Bread and Circus by ert554898


									      Bread and Circus
By Tony, Mike Bamford and Guesev

           Bread and Circus
      So what is bread and circus?
   A phrase used by a Roman writer to describe the “Two
    things only the people anxiously desire—bread and
circuses.” The government kept the Roman populace happy
   by distributing free food and staging huge spectacles.
           Why is it used?
  The government uses the circus as a tool to keep
the people entertained so they do not get in the way
or even realize what is going on in the world. While
the bread is used to keep the people happy so they
do not revolt.
The Bread Then

• The roman empire gave out
  free wheat to the poor and
  needy so that they would stay
  in line and not fight the
  government rule.
            The Bread Now
• Today the bread can be found in many forms, from
  welfare to food stamps and the soup kitchen.
            The Circus Then
• Romans began to offer their people entertainment, as
  a way to gain popularity and keep the people
  uninformed and un concerned about the real
The Circus Today
     • Today the circus takes many
       forms. The TV is among the
       largest driver. Other things
       like iPods and the internet are
       also part of the catalogue of
       entertainment made to keep us
      Effect on the Economy
• The economy is dominated by entertainment
  services and most of them are not free nor provided
  by the government.
                        This gives birth to the
                        massive entertainment
                        industries from sports to
        Effect on the People
• The whole bread and circus campaign uninevitabley
  leads to a dumbed down populace, a populace tied up
  in a never ending slew of entertainment. Leaving the
  people brainwashed.
            More than two
  Are we    thousand years later,
following   and nothing has
            essentially changed.
in Rome's   Most people still
            don't know nor care,
Footsteps   about what is really
     ?      going on behind the

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