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      I undersigned MAULIK N. RUPARELIA a student of
T.Y.B.B.A. here by declare that the project work presented in this
reporting my own work and has been carried out under the
supervision of Mr. KULDEEP JOBANPUTRA head of the
department, B.B.A. R.P. Bhalodia Collage affiliated to Saurashtra
University, Rajkot.

     This work has not been previously submitted to any other
university or any institution form examination or any other purpose.

Date: -                                      Signature,

Place: - Rajkot                  (MAULIK N. RUPARELIA)

                                             SAMAY QUARTZ
      No serious and lasting achievement of success, one can never
achieve without the help of friendly guidance and co-operation of so
many people involved in that work.

      First of all, I am thankful to Mr. Kuldeep Jobanputra for giving
me complete guidance and encouragement for the preparation of this
industrial study report.

      I am thankful to Mr. D.M. Patel (Managing Director) who let
me work at this organization. I particularly acknowledge the assistant
of Raghavjibhai Patel (Marketing Manager), Mr. Vargis, Advertising
and promotion manager who has provided me the time support and
inspiration needed to complete this report and project work with

Date: -                                       Signature,

Place: - Rajkot                   (MAULIK N. RUPARELIA)

                                              SAMAY QUARTZ

      Practical study plays a vital role in the field of education. It has
been introduced for the students to get practical knowledge along
with the theoretical knowledge, only bookish knowledge is not the
right way of learning anything especially for the management
students. How management principles are implemented in business
can only be known through practical study through visit, students can
be very well become aware about industrial environment like
problems, opportunities, and understanding and also gives them a
chance to show their skill and ability.

      According to the above reviews Saurashtra University has
included practical training of any industry and viva of it as 8th paper,
with a view to expand my boundaries of thinking about implications
of the theoretical knowledge in practical field and have preferred
SAMAY ELECTRONICS PVT. LTD., Morbi for the same. It was
really a nice experience for me to get training in such a reputed

      It is a matter of great pleasure to present this report work,
training in this unit has helped me to gain lots of practical knowledge
which I am sure would benefit me in future.

                                                 SAMAY QUARTZ
         MAIN INDEX

NO.            PARTICULARS
1.    General information
2.    Marketing Department
3.    Marketing Mix
4.    Survey On Dealer’s Satisfaction
5.    My point of view
6.    Swot Analysis
7.    Suggestion
8.    Conclusion
9.    Bibliography

                               SAMAY QUARTZ


NO.            PARTICULARS
1.    Introduction
2.    History
3.    Project at Glance
4.    Present Scenario

                          SAMAY QUARTZ

        Time is the greater preserver & destroyer of all being & things
it is the does of all happens good or bad time limits its own creations
or sets them free to expand.

      While everything sleeps, time keeps vigil none can transgress
time, which freely moves within all being, with nothing to obstruct it
what ever was in the past will come in the future & is now are the
creations of time, seeing these do not loose your declamatory

      With Samay, the times will change it is exactly this point that
the Samay group Morbi is out to prove to the world. It is at a very
crucial point in the history of Indians clock manufacturing industry
that Samay Electronics has chosen to strike it big & they have started
in the right earnest.

      The brilliant star of samay Electronics Pvt. Ltd. Morbi has risen
of the chorological horizon on Dissents 1st October 98, and Samay
has commenced its exuberant massive production & marketing
programmed of quartz clocks & timepieces.

                                               SAMAY QUARTZ
       Samay was started on a very sweet note on 1oct, 98 with
particular planning & clock work precision in implementation of the
factory infrastructure plant and machinery & setting up of a
marketing network. Samay quartz was launched into the market offer
it was inaugurated by the Chief Minister of Gujarat Shri Keshubhai

       Right from the beginning skills combined with top class
professional completely & down. To earth practical ability to take on
any situation in its stride. The management SEPL commenced
production of 20,000 quartz clocks & 10,000 time pieces per day
today the target for the year 2004 is 30,000 quartz clocks per day and
in 2005 it will reach up to 40,000.

      This inauguration function was attended by over 4000 people
which included local people, workers & large number of people from
different sectors of society from Morbi, Rajkot, & many other parts
from Saurashtra & Gujarat regions.

      Also present were newly appointed around to distributors,
stockiest from all parts of India North, South, East & west regions.
Besides the honorable chief minister distinguished guest includes
shri Vajubhai Vala, Dr. Vallabhbhai Kathiria, Mr. Kantibhai
Amrutia, Jayantibhai Kawathia and many others.

      The promoters of samay & Ajanta are all members of one
family, but destiny decided that its member should go further ahead
two different paths, it is thus that from own family another clock
venture has originated and so, Samay is just another family clock

                                               SAMAY QUARTZ


           Samay Electronics Pvt.Ltd.
           N.R. Industrial Estate,
           P.O.Box No. 210-Morbi,

           Ajanta complex,
           Guest House Road,

Private Firm

Large Scale

                                        SAMAY QUARTZ
     Mr. Dilip Manubhai Patel
     Mr. Premal Bhanjibhai Patel
     Mr. Jitendra Manubhai Patel
     Mr. Pravinbhai Ukabhai Patel
     Mr. Raghubhai B. Patel

Mr. Manubhai Patel
Mr. Raghavjibhai Patel

Kishor & Co.,

SBS Morbi

Six Days Per Week


Administrative            150
Technical                 500
Workers                   1350
TOTAL                     2000

                                    SAMAY QUARTZ
8 Hours



                         SAMAY QUARTZ

     The director of Samay is with impressive track record and also
over 25 years of experience in the same business. Samay is having
more production capacity with latest technology & superior design

      The management of Samay commenced production of 20,000
quartz clocks and 10,000 time pieces per day, today the target of the
year 2005 will reach the production of 40,000 and it is not going to
be difficult for this dedicated team of brothers who are professionals
to the core with a keen foresight in management.

      A strong marketing network in India & abroad is already being
established the products of the company are being exported to more
than 45 countries apart from the present products wall clocks & time
pieces, telephones, wrist watches and calculators, production of
home appliances will be commenced in near future. A challenge that
has become a fight for quality and that is why the latest state of the
art machinery is being imported each piece that will come out of our
plant will be a statement in quality: says Ramesh Patel (Chairman)
the management of the company is voted with the Board Of
Directors & qualified personnel having expertise in commercial
technical & administrative functions.

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1.    Introduction
2.    Marketing Management in SAMAY
3.    Marketing Organization of SAMAY
4.    Market Share Analysis
5.    Organization chart

                             SAMAY QUARTZ
      Today’s era is an industrial era and many organizations are
flourished. Today many companies are coming with new product,
new technology, new methods and new strategies at that time every
company want to sell their product in any way. In this period
marketing is very necessary.

