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									Canadian Study Permit and Visa Information
When applying in your home country or from within Canada for a Study Permit and/or Canadian Visa:

  Please visit Citizen and Immigration Canada (CIC) at
  Call Centre telephone number: 1-888-242 2100

What documents will I need to apply for a Canadian Study Permit?

  •	    You	will	need	to	submit	a	completed	“Application	to	Change	Conditions,	Extend	My	Stay	or	Remain	in	Canada”	(IMM	1249)
  •	    You	will	need	to	submit	a	completed	Document	Checklist	(IMM	5555)
  •	    You	will	need	to	submit	a	stamped	receipt	(IMM	5401)	Note:	fees	can	be	paid	online	by	visiting	
  •	    You	will	need	to	submit	a	Use	of	Representative	form	(IMM	5476)

NOTE: The Use of Representative form allows the person applying on behalf of the applicant to contact the Citizenship and
Immigration Canada (CIC) office for updates and application status.

  •	    Proof of acceptance from Ashbury College:	If	you	plan	to	attend	any	school	(primary	or	secondary),	college,	university	or	other	
        educational	institution	in	Canada,	the	school	must	complete	and	send	you	a	letter	of	acceptance	(Ashbury	Letter	of	Enrollment).	
        You	must	include	the	original	letter	with	your	Study	Permit	application.	You	can	find	a	standard	letter	of	acceptance	at	the	
        following weblink:
  •	    Proof of Identity:	A	valid	passport	or	travel	document	for	your	child	is	required.	The	passport	or	travel	document	must	allow	you	
        to	return	to	the	country	that	issued	it.	Study	Permits/Visas	will	only	be	issued	for	the	length	of	time	your	passport	is	valid.		Please
        make sure that your child’s passport does not expire during the school year.	This	is	very	important	to	know;	if	you	arrive	to	
        Canada	and	your	Study	Permit,	Visa	and	Passport	expires	you	will	have	to	renew	all	three	documents	from	within	Canada.
  •	    Citizens	and	permanent	residents	of	the	United	States,	St.	Pierre	and	Miquelon,	and	Greenland	do	not	need	a	passport,	but	do	need	
        proof	of	status	and	citizenship,	such	as	a	national	identity	card	or	an	alien	registration	card.	Two	recent	passport-size	photos	of	
        your	child	are	required	when	applying.	The	name	and	date	of	birth	of	your	child	should	be	written	on	the	back	of	each	photo.	
        You	can	find	information	on	photo	specifications	at	the	following	weblink:
  •	    Proof of Financial Support:	You	must	prove	that	you	can	support	your	child	while	he/she	is	in	Canada.	You	can	prove	that	you	
        have	sufficient	funds	to	support	your	child	in	Canada	by	showing	some	of	the	following:
  	     •	       proof	of	a	Canadian	bank	account	in	your	name	if	money	has	been	transferred	to	Canada;
  	     •	       your	bank	statements	for	the	past	four	months	in	CAD	or	US	dollars	and	translated	to	English
  	     •	       a	bank	draft	in	convertible	currency;
  	     •	       proof	of	payment	of	tuition	and	accommodation	fees;
  	     •	       a	letter	from	the	person	or	institution	providing	you	with	money;
  	     •	       proof	of	funding	paid	from	within	Canada	if	you	have	a	scholarship	or	are	in	a	Canadian-funded	educational	program;

               Ashbury College, 362 Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario Canada K1M 0T3 | Tel 613.749.5954 | Fax 613.749.9724
  												•	      notarized	bank	letter	from	your	bank	manager	indicating	funds	available	for	your	child’s	time	in	Canada	including	
             	        living	expenses:
  	          	        	        *	bank	letter	should	indicate	when	the	account	was	opened;
  	          	        	        *	letter	should	indicate	that	client	is	in	good	standing;
  	          	        	        *	client	can	support	student	attending	a	Canadian	Boarding	school;
  	          	        	        *	current	amount	in	account;
  	          	        	        *	letter	must	be	translated	into	English	and	notarized	by	a	lawyer.

