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      It has been said that wikispaces is a free wiki service for
everybody. Free since it is boundless or wide open to everyone and a lot
of people are trying to get through of it because it has a sort of purposes
and we are satisfied with the results. Using it is very easy, in support
from the standard end and for users, in addition when it comes with a
discussion board, which assists users to fit in the discussion concerning
the contents. additionally, there, it won't appear to be any strings
attached, you won't acquire junk mail from wikispaces as a result of
creating this, and there is no accuse (the site is paid for by unobtrusive
ads that appear next to your wiki).The site allocates anyone to make a
website for their class. With many beneficial features, such as a Visual
Editor, the competence to look after the site and bound the activity of
users, a far-fetched discussion board feature and the capacity to upload
files of various formats. It is a website which permits users to add
information, like on a forum. Moreover, anyone can correct the content
without difficulties. Last but not the least, you can even keep on the site
activity, and induce or encourage students and associate teachers to your
space. Wiki spaces can be worn out by anyone to produce a website for a
specific class, a specific entity of study, or somewhat else.
Ecampus Course Demo: Online Communication Center Site

       Welcome to our growing community of worldwide learners! Whether you want to finish
your degree, upgrade your credentials, or take a class for personal interest, your dreams have
never been so accessible. OSU Extended Campus offers accredited online and distance degrees,
workforce and noncredit programs, P-12 Outreach, and OSU Summer Session. Oregon State
University is on the term system offering four different opportunities during the year to begin
your education.

About Ecampus
Discover the Benefits of Online Learning
Throughout the year, OSU Extended Campus offers over 400 credit courses in more than 60
subjects to students worldwide who                                          prefer the
flexibility of online learning. Whether                                     you're at
home, on the road, or traveling                                             outside the
United States, Ecampus can open the                                         door     for
you to pursue your educational goals.                                          Extended
Campus courses are designed to                                              mirror the
caliber of scholarship that OSU                                                maintains
and the majorities are delivered online                                     and can be
conveniently accessed anytime, from                                            anyplace.
Distance learners include working                                                 adults,
community college students, working                                         and retired
professionals, stay-at-home parents,                                            military
personnel, high school students and                                          individuals
who simply want to take a college course. Check out our Students page to meet Ecampus
students and read their stories.

        Oregon State University is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Northwest
Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities. Online and distance courses offered through
Extended Campus are taught by OSU instructors and faculty and carry the same requirements
and expectations for reading, research and examinations as the on-campus courses. Online
degree programs and courses appear the same as OSU on-campus degrees and courses on your

        Online instruction is sure to amaze you. Check out our Instructor's Comments page to
watch streaming videos of Ecampus instructors speaking about their success with online
classrooms and teaching distance students. You can also meet some of the Ecampus family on
our faculty profile page. While the majority of Extended Campus courses are delivered online
through the Blackboard Learning Portal System, several Ecampus courses may include a
combination of delivery methods (i.e., streaming video, DVD and Web), or may be offered at
off-site locations around Oregon.

Getting Started
Are You Ready for Online Learning?
        Students continuing their education at a distance are often balancing work, family and
community commitments with their studies. It is important that you have strong organizational,
time management and study skills, especially when classes require you to work at your own
pace, but still maintain term deadlines. OSU                                               and
Extended Campus services include online
admissions and registration, instruction on
Blackboard, access to student accounts and
financial aid information, communication                                                   with
your academic advisors and instructors,                                                 library
resources, access to grades, transcripts,                                               course
evaluations and Ask Ecampus.

       In addition to these extensive online
resources, help from staff at OSU Extended
Campus is as close as an email or phone call away. The Student Services Center is available by
phone at 800-667-1465 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Time to assist you and act as your liaison to
campus services. If you are having computer problems or would like technical assistance, visit
Technical Help. To determine your online readiness, we offer a Check Your Computer test.

                          Syllabus & What's Expected
                                  One of the first steps to success knows what's expected in a
                          course. By downloading and printing the syllabus for your class,
                          you'll have a convenient way to refer to the course outline and
                          structure. You will also know the learning objectives of the course,
the grading policies, and requirements such as reading assignments, homework, projects, class
participation, and exams. To view sample syllabi, visit our Schedule of Classes. Most courses
include a sample syllabus on their Course Description page.

                              Using Your Online Classroom:
                                            Communicating Online
                                  Good communication is an essential part of online courses. Your
                              course may include discussion boards or forums, a virtual classroom
or chat, as well as regular email communication. Many of our Faculty members say that they are
surprised that they get more students to participate in their online course formats than in their site
based classes.

       Homework Assignments and Activities
    Assignments in your online class, just like in a traditional classroom, vary from subject to
subject. Possible classroom components include virtual labs, animation-based activities and
charts. Some examples of assignments include the Virtual Field Trip from GEO 324, the Oregon
Trail game on CD from SOC 456, the Timeline from SOC 472, and a Salmon at Market research
activity from FW 323. SOC 426 also includes the Weber Towers activity, which illustrates social
inequality. When you need help with an assignment, Ecampus provides our distance students
free Online Tutoring. For some examples of interactive homework activities and quizzes from
our online courses, visit Ecampus Course Samples.