      Marketing occupies and important position in the organization
of business unit. Traditional view of the marketing assets that the
customers will accept whatever product the seller presents to him. In
this way the main concern of the producer is to produce without
considering the choice or the behavior of the customers. But this
point of view of marketing has now changed. The modern concept
may be viewed from the customer’s point of view. Marketing deals
with identifying and meeting human and social needs. One of the
shortest definitions of marketing is “meeting needs profitably”.
Producer does not producer whatever he likes but whatever consumer

       Marketing is a comprehensive term and it includes all resources
and a set of activities necessary to direct and facilitate the flow of
goods and services from producer to consumer in the process of

     “Marketing is an organizational function and a set of
process for creating communicating, and delivering value to
customers and for managing customer relationship in ways that
benefit the organization and its stake holders.”
- American Marketing Association.

                                              SAMAY QUARTZ
       IN SAMAY
       In this global economy, marketing management occupies a
significant place whether it is new firm or it is established unit. In
this competitive world every concern must give there attention to
marketing function. They have special department for marketing
activities. To fulfill overall organization objectives, an efficient and
effective organization of marketing department is prime condition.

      As far as Samay is concerned it is new firm. Their main
objective is to establish in the market. So there marketing activities
revive around this objective. It has well trained staff in marketing
department. The brand manager, distributor manager, advertising
manger and promotion manager and sales manager with sales
supervisor and salesman. It has efficient marketing research and
development department.

      The physical distribution manager is responsible for the
execution of orders, stocking of inventories, handling of excise duty
problems administration of distribution channel and allocation of
supplies to various sales depose. The advertisement manager is
responsible for the help of promotion manager. The sales manager
supervises salesmen.

                                                SAMAY QUARTZ
       OF SAMAY
             “Marketing Mix” refers to the amounts and kinds of
marketing variable, the firm is using at a particular time”- Marketing
Mix is a plan designed to analyze the marketing problems. It denotes
combinations of various elements, which in their totality constitute a
firm’s “Marketing System” these elements, are product, place,
promotion and price. The marketing mix consists of everything the
firm can do to influence the demand for its product. The many
possibilities can be collected in to four groups of variables. The four
p’s of marketing mix consists of following points:-

      1.    Product Mix:-
                          It refers to classes of product in different
product lines.
       2. Price Mix:-
                          It includes policies regarding pricing,
discount, concession etc.
       3. Place Mix:-
                          It refers to selection and organization of
channel of distribution, location and layout of stoles etc.
       4. Promotion Mix:-
                    It includes methods of promotion sales through
advertising, sales promotion, personnel selling etc means to
communicate with the customers.
       Thus, marketing mix is very vital decision to maintain the
market corner or to increase goodwill of the unit. The above
mentioned for variable are mixed to satisfy customers needs and
wants there should be time to time changes and evaluation of
variables according to the needs of customers an efficient and
effective marketing mix can reach the unit at top of the market.
       I have studied the marketing mix of Samay which is unique as
its place.

                                               SAMAY QUARTZ
      The term market share is used frequently. Essentially it refers
to the proportion of the total sales of a product during a stated time
period in a specific market that is captured by a single firm. Market
share can refer to entire industries, narrow segments, or particular
geographic areas & also can apply to past, present or future time

      The analysis of market share is needed to compare the
company’s sales with the industry sales. Comparing a company’s
sales result with its goals certainly is a useful from of performance
evaluation. But it does not tell how the company is doing relative to
its competitors. This is nothing but a detailed study of market share
analysis, which indirectly helps, in accurate forecasting of demand
for a product for successful marketing planning.

                                              SAMAY QUARTZ

                           Mktg. Department


                           Managing Director

Advertising and     Marketing                Product Brand    Marketing
  Promotion         Controller                 Manager        Research
  Manager                                                     Manager

                  Sales Manager                 Physical

                   Sales Men

                                                       SAMAY QUARTZ


1.    Introduction
2.    Product Mix
3.    Price Mix
4.    Place Mix
5.    Promotion Mix
6.    Conclusion of Marketing Mix

                              SAMAY QUARTZ
      “Marketing Mix refers to the amounts and kinds of marketing
variable, the firm is using at a particular time”- marketing mix is a
plan designed to analyze the marketing problems. It denotes
combinations of various elements, which is their totality constitute a
firm’s “Marketing System” These elements are product, place,
promotion and price. The marketing mix consists of everything the
firm can do to influence the demand for its product. The many
possibilities can be collected in to four groups of variables. The four
P’s of marketing mix consists of following points:-

1.      Product Mix:-
                 It refers to classes of product in different product

2.   Price Mix:-
                It includes policies regarding pricing, discount, and
concession etc.

3.     Place Mix:-
                  It refers to selection and organization of channel of
distribution, location, and layout of stoles etc.

4.   Promotion Mix:-
                 It includes methods of promotion sales through
advertising, sales promotion, personnel selling etc means to
communicate with the customers.

                                               SAMAY QUARTZ
        PROCUT MIX


1.    Introduction
2.    Product Mix and Product Line Decision
3.    Product Variety
4.    Product Quality
5.    Product Design
6.    Product Features
7.    Brand Name
8.    Packing & Labeling
9.    product Size
10.   Services
11.   Warranties
12.   Returns

                               SAMAY QUARTZ
      In general senses, we may think product as a physical item but
according to Philip Kotler: “A product is bundle of physical services
and symbolic particulars expected to yield satisfactions or benefits to
the buyer”.

      From the above stated definition, we can say that product
means not only physical appearances but also a set of services or
benefits provided to customers. In wider concept product includes
physical goods, services and ideas.

       All Managerial activities revolve around product. It is the basic
thing to be thought. Many units misunderstand the concept of product
and give only importance to physical goods rather than its service. It
doesn’t means that they should ignore physical appearance but
benefits of goods should be carried because customers have direct
relation with its benefits

      The main product of Samay is wall clock and timepiece. They
are available in different models, colors, sizes, and shapes. The price
of the product is very reasonable.

                                                SAMAY QUARTZ

       Product Mix is the list of products offered for sale by a
company for example, if a firm manufacturing or deals with different
verities of soap, toothpaste, toothbrush etc. the group of all these
products is called product mix. The product mix of Samay is as

 Product Mix Width
       1. Wall Clock:-
          - Simple Clock
          - Musical Clock
          - Wooden Pendulum
          - Sweep Second
          - Wooden Office
       2. Time Piece:-
          - Wooden
          - Plastic

      Product line is a group of different product closely related to
each others all the brands of the same product is product line. The
products perform similar function are marketed to some channel and
are sold to the same customer. Product mix includes product line.

