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Check The INVISIBLE CHILDREN STOP KONY 2012 Support Site Here.

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Lets Clean Up Our Act

I have dedicated this blog solely to help the cause of Invisible Children to stop the reign of
devastation and terror caused by Joseph Kony in Africa. I am doing this because I believe it is a
worthy cause. However, there are those who will try to take advantage of this human disaster and
turn it into a commercial venture. I realize some people dont care about anything except making a
penny but those people will only do damage to the Invisible Children cause instead of good.

To African communities devastated by Konys Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) it must appear as
embarrassing and appalling to see that some of us are taking advantage of their misfortunes to
make money. If you do a Google search online about Invisible Children you will be disgusted at
what you find. You will discover that the Stop Kony 2012 Campaign by Invisible Children is
secondary to monetization schemes. Some of the actual content appears almost invisible when
compared to the amount of monetization.

I realize that Jason Russell made a few mistakes when he made the Stop Kony Campaign video.
His biggest mistake was using his own child in the video. But because the cause of stopping
Joseph Kony and saving thousands of other children is a worthy cause I chose to ignore those


However, it is an embarrassment to turn a worthy cause like the Stop Kony 2012 Campaign into
selling t-shirts and other items to make money from the suffering of abducted children and their
devastated families in African communities. If you look at some of the sites on the Internet that
are making a business out of the African suffering and devastation you will find they even have
pictures of babies wearing Stop Kony t-shirts. They didnt even bother finding black baby models
to wear the t-shirts. I am sorry, but I see this monetization of human suffering as appalling as what
Joseph Kony himself is doing.

If you look around my Invisible Children support website you will not see any advertisements. The
reason for that is that I am dedicating the website solely to supporting the cause of Invisible
Children. I dont believe it is correct to take advantage of the Ugandan suffering to make money.

If we transform the Stop Kony 2012 effort into money making ventures then we cannot expect the
people in Uganda to believe we are serious about helping them. Theyll see us as money hungry
monsters taking advantage of their disadvantage to make a dollar.

We need to prove that we are serious about helping this cause or not help at all. Lets not cause
any damage to the Invisible Children cause before it is too late. If we cannot do this then its going
to be very difficult to convince anyone, much less the Ugandan people who have suffered the most
under Joseph Kony that we really mean well.


I want to apologize to any honest Internet Marketer who may be trying to make a living online for
the roughness of my comments. But you must realize that a serious cause like genocide, child
abductions, forced child prostitutions, forced child soldiering, and all the other atrocities caused by
Kony should not be used as the foundation for any online (or offline) business.

About the author: Carmelo Echevarria currently maintains several blog sites where he provides
information he hopes will make life better for all. This is his third article in support of the Invisible
Children Stop Kony 2012 campaign. You can find all articles at the web links below:

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Check The INVISIBLE CHILDREN STOP KONY 2012 Support Site Here.

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