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Afghan Cyber

                                   Afghan Cyber is a customer based ISP/ICT/Web Sites
services provider delivering high quality solutions within short time frame. Afghan Cyber has a
long list of ISP/ICT solutions for various clients throughout Afghanistan. Afghan Cyber
possesses extensive Internet and ICT services' skills and expertise to help you establish your
business' presence on the Internet. We believe that corporate identity starts with the availability
of Internet and a basic website.

Afghan Cyber provides internet connectivity via satellite, parts sales, maintenance, web
development and IT support. Afghan Cyber also works for computer network solutions and
services related to communications in businesses.

Afghan Cyber's Top Management and Technical team have started its services about 9+ years
ago in the field of information technology. During the period, the team have worked for many
organizations providing Very Small Aperture Terminals (VSAT) installations ranging from
small, medium to large organizations.

We provide small to Huge SCPC, C-band, and Ku band and shared links to our customers. Our
clients throughout Afghanistan are NGOs, US-ARMY), UN Agencies, Military units,
Government institutions, Ministries, Embassies, private customers and many others.


Afghan Cyber has been serving for installing different VSAT systems based on Linkstar, iDirect
or SCPC modems with antennas ranging from 0.8/1.2//2.4/3.7/4.5 meters on Ku or C band.

We are installing VSAT equipments and all related services/parts that are essential components
of the VSAT installation process like poles, frames, cables and connectors, channelling for the
cables. These parts are provided by our company and produced in our workshop in Kabul office.
We are in partnership with KBI GMBH from Germany, NYNXE Network solutions Germany,
Intersputnik, Speed-Cast of Hong Kong and ASHOURC FZO.CO of Dubai.

They work jointly with us for providing the latest VSAT technology and good quality services,
that is not comparable with other services presently in Afghanistan.We provide VSAT/Wireless
components and equipments with warranty which is a sign of our value-added services.


Afghan Cyber has a great potential for all kind of wired and wireless networks installations and
troubleshooting. It has been worked for technical problem solutions with Desktops, Laptops,
Routers, Switches and other IT equipment.

All equipments are properly checked before installation and tested in our office' laboratory where
it makes sure that no faulty equipments would deliver to the customers. Furthermore, our
engineers have adequate equipments as spare parts, in order to make it sure that they do not face
any lack of parts when they are on the site while working, especially in rural and far- apart areas
of Afghanistan.


The company has started to establish a Wireless network for Herat city and a wireless hub in
Kabul 6 months ago which covers in radius of 12 KM range distance using Motorola Canopy and
provide affordable internet connections to all places in Kabul and in Heart.

Now it is planed to work a platform that will be robust and be easily installable in all places of
Afghanistan. It will also able to provide services to the customers in the 0-20 km vicinity around
the antenna with Internet connection.

All these will be done through our local management /technical team and our foreigner
colleagues from within our side sources, It is planed to provide internet connectivity for less than
40 USD per month per computer which will help in giving access to the internet to almost all
categories of clients viz students, doctors, government employees or other people in need with
not enough funds to enjoy the world wide network we all are connected to.

about us

Afghan Cyber is a satellite telecommunications service provider that offers high-quality
managed networks services in Afghanistan. it boasts a unique infrastructure to serve corporate
and carriers' requirements. Operating over 10 VSAT platforms Afghan Cyber has developed a
strong operations expertise and an efficient support organization, which are at the root of Afghan
Cyber's success. Leveraging the latest satellite technologies, Afghan Cyber has taken a good
position in Afghanistan in provision of reliable and efficient network services to key industries
like Cellular networks, Maritime, Banking or Oil & Gas.

