2012 Swim Team Registration Form

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					                               Plaza Oaks Piranhas
                                 2012 Swim Team

Parent Name __                 _______                   Phone (H)___                         (C)      _____

Parent Name __                 _______                   Phone (H)___                         (C)      _____

Address                                            email address
              Please give an email address that you check daily as most communication will be sent via email.

**Each swimmer must turn in a League Eligibility Form to participate in meets.**
**Note the March13 th Deadline for USA swimming for eligibility.**

       Name                             Birthdate                  Age               Sex               Dues
                                                               (as of 5/01/12)
1.                                                                                                     $80
2.                                                                                                     $65 ($140)
3.                                                                                                     $55 ($200)
4.                                                                                                     $40 ($240)
Half Lapper
       ***Swimmers ages 15-18 are exempt from dues***

Did your swimmers participate in MAC –Youth Aqua Fit program                           yes             no
Did your swimmers participate in DADS Streamline program                               yes             no

T-Shirt Order – Please indicate how many shirts of each size you will need. Extra or family
member t-shirts are available at $10 each.

Youth SM (6-8)                 Youth Med (10-12)                   Youth Large (14-16)

Adult S       Med              Large             XL                XXL

Volunteers Needed!! To have a successful year, we need parents to volunteer at a
minimum of 2 meets per swimmer. You will need to sign up for your volunteer spots at the
time of registration. If you do not sign up, you will be assigned positions.

End of Season Party - In addition, we need some parents to help with the end of season party.
If you can help, please put your name here                          .

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