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Canadian Autonomy


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									                                                        Byng refused. Eventually, Byng was forced to call
Canadian Autonomy                                       an election, which King won. King complained to
                                                        the British government about Byng having too
Canada became a country on July 1, 1867. At that        much power. This was the last time that a
time, they were still controlled by Britain in some     Governor-General acted against a Prime Minister.
                                                        The Balfour Report was a report written by Britain.
During World War 1, the Canadian Corps was              It recognized that Canada was an independent
created. This was a group of Canadian soldiers who      country and the Governor-General represented only
all fought together. This gave them an identity to be   the monarch (king or queen) and not the British
proud of. The Canadian identity was strengthened        government.
during the Battle of Vimy Ridge (1917). This was a
battle where Canada showed its strength and skill in    The Statute of Westminster in 1931 was passed by
fighting. The Canada Corps won a battle that no         Britain, and made official the ideas in the Balfour
other country had been able to win.                     Report.

After World War 1, the Allied countries had the         In 1939, Canada’s Parliament voted to join World
Paris Peace Conference. In the past, Canada had         War 2. They did not join the war automatically
always been represented by Britain in international     when Britain did. They debated in Parliament for
conferences. At the Paris Peace Conference, Canada      one week.
was able to send its own representatives.
                                                        Before 1949, in the judicial system, the highest
The Chanak Crisis, or Chanak Affair happened in         court was the Privy Council in Britain. After 1949,
1922. Turkey was trying to attack British troops in     the highest court in the judicial system was changed
Turkey. Britain asked Canada to contribute. Canada,     to the Supreme Court of Canada.
for the first time, did not automatically support
Britain. They decided to debate in Parliament first.    Vincent Massey became Canada’s Governor-
                                                        General in 1952. This was the first Governor-
The Halibut Treaty was a Canadian-American treaty       General who was Canadian, rather than British.
signed in 1923. The treaty was to manage halibut
fishing in the Pacific Ocean. It was the first          The maple leaf flag of Canada was created in 1965.
international treaty to be signed by Canada instead     Before 1965, Canadian flags were either the British
of by Britain.                                          flag, or had the British design somewhere on the
                                                        flag. The flag is a symbol of Canada’s autonomy.
The King-Byng Affair, or King-Byng Crisis
happened in 1925. Mackenzie King was Prime              The patriation of the Constitution happened in 1982.
Minister and Lord Byng was Governor-General. At         The document that said Canada was a country,
this time, the Governor-General was supposed to         created in 1867, was a British document. It was
have no real power. He was supposed to only do          called the British North America Act. Canadians did
what the Prime Minister told him to do.                 not want their country to be created because of a
                                                        British document. They wanted the creation of their
There were three parties, the Liberals,                 country to be based on a Canadian document. They
Conservatives, and Progressives. The Liberals           also wanted responsibility of the document to be
(King) and Progressives worked together to run the      Canadian, instead of British. They changed the
government. A scandal happened so that the              foundation of Canada from British to Canadian.
Liberals lost the support of the Progressives.          This was called the Constitution Act.
Without the Progressives, the Conservatives would
have the most power. King asked Byng to call an
election so that the Conservatives would not take
over the government. King hoped that the new
election would give the Liberals the most power.

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