How to make money from Youtube by duttdutt


									Choose a Good Channel Name and Register with YouTube

The first thing you need to do in order to make a lot of money online using YouTube is to create your
free account at its website. While creating an account on YouTube website, select a unique username,
instead of just picking a random username for your channel that no one will be able to pronounce and
remember it properly. It is always better to plan out and put some thought in the selection of username
so as not regret it later on.

Create a Good Video to Post on YouTube

Although YouTube community likes to watch almost anything, most people visit YouTube to watch
interesting and funny videos and to get relaxed. The most sought after videos often contain something
like: puppies, racing cars, kittens, music, magic tricks with lot of humor. In case, you have such things
lying around at your place, then they might be one of the next videos to go hot online. Always
remember to edit your video before you upload it on YouTube and this can be completed with easy to
use programs available freely on net. You can make use of simple programs like Windows Movie Maker
or even more advanced ones.

How to Put AdSense on YouTube

So many people they know exactly how to create a lot of good videos to post on their YouTube account,
but they still don’t know how to put AdSense on their YouTube account.

YouTube’s AdSense Partnership – Once you have uploaded your video that adheres to YouTube terms
and your video gets a few thousands of viewers within a week or so, you already have a chance to
receive an email from YouTube inviting you to apply for their revenue sharing program for your
uploaded video. Such an invitation mail means that you have been accepted into YouTube’s AdSense
program for your video and as soon as you accept their invitation, you start earning money from that
particular video of yours.

By the way, if you are a newbie to YouTube and you already have your own AdSense account, you just
need to create a partners account on YouTube before you can put AdSense on your YouTube account.
However, before you apply for the partnership in YouTube, there are some criteria you need to know:
- You must own all copyrights to your videos

- You get thousands of views on your videos

To apply for the partnership in YouTube, go to

Finally, if you are accepted into their partner program in YouTube, then you can place ads on your
YouTube videos account.

Hopefully, you must have learned something new about how to make money on YouTube.

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