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									Automation Controls Jobs
Automation controls can be an exciting field. It requires extensive knowledge of electronics,
technology, and engineering. But because it is a specialized field, many people outside the sector
have a limited knowledge about automatic control and what it entails. In essence, automation
controls can encompass a variety of fields. It can do everything from helping companies save
energy to automating a complete technical process.

The concept behind automation controls is based on engineering, physics, and mathematics. The
systems that are designed within these are mostly extremely complex. For example, it can self-
regulate a machine or a manufacturing process with minimal human intervention. The
parameters are already set and the technician simply needs to monitor the situation.

Automation control is based on the open system concept. It has three components including the
sensor, the controller, and the actuator. The sensor is designed to measure a physical trait such as
liquid levels or temperature. The controller controls the environment around the physical trait.
Lastly is the actuator. It is designed to implement the command that is sent by the controller.

The Job Description of an Automatic Controller

The job can vary significantly depending on the company you're working for. In many instances,
a controller is expected to perform modifications, repair activities, and semi-skilled maintenance
of the system. It is also be possible to be assigned in electronics or materials handling aspect of
the operation.

In some companies, it is expected that individuals who are involved in automation controls will
be responsible for monitoring the Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) as well as Process
Management Systems (PMS). Troubleshooting may also be part of the job. The safety aspect of
running an automated process may also fall on the controller.

The Qualifications Required for an Automation Controls Job

Most automation controls job requires an applicant to at least have a Bachelor's degree in a
relevant field. The job can be rewarding financially especially if you have experience. An
experience in a variety of systems is also always a plus. It is important for any interested
applicant to have electrical experience including AC, DC, high, and low voltage. Knowledge of
C-Programming, Auto-Cad, Dbase, QNX, Unix, Windows, and Windows NT will also come in

In today's highly competitive environment, it has also become important for an individual to
become part of a professional organization. The IEEE Control Systems Society is one of the
most well-known organizations that ensure the capability of its members. The members of this
professional group are involved in a variety of fields.
For those who have knowledge and experience in using controls system may find a rewarding
career as an automations controller. With so many processes being automated on a continual
basis, the need for qualified automated controllers will remain stable. If you are interested in
getting promoted, it is important to go for higher studies. Like any other field, this industry can
change quickly. That's why being prepared with continual training and association with a
professional organization can take your career one step higher.

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