       Exams and Quizzes: Proctored or Non-proctored
    Some of your distance courses require you to take proctored exams. A proctored exam is
taking a test under the supervision of an approved proctor or at a testing facility. In this case, you
are responsible for setting up a proctor in your local area. For more information, visit Exams and
Proctoring. If your test is not proctored, then a link to your exam will appear inside Blackboard
at the time specified in the Course Documents folder or another folder designated by your
instructor. This link will disappear at the time chosen by your instructor. You must take the exam
between these designated times unless prior arrangements have been made. To start your exam,
click on the link. For additional information, visit Blackboard Test Help. For real examples of
quizzes in Ecampus classes, visit Ecampus Course Samples.
       Student Resources
        We hope you now have a better idea about what to expect from an Ecampus online
course. Specific examples of course activities and homework are included in the next module
titled Examples of Online Courses. We also provide a list of Additional Resources and student
services in the final module. The Enrollment and Services section of the Ecampus website, which
can be found on the homepage Quick Links, contains information about online admission and
registration, instruction on Blackboard use, and access to student accounts and financial aid
information. You can also find library resources, access to grades, transcripts, course evaluations
and Ask Ecampus, our online communication center. College: it is easy to picture this stage of
one's life as the scene for the wildest and most unforgettable parties, the quirkiest friendships,
and the most thought-provoking, cheer-leading, worthy-of-tomorrow's-newspaper body paint. It
can also be the time when a person may first experience passing out because of alcohol, falling in
love with a future spouse, or making ends meet with the occasional financial support from
parents as well as with meager savings from side jobs at the bar, or at a diner, or at the house of
the couple whose baby one is babysitting. Yes, college life is fun. But it is also tough. And guess
what? It's also about higher education and learning - as they say, preparing one's self for the "real
world". "The purpose of primary education is the development of your weak characteristics,"
Nevin Fenneman once said, "the purpose of university education, the development of your
strong." Indeed, college is high time for people to learn not only about humanities, social
sciences, and philosophy, but also - and most importantly - about themselves.

Enter If student life for you becomes a struggle, a financial struggle in particular,
then is a mouse click away. It's an educational resource provider that will not only
make your learning easier; it also makes it much cheaper. The website offers the fastest and most
convenient way to purchase textbooks, trade books, educational supplies, reference books,
college, and even college apparel - all of which, by the way, you can purchase
with coupon codes. The site also has a bunch of other features, dedicated to more
casual reading (What America's Reading), school pride ("College Apparel"), and movies for
uneventful dorm room nights ("DVD Search").

        The people behind the online store seem to know about student stuff. One look at their
home page, and a sign will read, "Studies show that students who actually read their textbooks
do better in class. Textbooks: we've got them. Choose from new, used, and electronic textbooks."
For students who struggle to get by obtaining the resources to learn and to learn more, may just serve as a kind of savior. Log in, choose from the wide selection of
learning materials, buy fast, and voila! You have at your hands just what you need. You can even
use coupon codes to gain access to the best deals and biggest discounts. And that includes
discounts on products like college memorabilia, too; eCampus features this so-called "Gear
Page" - a custom virtual store selling hats, hoodies, shorts, sportswear, sweaters, tee-shirts, and
even lab coats bearing the name of your alma mater.

        Because is an online provider, anyone can shop and look up its large in-
stock selections of new and used textbooks, all of which are available not just to students, but
also to a variety of educational, corporate, and online content providers. It also allows users - that
may be a college student nearing graduation - to sell their used books, and add to the thousands
of titles already in the store's selection.

     Online classes have many advantages that make taking them very enticing.
However, there are a few disadvantages to consider before signing up for such a big

        Enrolling on ecampus can be a very effective way to learn for those who are shy or have
         English as a second language.
      Students can save huge amounts of time and money. There is no time invested in commuting
         to class and therefore no travel costs either.
      There are no limitations on class choices. It doesn't matter where you live, you will access the
         same course choices and schedules as the rest of the population.
      Courses are more customized and flexible allowing you to learn at your own pace. Classes are
         asynchronous, meaning that they are available anytime, anywhere, making it possible to study
         when and where you want.
      My favorite - Learn while you earn. Yes, you can work part-time or even full-time while you
         take courses. As an added benefit - many employers will pay tuition fees for you to further
         your education. Make sure to check with your employer.
    Students who need a social charge may struggle with the concept of online education. On the
      same token that online classes are great for people who are shy, they are not as good for people
      who need the social buzz of the campus atmosphere.
    Depending on the teaching methods and coursework delivery, there could be an element of
      dishonesty. This disadvantage is overrated. Cheating happens online and on-campus - your
      instructor knows the truth!


      Students should have the discipline to work independently. There is a lot of interaction online
       with your instructor and other students, but you may need to schedule your time appropriately so
       that you get your classes and homework done.
      Students of online learning may need to acquire new technical skills. (This could also be
       considered an advantage, but I was short on disadvantages, so I decided to use it here.) Seriously
       though, without some computer knowledge, students could get frustrated and disappointed with
       frozen computer screens or downtime.
      Of the disadvantages of e-learning, possibly the most influential is that students do not have face
       to face interaction with the instructor, as they would in a traditional classroom setting. Purists
       debate that online education and the lack of face to face instruction is diluting the culture of

Not all advantages and disadvantages of online courses have been mentioned here. I tried to
cover the crucial ones that could impact your decision on whether or not to enroll in online
education. Breakthrough the barriers and get your education started now!

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