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					Please read all instructions carefully and complete the form clearly in BLACK pen or typescript, as it will be necessary
to photocopy your application.

The completed form should be returned to Toyin Dania, Business Counselling and Training Manager,
Wandsworth Youth Enterprise Centre at Wandsworth Youth Enterprise, Broadway Studios, 28 Tooting High
Street, London SW17 0RG. Ref: F/T1

                                          EMPLOYMENT APPLICATION FORM

Job Title: ……………………………………………………………………………………………………..

Where did you hear about the post? ………………………………………………………………


Surname (Block Capitals please)

Other names

Address in full (Block Capitals please)

Home telephone number                             Daytime telephone number (if different)

Are there any dates when you would NOT be available for an interview (e.g. holidays)

If appointed, when could you start? (Give period of notice if applicable)

(Where applicable, please include details of examinations which have been or are about to be taken, but the results
of which are not yet available). If successful in your application, you will be asked to provide documentary evidence
of the qualifications listed below)


Name of school / college                 Subject           Qualifications gained,   Grade             Date
                                                           e.g. GCE,CSE, GCSE


Name of college/university                    Qualification gained                  Grade/Class if   Date


Name of professional body or training         Grade achieved            Was membership gained        Date
course                                                                  by examination?

(Please include details of any vacation and/or voluntary work, and account for all periods since leaving full-time

Name and address of             Position held and        From          To            Total            Reason for
present (or most recent)        grade, if applicable     Month/        Month/        Remuneration     leaving/wishing
employer and nature of                                   Year          Year          (inc.            to leave
business                                                                             allowances
                                                                                     and fringe

Names and addresses of          Positions held and       From          To Month/     Final Salary     Reason for
previous employers and          grade, if applicable     Month/        Year                           leaving
nature of business                                       Year

Continue on a separate sheet if necessary
REFEREES Please give the name of your present employer and another recent employer best able
to comment on your suitability against the selection criteria given in the person specification. School
and college leavers should give the name of lecturers/tutors/headteachers as appropriate. Please
state the relationship between you and the referee. You should not give friends or relatives as

Referee 1
Name                                                              Position/Job title

Daytime tel. no.                                                  Relationship

Referee 2
Name                                                              Position/Job Title

Daytime tel. no.                                                  Relationship

If you are shortlisted, references may be taken up before interview. If you are NOT willing for your
employer to be contacted at this stage, please write NO
                                                                                      APPENDIX B
Please use this section to let us know why you think you would be suitable for this job. Be sure to
i)       the reasons why you are applying for the post
ii)      details of any relevant experience you gained, at work, in a voluntary capacity or as part of
         your outside hobbies or activities
iii)     details of any relevant training or education you have

Please look carefully at the job description and person specification and cover all the
points listed. It is important that you complete this section fully because we need as
much information about you as possible in order to decide whether or not to invite you
to interview. You may attach extra sheets if necessary.
                                                                                       APPENDIX C


Asylum and Immigration Act 1996
It is now the law that employers must be satisfied that anyone they employ is legally entitled to live
and work in the UK. We can do this most easily by asking to see one of the following documents:

-   A   P45 from your previous job
-   A   pay slip from a previous job
-   A   P60
-   A   birth certificate
-   A   naturalisation certificate
-   A   passport

 Full Information about this law and the documents that are acceptable is included with this
application form. Are you able to produce one of the documents referred to there?         YES/NO

If not, please explain why you cannot do so

Are you subject to any conditions relating to your employment in this country?      YES/NO

If YES, please give details

Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974.

Certain criminal convictions may have an impact on the job you are applying to do. For this reason,
it is important that WYEC is aware of any convictions which may affect your work, subject to the
overriding provisions of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974

The Act states that after a suitable period of time (called the rehabilitation period) has passed, you
may treat a conviction as if it never happened. These are called "spent" convictions. If you are
shortlisted you will be asked to declare all relevant unspent convictions. Providing misleading or
false information to support your application will disqualify you from appointment, or if appointed,
will render you liable to dismissal without notice.

