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Benefits of an Associate Degree V7


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Benefits of an Associate Degree
An associate degree is an undergraduate degree awarded to the student by colleges and universities
upon completion of a two year program. It marks the beginning of your education; the first step you take
towards getting a higher education. Some students, however, wonder about the feasibility of pursuing an
associate degree and question its advantages. This article hopes to highlight some of the benefits of an
associate degree.
Cost saving
Not everyone can afford a four-year bachelor degree program in their desired fields. Some might not be
willing to spend four years studying at a college when they’d rather be out, earning money. Such people
can opt for a two-year associate degree which will equip them with the essential skills and knowledge to
secure entry-level jobs in their chosen fields. Their education doesn’t have to end there, though. They can
always continue their education with a bachelor’s degree when they see fit.
Convenience and flexibility
An associate degree is a two-year degree, which is a lot less of a time commitment than a four-year
bachelor’s degree. Most colleges offer weekend or evening classes as an alternative to students who are
working full or part-time. This provides them with the flexibility to study at their own pace and at a time
convenient to them. Colleges like California College San Diego offers associate, bachelor’s and master’s
degree programs in business, healthcare, information technology and graphic arts. California College of
San Diego reviews say that the college gives students enrolled in their associate degree programs the
chance to complete their degrees in as little as fifteen months, which means they can start working that
much sooner.
Stepping stone to a bachelor’s degree
Most colleges recognize associate degrees as transferrable degrees. Which means a student can transfer
his/her degree to a bachelor’s degree program and complete it in about two years as opposed to the
standard four years. Colleges prefer students with associate’s degrees because the degree implies a
certain level of expertise and understanding of a field. You can be sure that if you’re entering a field that
requires technical skills with special training, an associate degree will be one of your best bets.
Employability & salaries
If you’d compare the salary of someone with a high school diploma to one with an associate degree, you
will find that the person with an associate degree is more likely to earn a higher salary. The reason for this
is simple. Someone with an associate’s degree shows promise of knowing a lot more about a particular
field than someone with a high school diploma. Studies have shown that students with high school
diplomas earn yearly salaries of $30,316, whereas students with associate’s degrees earn yearly salaries
of $36,348. This is because employers trust that people with associate’s degrees have technical
knowledge about that field and hence prefers to give them jobs in their companies.
An associate’s degree is a perfect option for those starting off their education as well as careers. Besides,
a good education only provides a pillar to lean on when the economy gets tough.

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