                                              SAMAY QUARTZ
Product Mix refers to following components:

        1. Product Mix Length
              It refers total no of items in the product line. Samay has
7 product lines. So product mix length of Samay is 7

       2. Product Mix Width
             It refers how many different products in the company.
In Samay there are two product mix width wall clock and timepiece.

         3. Product Mix Depth
              It refers to how many variants are offered of each
product in the line. By counting the number of variant witching each
line average depth of Samay product mix is 7/2 = 3.5

          4. Consistency of Product Mix
               It refers the close relationship of various product lines
either to their end use or to production requirements or to distribution
channels or to other variables Samay’s product wall clock and time
pieces consistent in case of production requirements and function
they perform for buyers.

                                                SAMAY QUARTZ

      Product Varity includes all types of product, which a company
produces. They may be for the same customers or for different
customers. In other words, the different products may satisfy similar
needs or different needs.

      We can find different verities of clock and timepiece as well as
telephone, wrist watch. It has 75 models of wall clock and 10 models
of timepieces. It has models for all class of society. In wall clock, it
has wooden, plastic, sweep etc.

                                                SAMAY QUARTZ

       As I have stated that customer’s has direct relation with
product’s benefits or functions. In other words, customer sees the
quality of product rather than its physical appearance. Quality refers
to that part of the physical object of the intangible service for which
the ultimate customer is paying money.

      Samay gives first preferences to quality because it wants to
establish its image in the market. Samay is getting goodwill rapidly
only because of its product’s quality. Moreover, Samay is
maintaining its quality with lower price so that more part of market
can be captured. It has quality maintenance department with
computerized system. The department is not concerned only with the
quality of product but also the quality of its advertising, services,
deliver, after sell service etc.

     Thus, product’s quality plays, an important role in such a
market where competition is very tuff.

                                               SAMAY QUARTZ
              PRODUCT DESIGN

      Design is the outlook of any product. It is the physical
appearance of a product. Design attracts the customers. Designing a
product is very toughest task now a days, computers are used to
design a product. From customers point of view design of product
should be attractive. Easy to open, install, learn , how to use, repair,
and dispose off.

      As of design department attends exhibitions and seminars
whenever they are held. The department of designing held meeting
and group discussion with top management at r, Samay is newly
established company; it has to provide new design to customers.
Special team is engaged in designing the models of clock. They work
hard and make 20 to 24 models per year. Now a day’s company ahs
75 models of clocks and 10 models of timepiece, which are
extraordinary in feature, which cannot give any profit, is disposed or
improved. The research & development department also helps in
making the design of models. Samay spends 15% of gross Profit for
designing the product. The chief regular intervals and takes opinion
of every person in designing the product.

                                                SAMAY QUARTZ

      Feature refers to inherent function of product which makes
different and unique from others. Some companies become success in
capturing market only because of its extraordinary features of their
product. Producer’s features can attract customers.

      Samay quartz is available in different features. Each product is
different from each other because of their feature. The main
extraordinary features of Samay are the colcors sweep second model
and the physical look makes change in feature after surviving in
market. Moreover, it has to consider the cost element in changing the
feature. So, it maintains balance between cost and feature.

      At present musical, wooden, simple, plastic, fancy, cuckoo etc
are available with new colors and design. Different type of musical
tune is installed according to the demand. Cuckoo clock is very nice
in look and in listening the tune of cuckoo.

                                              SAMAY QUARTZ
                  BRAND NAME

       Brand name refers to that which a product is identified brand
name may be a name, a sign, a design, a term or a combination of
them. The purpose of branding a product is to differentiate the
product from competitors. A brand name when registered is called
the trademark.

       To select, a good brand name is matter of common sense. That
means, brand name should be selected from customers point of view.
Many aspects are carefully considered in branding the product with
brand and have special image for a particular product. So, while
selecting a brand name many aspects should be considered.

      As far as Samay is considered I think it is a very perfect brand
name. Chairman shri Rameshbhai Patel suggested it. He has selected
this name because it is clock manufacturing company and in most of
languages “time” is translated as “Samay”, moreover it is easy to
spell red and understand. Now a days Samay are getting popularity
because of its brand name. From viewpoint of distributors they have
been successfully in attracting customers with the brand name of

                                              SAMAY QUARTZ

     Packing may be defined as a group of activities like designing
and producing the container or wrappers for a product. It is the
combination of the designer’s creative skills and the product and
marketing and sales knowledge of marketing manager.

      Packing is often remarked as “Silent Salesman” because of its
advertisement appeal, identifying power and intrinsic value. The
main purpose of packing is to protect its content in transit, in storage
and in use. Moreover, to reduce the wastage in some case like
moisture, fungus, inset and exposure to sunlight. In recent years
packing has become a potential marketing tool. Consumer is willing
to pay a little more for the convenience appearance, dependability
and prestige fro better packing.

      The product of Samay is wall clock, timepiece, telephone, wrist
watch and they are delicate piece of items. The primary packaging is
the glass. The covers protect the movements, the needles and case
from damage and dust. The secondly packing in the plastic bags or
sponge bags protects the whole clock from accidental breakage. Then
the clocks are packed in corrugated boxes and they are packed in
cartoons, which are sent to different depos, and to Kandala port for
disposal. Company spends 3% of gross profit for packing to reduce
the wastage.

      After packing the important part is the labeling. The package
labeling consist of printed information that describe the product
appearing on or with the package.

                                                SAMAY QUARTZ
     The secondary package of Samay the corrugated boxes.
Following information is given on the box.

      1.   Brand Name
      2.   Clock Size
      3.   Clock Price
      4.   Model No
      5.   Total Weight
      6.   Manufacturing Date

      The method of labeling is useful to manufactures, dealers and
the consumers because all the information regard to the product is
available on the box itself. It helps in maintain stocks, differentiate
different models, referring the prices etc.

                                               SAMAY QUARTZ
                 PRODUCT SIZE

      The term ‘Size” means to dimension of the measure of a thing.
In other words, it refers to the magnitude of the product. The
importance of the size differs from the product. The products which
are sold on the basis of weight have little importance of size and vice
versa the product in which size plays an important role. Size has
psychological effect on consumer, because it can be seen while
quality is intangible thing.

      In Samay we can find a type of clock in different size, size of
clock depends on its design. Usually, office clock or institutational
clocks are made large so as to read easily, while house clock are
small and delicate.

      However, company keeps in mind the demand of customers.
The size of clock changes from kitchen, bedroom, living room, and
office etc.