Do you have any unspent criminal convictions               YES/NO

If YES, please give details

I hereby declare that none of the information in this application form is false or

SIGNATURE OF APPLICANT                                                              DATE
                                                                                       APPENDIX D

It is the policy of Wandsworth Youth Enterprise Centre that there be equal opportunity for
employment in its service and equable terms and conditions for all staff, and that all employees be
recruited and trained on the basis of their ability, their fitness for the work and the requirements of
the job. Each Director, manager or supervisor must ensure

a) that the terms of the Sex Discrimination Act 1975, the Race Relations Act 1976 and the disability
   Discrimination Act 1995 and this policy are observed and that no discrimination is permitted on
   grounds of colour, race, nationality or ethnic or national origins, marital status, gender, sexual
   orientation, disability or age;

b) a positive attitude towards equality of opportunity and the administration of staff policies to that
   end; and

c) to communicate the terms of this policy to each employee, with guidance in the use of WYEC's
   grievance procedure as a means of making any complaint of discrimination or failure to accord
   equality of opportunity.
                                                                                        APPENDIX E

                                         Information for job applicants

                                       Asylum and Immigration Act 1996

                                                                 A certificate of registration or naturalisation as
The above Act is intended to ensure that only those             a British citizen
people legally entitled to live and work in the UK are
offered employment. Under Section 8 of the Asylum                A birth certificate issued in the UK or the
and Immigration Act it is a criminal offence to employ          Republic of Ireland
a person aged 16 or over who is subject to
immigration control unless:                                      A passport or national identity card issued by
                                                                a State which is party to the European Economic
    1. that person has current and valid permission             Area Agreement and which describes the holder
    to be in the UK and that permission does not                as a national of that State.
    prevent him of her from taking the job in
    question; or                                                 A passport or other travel document endorsed
                                                                to show that the person named is exempt from
    2. the person comes into a category where such              immigration control, has indefinite leave to enter
    employment is otherwise allowed.                            or remain in the UK or has no time limit on his or
                                                                her stay; or a letter issued by the Home Office
This second category will include:                              confirming that this is the case.

     Asylum seekers who have been given written                 A UK residence permit issued to a national of
    permission to work; and                                     the Sate which is party to the European Economic
                                                                Area Agreement.
     certain people who are appealing against a
    refusal for further permission to stay. They will            A passport or other travel document endorsed
    have letters from the Home Office confirming that           to show that the holder has a current right of
    they can be legally employed.                               residence in the UK as the family member of a
                                                                named national of a State which is party to the
Responsibility of Employers                                     European Economic Area Agreement and who is
                                                                resident in the UK
In order to comply with the Act, as an employer,
WYEC has introduced arrangements whereby the                     A letter issued by the Immigration and
immigration status of all successful applicants will be         Nationality Directorate of the Home Office
checked.                                                        indicating that the person named in the letter is a
                                                                British citizen or has permission to take
This will be done by checking the original of                   employment.
any one of the following documents:
                                                                 A work permit or other approval to take
     A document issued by a previous employer,                 employment issued by the Department for
    the Inland Revenue, the Benefits Agency, the                Education and Employment or, in Northern
    Contributions Agency or the Employment Service              Ireland, by the Training and Employment Agency.
    (or their Northern Ireland equivalents) which
    states the National Insurance number of the                  A passport describing the holder as a British
    person named. This could include a P45, a pay               Dependent Territories citizen and which indicates
    slip, a P60, a NINO card or a letter issued by one          that the status derives from a connection with
    of the Government bodies concerned. a                       Gibraltar.
    document showing only a temporary National
    Insurance number will not be satisfactory               You will only be asked to produce one of the
                                                            above documents if you are offered an
     A passport describing the holder as a British         appointment. A copy of the document will be
    citizen or as having the right of abode in or an        kept on your personal file.
    entitlement to readmission to the United Kingdom
                                                            Should you have any queries on the above, please
     A passport containing a Certificate of                contact the Director of WYEC.
    Entitlement issued by or on behalf of the
    Government of the UK certifying that the holder
    has the right of abode in the UK.


