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									                             Dugsi Academy Charter School
                                School Board Minutes
                              Thursday, August 18, 2011

Called to Order

The board chair, Saeed Fahia called for order to start the meeting at 11:15.

Board Members Present: Kim Deprenger, Saeed Fahia, Shukri Hassan, Faduma Shurie

Board Members Absent: Abdullahi Sheikh, Chak (Mike) Tsoi

Ex-officio: Abdulkadir Osman, Patty McCauley, Pam Young


Approval of agenda was moved by Kim Deprenger, and seconded Shukri Hassan.
Motion carried.


The minutes from June 14 were amended with the addition of the motion to remove
Victor and the motion to accept financials as given by Pam were both carried by the
board. Saeed Fahia motioned to accept the June 14, 2011 minutes with the changed
mentioned above, and to accepted the minutes from the June 28 meeting, and seconded
by Shukri Hassan. The motion carried.

School Financial Updates:

The board received and Pam Young reviewed the bank reconciliation and period balance
reports, journal and register. Pam also suggested Dugsi open a savings account. The
savings account will allow Dugsi to set aside funds each month from July through
February to fund operations March-June after state aid payments stop. Kim motioned to
open a savings account and Shukri seconded. Motioned carried.

June Financials
On June 30, 2011 the school has an operating deficit of ($764,368).
General Fund - 01
    Fund 01 has a balance of ($778,098). This number reflects contract payout of
       salaries and benefits in July and August but no other year end revenue or expense
       accruals have been processed. Those will be done as we begin to prepare for the
       school’s audit to be held later this year.
    Dugsi has received 69% of budgeted revenue and spent 95% of budgeted expense.

Food Service Fund – 02
      The food service program has a balance of $13,730.
      The school has received 108% of the budgeted food service revenue and had
       spent 100% of the budgeted expense.

Balance Sheet
    Dugsi had a cash balance of $118,649 at the end of June.
    Open invoices totaled $95,976 and the school has drawn $100,000 from the line
       of credit.
July Financials
    On July 31, 2011 the school has an operating surplus of 101,581.

General Fund - 01
    Fund 01 has a balance of $101,717.
    Dugsi has received 6% of budgeted revenue and spent 3% of budgeted expense.
    Because a state budget wasn’t approved when the July 15 state aids payment was
      processed, the July 15 payment reflected a 10% holdback rather than 30% or
      40%. In 2012 charter schools will receive 16 state aids payments from July
      through February and then won’t get any state aids March-June. In July, 2012
      charter schools will receive 75% of their 2012 holdback, with the remaining 25%
      scheduled for October, 2012. Careful cash flow planning and management will be
      called for in fiscal 2012 so that schools can continue to pay all of their obligations
      throughout the year even though no state aid will be forthcoming from March
      through June. Designs for Learning is preparing a cash flow projection to assist
      Dugsi to manage its cash.

Food Service Fund – 02
    The food service program has a deficit balance of $-136.
    The school has received 0% of the budgeted food service revenue and had spent
      0% of the budgeted expense.

Balance Sheet
    Dugsi had a cash balance of $664,432 at the end of July. The cash balance was
       increased by the July 15 state aids payment and payment on July 31 of 75% of the
       school’s estimated 2011 holdback.
    Open invoices totaled $67,267 and the school has drawn $100,000 from the line
       of credit.

Saeed moved to accept the financial updates and Fadumo seconded. Motion was carried.
Board Resolution to approve the loc increase – line of credit

Since Dugsi will not be receiving any payments from the state from March through June,
Pam Young suggested an increase line of credit be requested from M & I Bank to
$350,000 or $400,000. Saeed Fahia motioned to request M & I to increase the Dugsi line
of credit to $400,000, and Fadumo Shurie seconded. The motion was carried.
Board Calendar

Saeed motioned and Kim seconded the following dates for the 11-12 school board
meetings: August 18, 2011, September 15, 2011, October 20, 2011, November 17, 2011,
December 15, 2011, January 19, 2012, February 16, 2012, March 15, 2012, April 19,
2012, May 17, 2012, June 21, 2012. All meeting will be held at 3:15. Motion was carried.

Section 6 program and Financial Reporting Responsibilities to PUC.

   1. PUC Board evaluation and board goals: The board will have ready for the next
      board meeting a self evaluation form. Also at the September board meeting, the
      board will set a date for a board retreat to work on their board outcomes and
      indicators. Administration was seek assistance with the retreat from Steve
   2. The leadership evaluation will be analyzed and shared in a closed meeting at the
      September meeting.
   3. The annual meetings are scheduled on November 17, 2011 and May 17, 2012.
   4. The board also looked at the academic data and discipline report.

Community Comments

       There was some discussion regarding having Abdisalam A. Adam replace Victor
        as a board member. It was decided to have him come to the next board meeting
        and then decide.
       There was also discussion of having parent classes and students activities at
        Dugsi after school, on the weekends, and part of the summer. The board decided
        to make a motion to allow the school facility to be used by the community on a
        case by case basis, but each group has to have their own insurance, and the
        administration to talk to our insurance company. Motion was made by Saeed and
        seconded by Shukri. Motion was carried.

Discipline Policy Review

Kim motioned to remove the provision in the discipline policy to have level two offenses
start over every quarter, and Shukri seconded. The motion was carried.

PTO Policy Reviewed

After some discussion, Shukri made a motion to add to the staff handbook, that no more
than two people be able to request planned PTO in one day when at all possible. Kim
seconded the motion. Motion was carried.

Director’s Report
      Enrollment: There have been a lot of recruitment activities during the summer.
       Right now there are 50 new students.
      Fadumo motioned Joanna M. SanCartier (3rd Grade Teacher), Patricia Kramer
       (Building Substitute), and Shari Lynn Roach (Special Education Teacher) be
       hired for the 11-12 school year, and Shukri seconded. Motion carried.

Charter School Law Updates

Two changes to the Charter School Law were discussed. First, only licensed teachers are
allowed to be board members. This only affects Fadumo Shurie. She will be able to
finish out her term, but will not be allowed to run again.

Saeed made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 12:50 and Shukri seconded. Motion was

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