                                               SAMAY QUARTZ

      Services are extra benefits that are given after sale of the
product. In other words, a service is any act or performance that one
party can offer to another that intangible and does not result in the
ownership of anything. They are provided to capture the market,
while some other product need after sales service.

       The impotence of after sale service is for consumer and
producer. From producer’s point of view, the higher the period of
after sale services, higher will be the sale. From consumer’s point of
view, after sale service will increase the durability of the product.

      In Samay, after sale services is provided during the guarantee
period, the guarantee period is of one year, during one year, if any
damage is occurred e.g. glass is broken or movement is not working
properly etc the company will replace it without any cost. Company
has no salesman for after sale service, so distributors have to send the
damaged piece in the company. If any damage is occurred after the
guarantee period then company will take nominal charges.

                                                SAMAY QUARTZ
       Warranties means authority or justification that the thing sold is
fit for the use and producer accept reasonability for repairs over a
period of time. Product warranties are an important promotional tool.
In case of quality sensitive market consumer always except a longer
warranty period and prefer that product which has a longer warranty

      The warranty period of Samay is one year. Within one year,
company replace the product’s damaged parts. This policy can help
the company in getting consumer’s loyalty, retailers and distributors
loyalty, retailers and brand image.

     Thus, warranty is helpful in establishing good image for a
newly established concern.

                                                SAMAY QUARTZ
      Returns are total benefits available to the company both
tangible and intangible. Returns may be on the total capital invented,
on the total sale or any other factor. Whatever the factor, returns are
always beneficial to firm. So all the activities of business are carried
out for returns.

      Whenever company adopts any factor of production, it aim is
to get maximum returns e.g. production is a return or labors, profit is
a return on capital. Return may be in term of brand loyalty,
customers’ satisfaction etc.

      Samay gets return on all its activities. E.g. it has achieved the
production of 57 lakhs clocks, which is 15 lakhs more that previous
year. Moreover, it is getting brand name and customer’s satisfaction
also. As far as profit is concerned, at present, its aim is not profit, but
capturing market share and customer satisfactions.

                                                  SAMAY QUARTZ
           PRICE MIX


NO.            PARTICULARS
1.    Introduction
2.    Pricing Objectives
3.    Pricing Method
4.    Price List
5.    Discounts
6.    Allowances
7.    Payment Period
8.    Credit Terms

                           SAMAY QUARTZ

      Price is a value of goods. From customers point of view it is
revenue- pricing decision, which is considered very critical decision
because it decides the selling volume, profit and image of the firm.
While deciding price all factors are considered that affects producers
as well as consumers. The factor may be economical, social, potential
and other factor. Some marketing factors also influence the price.
They are product situation in market, competitors, price, distribution
feedback etc.

      Thus a major part of success of business depends on its price.
How consciously, price of a product is decided is very important.
Price mix is the third part of marketing mix. It determines company
market share and profitability.

                                              SAMAY QUARTZ

      Objectives of pricing differ from firm to firm. Pricing
objectives depends on firm’s policy. They are influenced by many
factors but the important factor is market situation. That means what
are the prices of competitors, products image in the market etc.

     Samay has following pricing objectives:
       1. Market penetration
       2. Product Quality Leadership
       3. To Cover The Cost

1.    Market Penetration
      Market penetration means to keep low prices of product than
the competitors so that market can be captured. More over, clock
market is very price sensitive. So price should be low to cover the
market. Second thing is that Samay clocks are for all classes of
society. So prices are decided keeping in mind all classes.
      Low price can be applied because Samay tries to keep the cost
low as possible as they can. Low price will increase sale volume, so
automatically cost goes down. Thus, this policy of Samay is really

2.   Product Quality Leadership
      As I have stated that Samay is quite quality conscious
company. Low prices cannot changes the quality of clocks. So, its
second aim is to be quality leader in the market.

3.    To cover the cost
      Apart from quality, low price Samay does not undetermined the
cost element. So the prices are decided so that the cost can be
In this way, Samay has three main pricing objectives.

                                               SAMAY QUARTZ
             PRICING METHOD

      After deciding pricing objectives, the next function is to set up
price. This is a very important and difficult task because many factor
affect when deciding a price. Two main factors are helpful in
deciding price.

      Samay has adopted cost plus pricing method. This method
includes various costs like material cost, labour cost, overheads
expenses, sales tax etc. and 8 to 10 % of margin of profit. This
percentage may change year to year.

                                               SAMAY QUARTZ
                      PRICE LIST
      Company using distribution channel has to prepare price list. It
has to circulate it to the dealers, retailers and consumers. Though
price is printed on the box, the price list shows policy and inner
frame work of a firm. To prepare a price list is not easy task. The
hard working and brain of many people work together. Many factors
are considered in this regard.

        Samay’s top management keeps meetings with the experts and
prepares price list. At the end of financial year it is made necessary
changes are made at every year. Sometime price differs from price
list; it is due to change in price of raw material. Increase in sale tax
percentage etc. this price list is circulated to distributors and from
them to retailers. The price list of Smany, I have given here:

                                                SAMAY QUARTZ

      Discount is an amount deducted from the price of product and
through the profit of all parties can be maintained discount is given to
attract the customers for early payment. To increase off seasons
buying and to increase sales volume. Top management uses this tool
very effectively. Discount may be in term of cash, quantity function
or seasonal. These discounts are directly or indirectly beneficial to all
parties concerned in buying and selling.

       Samay does not give discount regularly to its distributors. But
at the end of financial year, as a surprise gift it is given if the
distributors have achieved targeted sale. This surprise gift many be in
term of cash or a tangible gift. So, this policy of Samay motivates the
distributors and ultimately increases the sales volume.

                                                SAMAY QUARTZ
      Allowances are another reduction from prices. They are given
to dealers to promote the sales. It is an efficient promotional tool in
other words; it is a return to distributors for favoring the product of a

      Samay does not give any allowances to its dealers because
company itself carries out all promotional activities. Sometime
dealers are given extra allowances for great effort of increasing sales.

                                                SAMAY QUARTZ
             PAYMENT PERIOD

      Payment period is a period of payment for dealers. For
company it is very critical period to meet day to day expenses. It is
time within that the dealers of the company have to make payment.
Payment period decides the dependability of the company. If it is
short, than company easily meets it expanses and capital turnover
will be high because it does not have to depend on other party. The
large payment period will increases dependability and capital
turnover ration. Also while giving a payment period to dealers
company’s financial situation and credit must be examined.

       Samay gives 40 to 45 days to its dealers. It has not direct
contract with ultimate consumer. The period decided considering
retailers about. However it considers only distributors.

