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bryan adams


									                                                                       Amber Ruskin Social 10-1
                                                                                March 1, 2011
                                                                                   Delton Kruk

                            Bryan Adams
What is the CRTC? The CRTC stands for The Canadian Radio and Telivision Commission. It is an
independent public authority, and its purpose is to promote Canadian culture in the broadcast
media. CRTC regulates the amount of CanCon that Canadian broadcasters must broadcast.
CanCon stands for Canadian Content. The “MAPL” Music Artist Performance and Lyrics system
must be used by broadcasters to determine if what they broadcast is CanCon.

The issue here is that Bryan Adams was born in Canada, and is no longer considered a Canadian
because his song is not Canadian, the only reason his song is not Canadian is because his co-
writer is not Canadian. His album did not meet the CAVCO points system.

My perspective on this is that there should not even be an issue. The Canadian government
should not be trying to perserve Canadian culture. It should be up to us as Canadian citizens to
preserve our own culture

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