                                     JOB DESCRIPTION

Title:                   Outreach and Community Development Officer

Responsible to:          Business Counselling & Training Manager,

Contract term:           To March 2009 in the first instance

Primary Purpose of Role

In consultation with the Manager of Business Counselling and Training Services (MBCTS) and
Key partner Roehmapton University, to co-ordinate and deliver a programme of outreach and
community development activities designed to increase awareness of self-employment as a
career option and facilitate access to information, support and training for young people aged 14
– 30 years old in the Roehampton area within the London Borough of Wandsworth.

Programme Development

   To assist the MBCTS with the development of awareness training modules targeted at
    young people, support agencies and parents/carers

   With the support of the Counselling/Training Management team to develop an
    outreach/community development programme and detailed activity/implementation plan

Outreach, Referral and Awareness Raising

   To identify and liaise with key referral agencies and promote the work of WYEC/ the Self-
    Employment Project for Young People in the Roehampton area

   To proactively outreach and engage in community development work as appropriate

   To provide pre-awareness and awareness training to the target groups

   To refer clients to key agencies where appropriate.

   In consultation with the MBCTS, to organise and run promotional events/seminars
    promoting the work of WYEC/Self-Employment Project for Young People in the
    Roehampton area.

   To support the WYEC and Roehampton University in the staging of major promotional

   To assist WYEC /Self-Employment Project for Young People in Tooting in obtaining
    appropriate media coverage, in consultation with MCTS and the Director, to promote the
    work of WYEC and the project.

   To assist with the development of information and promotional materials.


   As required, to maintain statistical records and produce returns relating to the provision
    of outreach and awareness training activities.

   To collate, analyse, evaluate and report to the MBCTS qualitatively and qualitatively on
    client progression and outcomes through the outreach programme into WYEC’s core
    business support provision for young people.

   To further develop and/or adapt systems of monitoring and evaluating programme
    delivery and client feedback

   To monitor and feedback on changing client needs and develop/adapt appropriate
    materials/training modules to meet the needs with the support of the MBCTS.


   To attend as required management and programme review meetings.

   Such other reasonable duties as may be requested by the MCTS and/or the Director

                                PERSONAL SPECIFICATION

Technical abilities

   A competent level of Information Technology – internet access etc.

   A good level of business development skills

   A good working knowledge of word processing and spreadsheets (Microsoft Office)

Personal qualities

   The ability to relate positively to and engage with a wide range of young people.

   The genuine desire to help young people explore and develop their potential.

   A thorough knowledge and understanding of young peoples’ lifestyles.

   A deep understanding of the issues concerning disaffected young people.

   The ability to communicate effectively with key figures and leaders in the community.

   A genuine appreciation and application of the principles of equal opportunity for all.

   Good interpersonal and communication skills.

   An open non-judgemental attitude.

   Strong self-motivation and the ability to motivate others.

   A flexible team-player.

   A calm and grounded nature.


   Youth Work or relevant social work and/or training qualifications, or appropriate modules
    working towards relevant qualifications, with a component focussing on young people


   A developed knowledge of the venues and activities frequented by young people in

   Strong knowledge of street culture and language.

   Knowledge of issues relating to re-habilitation. (substance addiction/abuse)

   Knowledge of probation and ex-offenders support systems

   Knowledge of monitoring and record-keeping systems/techniques


Salary:         £24,000 per annum

Annual leave:   29 days per annum inclusive of Christmas close down period

Hours:          Minimum 35 hours per week excluding lunch break. A flexible
                approach to the working week will be essential, as the post will
                include evening and weekend work.