                                              SAMAY QUARTZ
                CREDIT TERMS

     Credit terms are such rules and regulations that are mutually
decided by producers and distributors or customers it is a form of
agreement credit terms are some benefits given to the distributors by

       Samay’s credit term is straight forward they are formatted by
top management at the end of financial year. Company gives 40 to 45
days credit period and facilities in payment method to their
distributors. Some discounts and profit margin are also described in
credit terms. For export market, after receiving credit Letters
Company sends goods within 2 months. Thus, credit terms of samay
are simple and favorable to both parties.

      In this way, price mix of company plays an important role in
the efficient and effective management of resources of the company.
Price mix is only the factors that occurs income for company, while
other factors occur only expenses a good price mix may reach the
concern at the top of market.

                                              SAMAY QUARTZ
          PLACE MIX


NO.            PARTICULARS
1.    Introduction
2.    Distribution Channel
3.    Coverage
4.    Location
5.    Physical Distribution

                              SAMAY QUARTZ

       Place is the second marketing tool and is important for
business. It is a stand where all business activity is done. To satisfy
consumers need in today’s economy the producer and consumers are
separated by vast distance, so it is necessary to fill this gap. To
supply the product to targeted customers company must take help of
distribution channel. So place should be selected considering
distribution channel decision, physical distribution its cost etc.

       Place mix is also called distribution mix. It refers to the
selection of a mix of different types of distribution channel for
transmitting the goals from producer to consumers. Selection of
distribution channel is very critical decision. It depends on a product
and company’s policy towards distributors. in place mix physical
distribution also plays a vital role because it is such an element
through which product reaches to ultimate customers. Location
decision is also considered in place mix. Location decides the other
decision of place mix like distribution channel physical distribution
coverage etc.

     In this way, place mix is important and essential element of
marketing mix.

                                               SAMAY QUARTZ
     In general sense distribution channel means a way through
which good flow the producers to customer.

      According to Richard Buskrik:- “Distribution channels are the
system of economic institutions though which a producer of goods
delivers them into the hands of their users.”

     Thus the main purpose of channel of distribution is to supply
the goods to ultimate customers. Distribution channel includes
producers, wholesaler, retailer and consumer is considered as an
important element of marketing mix.

       The distribution channel of Samay is so simple. The company
has selected his channel in such a way so that distributors can earn
enough profit and company can expect good salesmanship from them
In distribution following aspects are considered:

     1. Type of channel of distribution
     2. Distribution channel chart
     3. Factors determining the channel
     4. channel management decision
     5. Distribution cost
1.   Types of channel of distribution
     When the question of transmitting the goods to consumers
comes across the mind of manufactures he has to think about
primary two questions:
                   1.Direct selling
                   2.Indirect selling

       If he wants direct selling than there is no future question, if he
wants indirect selling then he has to think about the channel of
distribution. There are three types of channel of distribution for
indirect selling. They are as under:

                                                SAMAY QUARTZ
      1. Manufacturer – whole seller- consumers
      2. Manufacturer – whole seller- consumer-retailer-consumer
      3. Manufacturer- retailer- consumers

       Samay is not interested in direct selling. So, far indirect selling
is concerned Samay has selected first two type of channel of

      Samay has appropriate whole seller in each region of country.
They can also direct sell their clock to ultimate consumers and
through retailers they can reach to ultimate customers. Company can
easily matins those distribution because it has good relation with

2.    Distribution Chart
      Distribution chart is divided in two groups. First chart for
national market and second, chart for international market.

3.     Factors determining the channel:
       There are so many factors that determines he channel of
distribution while selecting channel they are considered.

      Sanmay considers the following factor:

     Type of product:-
            Samay’s product is wall clock and it is consumer goods.
      So it has taken help of wholesaler and retailers.

     Size of market:-
            Samy’s market is too wide not only in India but also in

     Cost of channel:-
            Company considers cost because distribution cost
      increase the total cost. For that company ignores direct selling
      because it is very expansive. In that case, channel of
      distribution is very economical.
                                                 SAMAY QUARTZ
4. Channel Management Decision:-
      Management of channel is very important because it directly
affects the selling of a company. In Samay top management does
channel management. The top mgt. considers following aspects:

         Selection of channel members:-
             Samay selects wholesaler and retailers clarifying their
          records of business. Moreover co-operatively, financial
          capacity and salesmanship are also examined.

         Motivating channel members:-
              Motivating is necessary to continue sales growth of the
        product Samay follows this philosophy, so it provides
        discount, allowances and bonus to their dealer at regular
        interval. They are provided enough margin of profit. Some
        time, supervised gift are given if they reach at targeted sale.
        Conference is held at regular interval to inspire them.

5.   Distribution cost:-
           Distribution cost plays vital role in total cost because it
     includes profit of many people. So every concern should
     minimize it while selecting a channel.

     Samay spend 20% of gross profit in distribution channel. It
may change according to the situation.

                                               SAMAY QUARTZ
       The term coverage includes the area of market covered by a
firm. Some company has small coverage, because it wants to
establish its image in small market and to create monopoly of its
product. Some company has large coverage of market generally they
are large size of companies.

      Samay has coverage in whole India. In international market it
covers 44 countries like UAE, USA, Jordan, UK, Egypt, South
Africa, Kenya, Hungary, Ethiopia, Russia, Sudan, Nigeria, Spain,
Austria, Singapore, Israel, Uganda, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc.

In India Company has depos in following states:

        1.   Maharashtra            9
        2.   Gujarat               17
        3.   Rajasthan             6
        4.   Madhya Pradesh        4
        5.   Bihar                 4
        6.   Uttar Pradesh         10
        7.   Andhra Pradesh         8
        8.   West Bengal            9

       TOTAL                     57

                                             SAMAY QUARTZ

      In place mix location plays a significant role, because it decides
many decision like channel of distribution, its cost coverage etc.
location should be selected in taking consideration the factors as

          Availability of raw material
          Cheap & skilled labour
          Transport facility
          Government Assistance
          Personal factor
          Market Factor

      Samay has selected its location considering above mentioned
factors. It is situated in such area where laborers can be easily
available, transport facility and raw materials are also favorable. As
far as, marketing factor are concerned it is a perfect place because
Rajkot is the best place in whole saurashtra. For international market
Kandla Port is nearer to Morbi. So, we can say that the location of
Samay is the best one for distributing clocks cost wise and
convenience wise also.

                                                SAMAY QUARTZ
      Physical distribution is the actual movement of goods from
producer after there production and before their consumption. This
functions includes many activities like transportation, storage, and
inventory control. These all are key activities performed by producer,
middlemen and consumers. In physical distribution, following
aspects are considered.

