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 It couldn’t believe my eyes. Just yesterday I met Mary McMahon up
the town. I have never seen her looking better in my life. She had her
  hair all curled and her makeup put on perfectly. She started telling
     me about her great job that she has and what great pay she is
  getting. Not long after we decided to go for coffee and catch up on
                             all the gossip.

 We were sitting comfortably in our seats talking about things that
had happened over the years. “Mary” I said. Why have I not seen you
     for so long? Marys reply was “Oh well, I have suffered from
  depression this past year and just wasn’t up to doing anything or
     going anywhere”. “There was actually a point where I nearly
committed suicide, but fortunately my husband Paddy walked in just
on time and saved me”. To be honest I had no reply to that because I
 was so shocked to hear such a thing from the person who I always
                       looked up to at school.

Soon after we had talked about all our news she explained how she
    had got rid of her depression. She told me how none of the
 counsellors or the doctors had worked but that her getting more
 positive and getting out more had helped the most and cured her

   About one hour later Mary left to go home and I just thought to
  myself “Isn’t that what you call willpower!” Mary was always the
 type of girl to be positive, active and the one you would imagine to
be the person who never suffers from such a thing as depression and
   I guess EVERY CLOUD HAS GOT A SILVER LINING (and that your
                         health IS your wealth.)

                                                             By Olivia

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