Note: If there are foreign-exchange control measures in your country, you must provide proof that the exchange control authorities
will allow you to export funds for all of your expenses. The proof required is outlined below:

  •	        Photocopies	of	student’s	passport	pages	clearly	showing	the	passport	number,	the	dates	of	issue	and	expiry,	name	and	date	of	birth,	
            the	stamp	made	by	Canadian	authorities	on	your	most	recent	entry	into	Canada	and	any	other	marked	pages;
  •	        Photocopies	of	your	travel	or	identity	document	(citizenship	certificates,	birth	certificates,	alien	registration	cards	etc.)	if	you	did	
            not	use	a	passport	to	enter	Canada;
  •	        Photocopy	of	your	current	immigration	document	(Study	Permit,	Canadian	Visa);
  •	        Proof	of	academic	standing	at	institution;	photocopies	of	your	transcript/report	cards	from	the	last	two	periods	of	study;
  •	        Photocopy	of	your	valid	return	ticket/details	(if	available).

What other documents do I need?

  •	        Copy	of	both	parents	passports	(valid)
  •	        Notarized	Custodianship	Declaration,	Parents
            (Page 2)
  •	        If you do not have a Canadian guardian, please contact ISGC to	complete	the	Notarized	Guardianship	Letter	required	to	apply	
            for	your	Study	Permit/Visa	in	your	home	country.	Your	Canadian	guardian	will	complete	the	Notarized	Custodianship	
            Declaration—Custodian	Form	
            (Page 1)

Do I need a guardian?

Minor	children	(uner	the	age	of	18)	who	come	to	Canada	to	study	and	who	are	not	accompanied	by	a	parent	or	legal	guardian,	must	be	
cared	for	by	a	responsible	adult	in	Canada.	This	person	is	known	as	a	custodian.

Legal	arrangements	must	be	made	to	give	the	custodian	in	Canada	permission	to	act	in	place	of	a	parent.	Two	notarized	documents	are	
required.	A	notarized	document	is	a	document	that	has	been	certified	by	a	notary.	The	first	notarized	document	must	be	signed	by	the	
natural	parents	of	the	minor	child.	The	second	notarized	document	must	be	signed	by	the	custodian	in	Canada.	The	visa	officer	must	be	
satisfied	that	adequate	arrangements	have	been	made	for	the	care	and	support	for	minor	children	who	travel	to	Canada	to	study.

Where to send your Study Permit applications when applying from your home country:


Who requires a Study Permit?

If	you	wish	to	study	in	a	short-term	course	or	program	you	do	not	need	a	Study	Permit	if	you	plan	to	take	a	course	or	program	in	
Canada	that	lasts	six	months	or	less.	You	must	complete	the	course	or	program	within	the	period	authorized	for	your	stay	in	Canada.	
If your program lasts more than six months, you will require a Canadian Study Permit.

Even	if	you	do	not	need	a	Study	Permit,	it	is	a	good	idea	to	apply	for	a	permit	before	you	come	to	Canada.	If	you	decide	that	you	want	to	
continue	your	studies	in	another	program	after	you	complete	your	short-term	course	or	program,	you	must	apply	through	a	Canadian	visa	
office	outside	Canada	for	a	Study	Permit	if	you	do	not	already	have	one.

My child has more than one passport—which passport should I use to apply?

  •	        You	may	apply	for	a	Canadian	Study	Permit	and	Temporary	Resident	Visa	(TRV)	with	either	passport;	however,	it	is	beneficial	to	
            use	the	passport	for	the	country	in	which	your	child	lives.	You	must	use	the	same	passport	to	apply	for	both	the	Study	Permit	and	
            the	TRV.	Your	passport	must	be	valid	for	one	year	or	more	in	order	for	these	permits	to	be	processed.	