          Order Processing
          Inventory Mgt.
          Transport
          Warehousing

1.    Order Processing:-
      Physical distribution begins with order processing. Two factors
affect ordering processing. Record time and consistency of delivery
time. After receiving order, next process can be done.

      In Samay when order is received sales officer checks it. He
checks the credit of dealer and stock availability. Then, he gives
information to production department for further processing.

2.    Inventory Management
       Inventory management believed the most critical decision in
marketing mix. Inventory includes raw material, work in progress
and final product. In physical distribution, maintenance and supply of
final product is managed.

      In Samay there is a computerized inventory management
because company has mass production of clock and wide spread
dealers. It has to keep records of every dealer and has to supply
goods regularly to every dealer. Company wants to create good
image, so good inventory control can be very helpful to company.

                                              SAMAY QUARTZ
3.    Transport
      Transport is very basic infrastructure facility. It affects the
pricing of product, time of delivery, conditions of delivery etc. in
physical distribution; transport is believed very important process,
because it actually carries goods from producer to dealers. There are
four ways of transport. They are road, air, underground pipelines, and
water. Firm selects any of four, which is less expensive and more

      Samay uses two way of transport road and water for national
market, it uses road transport facility because it is cheap, faster and
safe. For international market water transport is used it is slow but
safe mean of transport. It sends its goods at Kandala port for
exporting. For domestic market it uses trucks and for local market it
uses tractors of hand carries. Apart from all these it has to consider
cost minimization factor.

4.    Warehousing
      Warehousing means storing of goods. It means to keep good
until its demand does not create. Warehousing is very important
function because production to consumption cycle rarely matches.
Storing is necessary because as soon as production is done, the
demand does not create.

       The warehousing function of Samay is very powerful and
efficient. The company has total six warehouses one is centralized
warehouse and five are individual. The distribution of Samay has
also there on warehouse on rental bases.

       Thus, the place of distribution mix is very important factor in
marketing mix because the ultimate aim of concern is to reach its
product to ultimate customer and only distribution channel can help
it. So, its management is as important as any other factor.

                                               SAMAY QUARTZ


1.    Introduction
2.    Sales Promotion
3.    Advertising
4.    Sales Force
5.    Public Relation
6.    Direct Marketing

                         SAMAY QUARTZ

       The word promotion means to push forward. In marketing term
promotion means a group of such activities that increase the sales
volume. It is communicating information between producer and

      According to Mason & Rath, “Promotion consists of those
activities that are designed to bring a company’s goods and services
to the favorable attention of customers.”

      In this competitive age, it is believed a very effective tool for
attracting customer for a product for promotion various tools like
personal selling, advertising, sales promotion information about
product to the potential customer through this tools.

      In this way, this 4 p’s of marketing is very efficient and
effective ‘p’

                                               SAMAY QUARTZ
      Sales promotion is very common tool of promotion. It means
those activities that increase sales volume. Its main purpose is to
stimulate consumers and dealers effectively; sales promotion
techniques are indirect and non personal.

      According to William J. Stalton “Sales promotion is an exercise
in information, persuasion and influence”. In short, sales promotion
covers all those activities that increase ultimate sale in competitive
area; it plays a powerful role because only effective promotion tools
can create demand and ultimately the sale volume. It is compulsory
now days to stand in competition.

      Samay uses many ways and techniques of promoting sales. It
has different activities for different class of distributors following are
the promotional activities carried out by Samay:

         1. Sales Promotion for customers:
                Seasonal discount
                Off-season discount
                Festival discount
                Marriage discount
                Gift Articles

         2. Sales Promotion for retailers and dealers:
                  Distributors of Samay are also resorted for helping
            in sales promotion they are rewarded in monetary terms.
            The promotional activities for dealers are as follows:
                Buying allowances or quantity discount
                Advertising allowances and display allowances
                Trade discount and other special discount
                Sales Scheme and sales contents.

                                                 SAMAY QUARTZ
      Advertising is another powerful tool of promotion. No business
can survive without advertisement like sales promotion it is non-
personal and indirect method of promotion. In competitive age,
problems is not weather advertise or not but problems in how to
advertise. Advertising physiologically affects the customers and
stimulates their wants and ultimately wants result in demand.
Advertising is a paid form of non-personal presentation or
promotional of ideas. Goods or services by an identified person.

      In words of wood advertising is erasing to know, to remember
to do thus, advertising is in short spreading of information.

        1. Advertising Media:
                 An advertising medium is any object or device that
     carries the advertising message. There are so many mediums
     available in the market of advertising. The India is used which
     is very powerful and less expensive. The various mediums are
     as follows:

         Print Media:
                It includes newspaper, magazine etc.
         Broadcasting Media:
                It includes radio, T.V. internet etc.
         Other Media:
                It includes internal pamphlets, displays, holiday
                holdings, wall printing, fair, etc.

                                              SAMAY QUARTZ
2.    Advertising Budget:
            Advertising budget is the advance planning of how much
funds will be allocated in men, agencies, media and other ancillary.
While determine the budget, many factors like type of advertising,
type of media, competitors advertising plan, season, business cycle
etc. should be kept in mind. The budget should not be unjustified to
any factor.

                  In Samay, 105 of total sale is invested in
advertising.      Top management every year decides this
percentage. Budget is prepared and necessary changes are made. A
particular amount is fixed for advertisement and this amount is
divided     into media, agency and other ancillary.

                                             SAMAY QUARTZ
                   SALES FORCE

      Sales force includes salesmen, sales executive, sales officers or
sale supervisors today; many companies develop sales forces for
better promotion of sale. Sale force is helpful in the promotion of
sales. And to link the customers and producers it has favour of
company’s product, which gives it enough remuneration.

     As far as Samay is concerned it has many direct sales forces.
However, it distributors have appointed sales executives have
appointed sales executives they work for the company.

                                               SAMAY QUARTZ
             PUBLIC RELATION

      Public relation is believed indirect marketing tool that means
smooth public relation can create a good image in the market. Here
public relation means not only relation with customers, suppliers,
shareholders, dealers but relation with employee legislation,
community leaders, should be maintained the public relation
department perform the function like press relations. Product
publicity corporate communication counseling etc. it can be helpful
in launching a new developing the firm’s reputation.

      Samay has special public relation department. It is known as
publicity & public relation department. It performs many function as
I have state it maintains smooth relation between management and
employees management and society.

      In this way, public relations department assist the company in
building the goodwill.