Afghan Cyber is offering several vsat-monitoring tools (vNMS/ provider monitoring/x3-web-
interface) to give a maximum service-transparency to its customers. With these tools, clients can
easily figure out answers about their data-usage, connection-stability and other remote-status

Address: Wazir Akbar Khan 15th Street Left Lane # 6 the third house on the right, Kabul,

Top Management : +93 (0) 798 311 351, +93 (0) 700 255 373

Sales Department : +93 (0) 799 199 203, +93 (0) 799 503 002

Support Department : +93 (0) 798 311 354

Finance Department : +93 (0) 702 550 992 Email: info@afghancyber.com

Website: www.afghancyber.com

E-mail: ceo@afghancyber.com , info@afghancyber.com

Some of Our Staff Members:
                           M. Sami Hashimi
                      Co.Founder, CEO & President

M. Edrees Sarwari          Atiqullah Rahimi          Farhad Amini
Sales Coordinator          Admin & Finance          Marketing Officer

Abdul latif Mudaqiq       Abdul Rahim Hotak         Obaidullah Khadim
  Stock Manager            Finance Officer           Logistics Officer

  Qais Himatmal              Ahmed Folad            Abdul Hasib Samin
Technical Manager           VSAT Engineer            VSAT Engineer

   Edrees Oria                 Awal Gul                  M. Ilyas
       VSAT Engineer                     VSAT Engineer                     VSAT Engineer

       Jamshed Momand                    Fawad Amarkhel                    Ghulam Saeed
        VSAT Engineer                    VSAT Engineer                        Cook

            Majeed                           Sana Gul                          M. Fida
            Guard                             Guard                            Cleaner

Two -way & One-way Satellite Broadband

Afghan Cyber's offer the following two-way broadband benefits for its customers: -

       Versatile form of Internet access service that connects your remote or mobile offices especially
        in areas with poor communication infrastructure
       Fixed monthly fee, always on
       Cost effective and reliable
       Terrain independent
       Asymmetric bandwidth allocation for faster downloads
       Rapid deployment
       Private, secure networking
       Easy integration with existing fixed line and IP network

Afghan Cyber's Packages key features:
   o Internet access up to 2Mbps

   o Fixed IP addressing

   o Email, browsing, security

   o Available on C-band and Ku-band

   o Traffic prioritisation

   o Supports VPN, VoIP, video and other IP applications

   o Network acceleration

   o Suitable for primary links or back-up

Afghan Cyber offers you:

   o Great value per Mbps on all standardised packages

   o High throughput

   o Guaranteed voice quality

   o Class C IP addresses

   o IP Transit using Tier 1 carriers

   o “One-Stop Shop”

           § Satellite service provision

           § Installation

           § Equipment + warranty

           § Local maintenance partners
                    § 24x7x365 technical support

            o Best-in-class service technologies

One way high speed Internet access In our one-way satellite service, which is also known as a hybrid
system, data is transferred and broadcast via satellite to your computer at high speeds. Data travels up
to the Internet via standard phone lines. This service is suitable for corporations that require one way
data transmissions or organizations that focus mainly on web surfing activities.

Benefits of the one way service include:

       Increase in mobility (no professional installation required)
       Lower latency (only the download portion is coming via satellite)
       Lower setup costs

Our one-way plan provides connectivity to the Internet on an unlimited basis at stepped speeds ranging
from 64 to 1024 kbps. For end users, bandwidth is guaranteed for every group; allowing unlimited
download capacity and time online. This bandwidth can be accessed from a single dish or across the
multiple receiver sites of the customers.

Beside VSAT, Afghan Cyber Provide the following services


Our talented and skilful team of designers can ensure a powerful and effective presentation of
your business on the web.We constantly keep track of the latest technological changes and
deploy the latest web company and design tools to ensure the high quality of our work and your
complete satisfaction.


Provides reliable and cost effective web hosting services.

3- Fully Dynamic CMS (Content Managment System) web sites and web services.
Using latest technologies such as PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, AJX, MYSQL SERVER, Javascript for
customer convienance.

4- WEB Designing, Graphics Design and Animations

5- WEB Application Development

6- E-Commerce Solutions

7- Professional IT Trainnings/Networking & ICT Solutions

8- Web hosting and Domain Registration

Our Clients
Afghan Cyber 's clients include Afghanistan's most influential people and organizations. Major
Afghan and international news outlets, Afghan government ministries, Non-Governmental
Organizations, diplomats, professionals, businessmen, and prominent individuals clients because
they rely on Afghan Cyber as an authoritative source of communication in Afghanistan's
business, political, economic and social development.

