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									                            Canadian Confederation Web-History

You will be completing a Web-History or visiting specific Websites to describe the History of an
event. (Web-History… get it!)

The Question

Explain the ideas behind Canadian Confederation. Describe a person behind the movement who was
for or against Confederation. Evaluate the process of Canadian Confederation: do you think it was
successful? Why or why not? How did it happen and why? Finally, and most importantly, describe
some of the economic, social, political and environmental ideas that led to Confederation.

The Proof of your answer

        The objective of this webquest is for you to create an Illustrated Timeline,
Rap/Song/Poem, a Collage or An Illustrated Essay that answers all of the questions above.
        Choose one of the following assignments and visit the site(s) listed below by placing the
cursor over the website, then press the CTRL button and LEFT CLICK on the mouse at the same

        Illustrated Timeline:

        What was Canadian Confederation? Where and when did it start? End? You may already
know the answers to those questions, but now, dig a little deeper. Use information from the
websites below to create a timeline detailing at least 5 events leading up to Canadian
Confederation. You can make this on Word, in PowerPoint or draw it on a piece of computer


         Are you musically gifted? Do you know how to spit out rhymes and lay down a smooth
track? Visit the websites and find information about Canadian Confederation. Outkast did it for
Rosa Parks, can you do it for the Canucks? Type up the rhymes, lyrics or stanzas in Word and
hand it in… If you want, you can perform it too.


         We are often captured by visuals before the spoken or written word. Visit the sites below
and compile a visual collage that describes the people, places, and events that led up to and
surrounded Canadian Confederation. This collage must have NO empty space on a piece of copy
paper 8 ½ x 11. You may also copy and paste them right into a Word Document, or you could
even do the same thing in a PowerPoint slide. You need a title and a theme for this collage for it
to be effective!
         There are various pictures on the Internet for this project; however, you are also able to
do drawings or create images and ideas in any other fashion.

        An Illustrated Essay

         Choose several or one picture dealing with Canadian Confederation and then write a one
page essay describing the questions above. Answer the questions above in an essay and make
sure to explain the economic, political, social and environmental details behind Confederation.
You have a lot of leeway here, but you must be precise and provide some good details.

This site, which most of you hopefully accessed in the previous unit, is great for primary
and secondary sources detailing Canadian Confederation. It’s great for any of the above

This is the root site for the Confederation above. This is the home of all Canadian
Archival information. It is good for any historical information dealing with Canada.

You may have no idea about Canada at all. Our neighbors to the south have this site to
help you with any governmental questions.

This site has some additional resources and goes with a documentary on Canadian

This website provides one-minute videos outlining important Canadian figures and
events. There are some good ideas here for how to present information in a concise
manner. and are also places to search for pictures and other

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