                                              SAMAY QUARTZ

      Direct marketing is an interactive system of marketing, which
uses one or more advertising media like direct mail, catalog,
telemarketing electronic shopping etc. it has been growing at more
rates because it is very useful than store marketing it is used. By any
organization it has advantage of selectivity personalization,
continuity, better timing high leadership and privacy.

     Samay has many depose in India and in abroad also, so it does
not believe in direct marketing. It feels that, it is waste of time and
money. However in local area there are direct promotional activities.

     Thus, promotion mix includes advertising, sales promotional.
Public relations, sales force and direct marketing ahs some benefits
and some drawbacks. However, they all are used in marketing a
proper use of promotional tools can lead the company on the steps of

                                               SAMAY QUARTZ

      At the end of marketing mix I would like to say that 4 ‘p’ of
marketing are very effective and covers the whole marketing
functions. It can be useful to producer to affect the mentality of
buyers. And buyers can also be aware of every product in the market.
4 ‘p s’ can be matched with 4 ‘c’ that means product is for customers
needs and wants price represents the cost price is for convenience and
promotion is a communication.

      The mix of 4 ‘p s’ can only fulfill the marketing plans a good
mix is helpful in obtaining top position each has its own functions to
perform and marketing mix is uncompleted without any of them thus,
marketing mix is a very useful and important tool to stand in

                                              SAMAY QUARTZ


1.    Introduction
2.    Objectives Of The Survey
3.    Methodology Of The Survey
4.    Survey Details
5.    Analysis Of The Suvey

                             SAMAY QUARTZ

      The market survey on dealer’s satisfaction of the dealers of
SAMAY ELECTRONICS PVT.LTD. was carried out with a view to
partial fulfillment of my project work of my industrial training
undergone at SAMAY Morbi. It has also been carried out with a
view to get a with the actual market and the practical reports.

      The SAMAY ELECTRONICS PTV.LTD. has a strong and on
of the best distribution network in the nation the survey has carried
out in order to know the level of satisfaction of the delalers of
SAMAY group.

      The survey is based on Random Sampling method of
probability sampling basis using the questionnaire as a tool for
carrying out the survey.

                                              SAMAY QUARTZ

      All the survey have their specific objectives for which the are
carried out so that the mind of the surveyors is very clear about what
they want to achieve and the they can go in the right direction.

     Following are the objectives that were kept in mind while I did
my survey.

      --- To know the performance of the dealers
      --- To determine the favorable and unfavorable attitudes.
      --- To determine the most successful product of SAMAY
      --- To measure the level of satisfaction of the dealers and the
reasons for that level of satisfaction.
      --- To measure the satisfaction regarding the commission

                                              SAMAY QUARTZ

     In this survey sample units were selected through the
probability sampling method. In this method, the population elements
have equal chance of being selected for inclusion in a sample.

     We have few methods of probability sampling as follows.

     ---   Simple Random Sampling
     ---   Systematic Random Sampling
     ---   Stratified Random Sampling
     ---   Cluster Sampling
     ---   Area Sampling

      The method used in this survey is Simple Random Sampling.
As the dealers of the SAMAY are geographically dispersed all
over the country, it is not possible to conduct a census survey and so
sampling is the only alternative in this case.

                                              SAMAY QUARTZ
              SURVEY DETAILS
     As a part of study, dealers and showroom owners of Rajkot,
were surveyed through an appropriately designed Questionnaire.

     Following are the details of the Survey.

Area of Survey →      Rajkot

Population      →     Dealers of SAMAY

Sample Size     →     10

Method of Survey→     Simple Random Sampling

Contact Method →      Personal

Survey Instrument→ Structured Questionnaire

Type of Question→     Closed-ended,
                      Dichotomous, Checklist

                                                SAMAY QUARTZ
    Herewith I am presenting the findings of the survey conducted
by me for the Dealer’s Satisfaction o the SAMAY ELECTRONICS

      The questionnaire through which the survey was conducted is
attached after the findings.

                                           SAMAY QUARTZ

           The following list represents the name of the shop I have

→     Mahavir Watch Co.

→     B.N. Electronics

→     Parekh Watch Co.

→     J.K. Pandit & Sons.

→     Shri Shankar Watch Co.

→     Siddhanth Watch Co.

→     Jagdish Watch Co.

→     Jalaram Sales Agencies

→     Meera Times

→     Krishna Watch Co.

                                             SAMAY QUARTZ

→   Mahavir Watch Co.     ---   Naresh Mehta

→   B.N. Electronics      ---   Nattubhai Shah

→   Parekh Watch Co.      ---   Deepak Parekh

→   J.K. Pandit & Sons.   ---   Jatinbhai Pandit

→   Shri Shankar Watch Co. -    Sanjay Kumar

→   Siddhanth Watch Co. ---     Dilip Pala

→   Jagdish Watch Co.     ---   Jagdishbhai

→   Jalaram Sales Agencies -    Hitesh Chandarana

→   Meera Times           ---   Bhavesh Soni

→   Krishna Watch Co.     ---   Nandlalbhai Ghulta

                                              SAMAY QUARTZ

      0-20              20%
      20-35                   30%
      35-50                   30%
      50 & more               20%



 10                                 50 & more



                         SAMAY QUARTZ

  0-50                 20%
  50-100                     30%
  100-150                    20%
  150 & more                 30%



 20                           0-50
 10                           150 & more



                       SAMAY QUARTZ

      0-1                  20%
      1-2                  20%
      2-3                  50%
      3 & more years       10%

                         3 & more years

                        SAMAY QUARTZ

     CLOCKS                                       50%
     CALCULATORS                            70%
     TELEPHONES                                   40%
     WRISST WATCH                                 50%



   40                                            CALCULATORS
   30                                            TELEPHONES
                                                 WRISST WATCH



      Here some of the dealers had dealership of more than one
product, so they have clicked the boxes of which they had the

     Therefore, the aggregate may not total up to 100%.

                                             SAMAY QUARTZ

     YES                                     70%
     NO                                      80%


     Mostly in all product lines 70% of the dealers had other
agencies in clocks, telephones, calculators, etc.

                                        SAMAY QUARTZ

     CLOCKS                                       90%
     CALCULATORS                            30%
     TELEPHONES                                   20%
     WRISST WATCH                                 30%

   60                                              CLOCKS
   50                                              CALCULATORS
   40                                              TELEPHONES
   30                                              WRISST WATCH

      Here again, the dealers gave multiple answers and may not sum
up to 100%.