Our Clients:
Military Clients
We were among the first telecommunications operators in the satellite technology field on the
territory of Afghanistan , and as such we have enjoyed a successful cooperation with the US
Department of Defense and individual soldiers from several years

Most soldiers deploy with a laptop in hand and a hookup to the Internet in their barracks.
This is especially important for the many who are married, and have young children. The
Internet access has resulted in major morale improvements. Troops no longer feel cut off from

Our Services for Military in Afghanistan


COP Baylough
COP Jelawur
COP Keating
COP Michigan
COP Rath
COP Sangar
COP Sweeney
COP Terminator
COP Werdik

Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT)

PRT Asadabad - ISAF US
PRT Baglan - ISAF
PRT Bagram - ISAF US
PRT Bamian (Bamyan) ISAF NZ
PRT Chaghcharan - ISAF Lithuania
PRT Feyzabad - ISAF Germany
PRT Gardez - ISAF US
PRT Herat - ISAF Italy
PRT Jalalabad - ISAF US
PRT Kabul
PRT Khandahar - ISAF Canada
PRT Khowst / Khost - ISAF US
PRT Konduz - ISAF Germany
PRT Lashkar-Gah - ISAF UK
PRT Mazar-E-Sharif - ISAF Sweden
PRT Mehtar Lam - ISAF US
PRT Meymaneh - ISAF Norway
PRT Nurestan - ISAF US
PRT Parwan – ROK/US
PRT Panjshir - ISAF US
PRT Pol-E-Khomri - ISAF Netherlands
PRT Qala-e-Naw - ISAF Spain
PRT Sharana - ISAF US
PRT Tarin Kowt - ISAF Netherlands/Australia
PRT Wardak - ISAF Turkey


Kabul International



Bagram Air base


Mazar-e Sharif AF


Meymanah / Maimana


Airfield Herat

Pul-i-Kandahar AF


Fire Bases

Fire Base Anaconda
Fire Base Asadabad
Fire Base California
Fire Base Cobra Strike
Fire Base Cobra
Fire Base Gardez
Fire Base Lagman
Fire Base Maholic
Fire Base Nixon
Fire Base Orgun-E
Fire Base Oulet
Fire Base Phoenix
Fire Base Shkin
Fire Base Waza Khwa
Fire Base Wilderness


Camp Albert
Camp Bagram
Camp Barber
Camp Black Horse
Camp Blackjack
Camp Bastion
Camp Bulldog
Camp Civilian
Camp Cunningham
Camp Delaram
Camp Dogan
Camp Dwyer / Camp Dywer
Camp Eggers
Camp Gecko
Camp Gibraltar
Camp Hadrian
Camp Holland
Camp Harriman
Camp Invicta
Camp Julien
Camp Kabul
Camp Kandahar
Camp Kearney
Camp Lightning
Camp Leatherneck
Camp Marmal
Camp Morehead
Camp Moorhead
Camp Nathan Smith
Camp Phoenix
Camp Rhino
Camp Salerno
Camp Signal Strike
Camp Souter
Camp Spann
Camp Tombstone
Camp Vianini
Camp Warehouse
Camp Wilson
Camp Wright
Camp Victory


FOB Airborne
FOB Altimur
FOB Anaconda
FOB Armadillo
FOB Asadabad
FOB Bermel
FOB Blackhawk
FOB Blessing
FOB Bostick
FOB Cobra
FOB Delhi
FOB Dehli
FOB Dwyer
FOB Edinburgh
FOB Fenty
FOB Finley-Shields
FOB Freia
FOB Frontenac
FOB Gereshk
FOB Ghazni
FOB Gibraltar
FOB Hunter
FOB Hutal
FOB Indianhead
FOB Inkerman
FOB Jackson
FOB Jaker
FOB Keating
FOB Keenan
FOB Logar
FOB Lagman
FOB Lion
FOB Lonestar
FOB Lwara
FOB Ma'sum Ghar
FOB Martello
FOB Maimaneh
FOB Ma'sum Ghar
FOB Mehtar Lam
FOB Mizan
Price list of two-way Internet access services (monthly fees) soldiers can share the below
bandwidth - unlimited service plans

