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									Importance of Swimming Pool Pumps and Their Benefits

Swimming pool pumps are one of the significant items of latest technology that is a must to be
owned by each swimming pool owner. These circulate water in the pool and ensure it does not
stay stagnant for a longer period leading to spread of germs and algae. This makes it essential
that it is the main component.

There are many brands offering pumps in high prices ensuring you will get real quality.
However, do not compromise pool protection and so venture to find the best pool pumps,
regardless of its price.

The pool pumps may look admirable, but at a point of time it is certain to break down and will
have an impact on the pool. So take proper care and address the problems appropriately. Take
professional assistance if essential, however following some tips may help in prolonging the pool
pumps life:

      Purchase quality pool pump and see for the one that is designed to last for more years,
       when taken good care.
      If you find air sucking, then it indicates a leak. Check the suction valve, drain plugs, the
       pump lid gasket and the volute as they are the regular places that air is sucked. In case, all
       these are intact, check the pipes. Seek professional assistance, if you cannot find the leak.
      In case, there is noise, the bearings are gone. Check it immediately.
      Empty the basket regularly. Never spray any lubricant as everything is sealed.

Swimming pool motors drives pool pump and sucks water through suction ports and pushes it
to the filter and return ports. A swimming pool motor on an average lasts for eight years. You
can see that the life of the pool motors is prolonged and so you need to vacuum dust and lint

Replacing your motor is perfect only when your replace with the same horsepower motor. This
includes identical motor speed, frame type and voltage. This is suggested so that it works
properly. A pool owner many times considers switching to more power and ends up with
damaging pipes and increased electric bills.

The pump should be as per the pool size, for instance use low-head pumps for above ground
pools, while medium-head pumps for pools with 10,000-20,000 gallons water and high-head
pumps for larger pools. In case your motor produces grinding noises, it is not getting sufficient
water. If your motor fails to start, it is clogged with debris and if the impeller moves freely,
check the power to ensure it receives proper electricity (110V electricity is insufficient).

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