                                            SAMAY QUARTZ

     HIGHLY SATISFIED                    50%
     MEDIUM SATISTFIED                         50%
     LOW SATISFIED                             00%

    35                                     HIGHLY SATISFIED
                                           LOW SATISFIED

     No dealers responded towards the low satisfaction from the

                                          SAMAY QUARTZ

COMMISSION POLICY                 50%
COMMUNICATION                     00%

  50                                        COMMISSION
  45                                        POLICY
  35                                        COMMUNICATION
                                            REPUTATION OF
  20                                        THE COMPANY
  10                                        PERFORMANCE
   5                                        EVALUATION
   0                                        SYSTEM

     Even here, the dealers had given multiple answers of the
reasons that make them satisfied.

                                        SAMAY QUARTZ

                     HIGH     MEDIUM            LOW

PRODUCT              60%      40%         -
PRICE                70%      30%         -
PROMOTION            50%      40%         10%
PLACE                100%           -             -

   50                                           East
   40                                           West
   30                                           North
        1st Qtr 2nd Qtr 3rd Qtr 4th Qtr

                                    SAMAY QUARTZ

   YES                      60%
   NO                       40%






                         SAMAY QUARTZ

   YES                       80%
   NO                        20%


                          SAMAY QUARTZ

   YES                       70%
   NO                        30%




   40                              YES
   30                              NO




                          SAMAY QUARTZ

   YES                     90%
   NO                      10%

  50                               YES
  40                               NO

                        SAMAY QUARTZ
      When I joined BBA I had dream to visit the big company. My
great pleasure that I have taken training at Samay, which is one of the
most reputed firms of India. During my training I have observed
many good characteristics of unit.

         The firm surprising thing for me in this training is that, in
          Samay everything is uniform like dress lunch bags
          etc.The most surprising thing is that here the same
          uniform id for the employee as well as M.D.

         Secondly, the concern has maintained the tradition on
          India in case of hospitality. In India guests are considered
          as honorable person as God. I found the same philosophy
          in this unit. Each & every visitor is welcomed and given
          good treatment.

         The main feature of the members of the company is, love
          for their native place. The aim of the members is not
          limited up to their interest but they want to develop

         Here 95% of the workers are girls & they are mostly from
          rural areas nearby Morbi. Samay contributes a lot for
          their development and upliftment.

         Cleanliness is the main attraction of this unit. Each &
          every person including M.D. take off shoes outside while
          entering in the office.

                                               SAMAY QUARTZ
         At the time of starting and ending the work for a day, first
          prayer is done by each & every person.

         The motive of the organization is to provide maximum
          customers satisfaction. Today they got that position due
          to good quality of product at reasonable prices.

      Here, I felt that people work together just like members of
family & not like a business institutions.

                                              SAMAY QUARTZ
           SWOT ANALYSIS

      “After gaining an entry in the customer home, smart marketers
aim for a space in the customer’s heart too.”

      To reach at the consumer’s heart Samay is doing “SWOT
analysis” so that they can add value to the customer’s.

                “Feedback is the breakfast of champions.”

                SWOT Analysis means the analysis of:-

1.   S = Strength
2.   W= Weakness
3.   O = Opportunity
4.   T = Threat

                                            SAMAY QUARTZ

               I am No. 1     - In Technology
               I am superior - In Quality
               I am beautiful - In Color Shape

                          “SAMAY QUARTZ”


      “Quality is key to success”, translating it into a reality,
company has concentrated on quality, simultaneously keeping a hawk
eye on cost factor and the result is beautiful models of quartz clock
fine blended with quality & economy.

      SEPL is an enormous plant situated on 40 acres of land on
Morbi – Rajkot Highway Equipped with world famous highly
sophisticated machines in all department including moulding
assembling, testing & packaging.

      As research & development play a vital role into quality
enhancement, R&D at SEPL is equipped with the state – of – the are
instruments & most modern testing devices, which help not only
meeting the exact quality but also meet the changing requirement of
customer, by producing new & innovative products all the time.

                                              SAMAY QUARTZ

      At present the company is offer less no of models of wall
clocks and time pieces as compare to Ajanta. The company has to
face stiff competition with Ajanta & other clock mfg. Companies.

                                          SAMAY QUARTZ

     “Small opportunity is often the beginning of great enterprises”.

      There are so many opportunities, which the company can
capture in near future. It envisages starting production of following
electronics team in near future:

          Telephones
          Wrist Watches
          Calculators
          CDs
          Digital Diary
          Other Electronic Items.

     “Don’t sit down & wait for opportunities to come. Get up and
make them!”

                                              SAMAY QUARTZ

     In today’s competitive area there is always risk. “More risk,
more glory” is the call of the day.

       Some threats are there for Samay. There is a chance of
duplication of the products. Stiff competition can also be a major
threat. But Samay is having broad horizons & vision.

      So that anticipate the future well & can know the threats which
can become hurdle in future as the Samay people are having 50 years
experience of clock market with Ajanta group.

     Samay can say that :-

“WE ARE NOT AFRAID OF COMPETITION,                              LET

                                              SAMAY QUARTZ

      In the world of God every individual is striving for perfection.
No one is perfect. But constant endeavor for excellence leads towards
perfection. Samay is a mark of quality & excellent marketing.

      However, to become a world leader one should not remain
unaware of self-weakens. The world is changing rapidly especially in
the area of electronics.

     The possible suggestions for Samay from me as are under:
        Advertising:-
              People are not seeing advertising in newspapers
              regularly. So please concentrate on advertising in
        Price & Varity Of Products:-
              Samay’s product price is somewhat high & some
              modals are similar to Ajanta. It is true that Samay is
              of superior quality but price difference may affect
        Strategy:-
             Company should adopt attractive distributor’s
             promotion strategy.

                                              SAMAY QUARTZ
      I had a great pleasure in visiting Samay; it is relay a
progressive company. On seeing its production, it is tremendous
development for any new company; from all points of view Samay is
perfect in its work.

      Its employees are around 2000 workers and from them most of
are women. So, from social point of view, it increases women
esteems by giving them earnings.

       The brand name “Samay” is now becoming household it is very
easy to remember and its product quality cannot forget the name
Samay. It exports its product in 44 countries, so it is helpful to nation
in collecting foreign exchange.

      Moreover, clock is production process does not use and
chemical so it has not pollution. The machinery used in the factory is
very technically advanced so burden of laborers can be reduce.

     The most important element of Samay is, it has achieved 7
awards in its financial year and has broken the world record of clock
production. It is really a great achievement for a new established

      All employees and management works together without any
conflict and with full responsibility. And I give my best wishes to
Smany to archive more and more success and to become world

                                                SAMAY QUARTZ

      In preparing this report I have used following books, which are
written by great authors:

      Marketing Management
         -Philip Kotler

      Marketing Management
         -J.C. Gandhi & R.K. Agarwal

                                              SAMAY QUARTZ

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