study, please see the Undergraduate Handbook.
   Specialization: __________________________________________________
   (13 credits for majors; 9 credits for concentrators)

Course   Course                    Course Title           Term       Instructor      Completed      Points
 Code    Number

                                                                         Total Specialization Points:_____
   Breadth Requirements

   Removed in Time
Course  Course                     Course Title           Term       Instructor      Completed      Points
 Code  Number

   Removed in Space
Course  Course                     Course Title           Term       Instructor      Completed      Points
 Code  Number

                                                                 Total Breadth Requirement Points: ______
   Additional Courses
Course   Course                    Course Title           Term       Instructor      Completed      Points
 Code    Number

                                                                   Total Additional Course Points: ______

                 TOTAL OVERALL POINTS (29 for majors; 21 for concentrators): ______
   Seminar Requirement (Majors only) From the courses listed above:
   Seminar in Specialization _______________________________________________________
   Second Seminar           _______________________________________ ________________

   Methods Requirement (Thesis Writers only) HIST W2901 or HIST W4900
   Methods Course ________________________________________________________________
UNDED Notes:

   UNDED Signature: _________________________________________ Date: _________________

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