Pension:        4% of salary non-contributory and 4% matched with 4%
                contribution after the first six months in post

Term:           A fixed term contract expiring in March 2009

Appointment:    Due to the age and nature of some of the young people to be
                supported, appointment of the successful candidate will dependant
                on an acceptable enhanced disclosure check through the Criminal
                Records Bureau. This check will be additional to the follow up of
                references supplied by the candidate.

                               Wandsworth Youth Enterprise

                   Business Incubation Programme for Young People

Wandsworth Youth Enterprise (WYE), was set up in Tooting 1988, in an area of high
unemployment with a high ethnic minority population. The project’s intention was to tackle
the growing problems of unemployment, social exclusion and lack of opportunities for young

An Integrated Programme for Young People

WYEC has developed an integrated business incubation programme specifically designed to
help young people aged 16 – 30 start up and run a successful enterprise. Since inception, the
Centre has supported over 4500 young people and helped hundreds successfully set up and
develop their own businesses.

A Client Led Philosophy Founded on Empowerment

Central to the programme is an intensive one-to-one business counselling service inter-linked
with business skills workshops, training courses and managed workspaces. This provides a
flexible structure to allow the young entrepreneur to explore the self-employment route and,
if appropriate, set up in business.

The success of the programme is due to a number of factors. A key feature is the client-led
counselling service based on an underpinning philosophy of empowerment. This, combined
with the range of supporting services, enables an appropriate blend of counselling,
participative learning and practical support to be provided and tailored to meet the needs of
each client.

Intensive Support

Intensive support is provided at the pre-start-up stage for as long as needed. After starting a
business, post-start-up counselling and other practical support is provided for up to two
years. This support is structured to help clients during the formative stages of business
development while enabling them to gradually achieve full independence of the programme.
For those who need it, a business unit is also provided on a reducing subsidy over two years.

At the end of the two-year period the cost of the unit will be one step below local commercial
rates, at which point the client moves out of the Centre into fully commercial premises. One
example of the effectiveness of the programme is illustrated by high business survival rates
of 85% - 90% after two years.

For this reason, and with a view to securing the existing Centre’s long term viability, To
provide a stable funding base WYE has developed a £2.7 million commercial business centre
complex, which provides 90 small business units within a 46,000 sq. ft. managed workspace
This facility generates income to underpin WYE's existing activities. this new business centre is
directly generating over 300 jobs in the small business sector in the area, while also providing a
natural progression path for young businesses moving on from the existing Centre.

A Trans -European Service Developed –

WYE’s model of a totally integrated youth enterprise incubation programme has been of
considerable interest to the European Commission, Central Government and organisations in
various regions of Europe. In response to this, WYE has developed a service that facilitates the
effective dissemination and transfer of this model of practice. For example, WYEC has
successfully adapted and transferred this model into a number of regions, including Central and

Eastern Europe, leading to the establishment of the first youth enterprise incubator centre in this
area. WYE is currently working with a number of agencies both in the UK and mainland Europe,
helping them to develop youth enterprise incubator programmes appropriate to their regions.

New Project –

To further build on the charity’s work in Tooting, WYE has secured funding from Wandsworth
Borough Council, through the London Development Agency’s Single Regeneration Budget, to
undertake a major expansion of the charity’s enterprise support services to young people
living in the Tooting area.

The project,, has been operational since July 2003 and is providing
intensive and practical business start-up support including in-depth business counselling with
linkages to new and existing enterprise support programmes. The project targets young
people (16-30 year olds) within the Tooting area and seeks to engender a culture of
enterprise and self-help. Extensive outreach is provided to generate awareness of the self-
employment option amongst young people (particularly those from black and minority ethnic
backgrounds) to enable them to have a better understanding of enterprise and be better
prepared to become self-employed. To support young people responding to outreach
activities we need to recruit a full time business counsellor to assist their progression into self
employment while underpinning the outreach activities as necessary.

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