                Ashbury College, 362 Marioposa Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario Canada K1M 0T3 | Tel 613.749.5954 | Fax 613.749.9724
  Please	ensure	there	are	at	least	two	blank	pages	in	your	passport	to	receive	the	TRV.

When applying from within Canada to renew your Canadian Study Permit:

  •	    Guardians	and	students	who	are	renewing	their	Study	Permit	from	within	Canada	should	send	their	application	to	the	
        address below:
  	     	        CPC	Vegreville
  	     	        Study	Permit
  	     	        6212-55th	Avenue—Unit	101
  	     	        Vegreville,	Alberta		T9C	1X5
  •	    Students/guardians	and	parents	in	need	of	assistance	to	renew	your	child’s	Study	Permit/visa	should	contact	International	Student	
        Guardianship	Canada	(ISGC)	at:
  •	    ISGC	will	organize	and	complete	the	Study	Permit/Visa	application	on	your	child’s	behalf.	The	fee	for	this	service	is:
        Canadian	Study	Permit:		 $250.00	plus	tax,	courier/bank	fees,	CIC	application	Fee	$125
  	     Restoration	of	Status:		     $250.00	plus	tax,	courier/bank	fees,	CIC	application	Fee	$200	
  	     Canadian	Visa	(TRV):	        $250.00	plus	tax,	courier/bank	fees,	CIC	application	Fee	$200
  	     Notary	Fee	(if	required):	 $60.00	plus	tax
  	     (Please	note	the	tax	fee	in	Ontario	is	13%.)

NOTE: if your child’s Study Permit expires before you submit the renewal application, the fee will be $125.00 (Study Permit)
plus $200.00 (restoration). These are Citizen and Immigration fees (CIC) and not ISGC fees.

Which countries require a Temporary Resident Visa?


Where to apply for your Temporary Resident Visa:


What documents do I need to acquire a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV)?

  •	    You	will	require	a	completed	Application	for	a	Temporary	Resident	Visa	made	outside	of	Canada	(IMM	5257)
  •	    You	will	require	a	completed	Family	Information	form
  •	    You	will	require	a	completed	Application	for	a	Temporary	Resident	Visa	made	outside	of	Canada	(IMM	5257	schedule	-1),	
        if applicable
  •	    You	will	require	a	Use	of	Representative	form	(IMM	5476)
  •	    Fee	payment	in	an	acceptable	format.	Verify	methods	of	payment	with	the	visa	office	responsible	for	your	area
  •	    Valid	passport	(there	must	be	one	completely	blank	page	other	than	the	last	page,	available	in	each	passport)
  •	    Two	photos	meeting	the	requirements	of	Appendix	B—Photo	Specifications.	On	the	back	of	the	two	photos	write	your	name	
        and date of birth
  •	    Photocopy	of	your	current	immigration	document,	if	applicable	(e.g.	Study	Permit,	Work	Permit	or	Temporary	Resident	Ppermit)
  •	    Proof	of	financial	support	(see	description	above)
  •	    Photocopy	of	your	valid	return	ticket	and/or	travel	itinerary,	if	available
  •	    Additional	documents	may	be	requested	by	the	responsible	visa	office

Please	note	that	requirements	for	a	Canadian	Study	Permit	or	Temporary	Resident	Visa	are	subject	to	change	at	any	time.	Please	use	the	
above	information	as	a	guide	but	verify	the	requirements	at	your	local	Canadian	Consulate	or	visit	the	website	at

Note: Each Canadian Consulate, Embassy or Office may require additional documents, medical exams and interviews. Additional
information required will be requested when applying at the Consulate/Embassy in your home country. If you are applying from
within Canada the CIC office will contact you via phone, fax or e-mail should any documents be missing or needed.

            Ashbury College, 362 Marioposa Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario Canada K1M 0T3 | Tel 613.749.5954 | Fax 613.749.9724

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