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									                                   Institute of Physics

      Teaching of physics at University of Debrecen started as early as 1921. The first
Physics Institute was part of the Faculty of Medicine and it was situated in the buildings
that are occupied by the Experimental Physics Department today. In 1950 the institute
was transferred to the Faculty of Sciences and later branched into separate physics
departments that are the organizational units of the present day Institute of Physics.
      The Institute of Physics is an umbrella organization of the Department of
Experimental Physics, the Department of Theoretical Physics, the Department of Solid
State Physics, and the Department of Environmental Physics, which is a joint department
of the University of Debrecen and the Institute of Nuclear Research of the Hungarian
Academy of Sciences (ATOMKI). It coordinates the teaching activities, the research
programs, and the administrative duties of the different departments.
      The research activities at the institute cover a wide range of dimensions from
theoretical to experimental and from fundamental research to applied physics. The
investigation of the Standard Model of particle physics is as integral part of the research
program as the study of complex systems, the study of the magnetic properties of
nanocrystalline alloys, the determination of radioisotopes in environmental samples, or
the experiments with the highly charged ions of hot plasmas, just to mention a few areas
of interest.

                                                          Director of the Institute:
    Departments of the Institute:
                                                     Prof. Dr. József Pálinkás, Member
                                                       of the Hungarian Academy of
     Department of Experimental
  Department of Theoretical Physics
                                                     Debrecen, Bem tér 18/A, H- 4026
  Department of Solid State Physics                       Phone: +36-52-415-22
    UD-ATOMKI Department of                               Fax: +36-52-315-087
      Environmental Physics                                      e-mail:

         Staff of the Institute                                Student Body

  Staff members: 39 (80% with PhD)                    Students of Physics: ~ 40/annum
  Members of the Hungarian Academy                   Students of Electrical Engineering:
           of Sciences: 3                                       ~ 60/annum
           Full Professors: 6
         Associate Professors: 7
    BSc Degree Programmes
                                             MSc Degree Programmes
(Specializations: Physicist, Applied                   Physics
  Physicist, Teacher of Physics)        (Specializations: Physicist, Teacher of
      Electrical Engineering
   (Specializations: Information                 Teacher of Physics
     Technology, Automation)
 Electrical Engineering Assistant
  (Specializations: Automation,
     Electronics Technology)

       PhD School of Physics:

   Head: Prof. Dr. Dezső Beke
   Secretary: Dr. László Zolnai
Number of PhD students: ~ 15/annum

            Atomic Physics
           Nuclear Physics
          Solid State Physics
Physical Methods in Interdisciplinary
           Particle Physics

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