Downlink Uplink Contention Ratio 10:1 Contention Ratio 4:1 Contention Ratio 2:1
                    call or e-mail us for a    call or e-mail us for
256          64                                                      call or e-mail us for qoute
                    qoute                      qoute
                    call or e-mail us for      call or e-mail us for
256          128                                                     call or e-mail us for qoute
                    qoute                      qoute
                    call or e-mail us for      call or e-mail us for
512          128                                                     call or e-mail us for qoute
                    qoute                      qoute
                    call or e-mail us for      call or e-mail us for
512          256                                                     call or e-mail us for qoute
                    qoute                      qoute
                    call or e-mail us for      call or e-mail us for
1024         256                                                     call or e-mail us for qoute
                    qoute                      qoute
                    call or e-mail us for      call or e-mail us for
1024         512                                                     call or e-mail us for qoute
                    qoute                      qoute
Price list of two-way Internet access services (monthly fees) dedicated 1:1 services -
unlimited and guaranteed bandwidth
64           64     call or e-mail us for qoute
128          64     call or e-mail us for qoute
128          128    call or e-mail us for qoute
192          64     call or e-mail us for qoute
256          64     call or e-mail us for qoute
256          128    call or e-mail us for qoute
256          256    call or e-mail us for qoute
384          128    call or e-mail us for qoute
512          128    call or e-mail us for qoute
512          256    call or e-mail us for qoute
512          512    call or e-mail us for qoute
768          256    call or e-mail us for qoute
1024         256    call or e-mail us for qoute
1024         512    call or e-mail us for qoute

Our Products










Become a Partner
Proposal for Partnership

Name: _________________

Name of the Company: _______________
Dear _____________
We would like to take this opportunity to present to you a way by which we/you can contribute
towards a brighter future of business in Afghanistan and also see a return in investment. In very
near future, Afghan Cyber ISP/ICT Technologies is obtaining a license for WiMAX services in
Afghanistan, wherein we invite your kind attention to our request for taking partnership in
deploying this specific technology if your company has past experience in the past in deployment
of Wimax or ADSL.
We request a joint effort of your company in delivering WiMAX services by working together
with Afghan Cyber ISP/ICT Technologies. We will be advertising this opportunity in local
newspaper ads, TV and radio. We hope this concentrated marketing effort will create awareness
and lead to a large number of consumers as we have already projected.
Thank you for paying attention to our proposal and we hope it creates a difference in the future
of the business in localizing the internet services for public users in low cost.

President & CEO
Afghan Cyber ISP/ICT Company,

Brief Summary:

The purpose of this proposal is to invite potential service providers for taking partnership in
delivering successful WiMAX and ADSL services in Afghanistan.
Afghan Cyber ISP/ICT Company is eager to work with international companies who have
sufficient experience of deploying WiMAX and or ADSL services, this opportunity will benefit
both Afghan Cyber Company and your company for fast grows up in Afghan Market, quick
earning and soon development up to a leading position.
Current situation:
Afghanistan is covered with internet services very fast and quickly after civil war; the major goal
was to provide internet services to NGO’s, Donors and International Security Assistance Forces.
During recent development, Afghan government and public both have been able to use the
modern technology and communicate with the world through internet.
Afghan officials with assistance of donor community now understands how to use internet and
technology, they are welcoming modern technology and internet at their offices and homes.
Afghan mass community which consists most of youth is literate and can benefit themselves
from computer, science, internet and communication. Afghan young generation welcomes
internet at their homes, mobile phones and mp3 players which are mostly produced by Chinese
manufacturers and are internet, WiMAX compatible devices.
For WiMAX services in Afghanistan we feel a very urgent need of time and technology, we feel
ourselves very secure in term of doing business in facilitated environment, our interviews with
individuals, costumers and organizations contributed to our decision. Afghan Cyber is willing to
work together with a reputable business to deploy WiMAX services in Afghanistan.
Ministry of Communication and Information Technology – Afghanistan Telecom Regulatory
Authority is currently evaluating the spectrum and License fee for WiMAX and 3G services in
This means that the Afghan Telecom Authority will soon start distributing WiMAX license and
will allow us to start WiMAX services under a permanent license in Afghanistan, our technology
partner will be benefited from our existing legal status and will be free of any regulatory
responsibility by working together with Afghan Cyber ISP/ICT Company.
Afghan Cyber ISP/ICT Company will obtain a WiMAX license and will plan to cover the mass
community which is out of focus by the providers, because the entire internet services providers
in Afghanistan are offering VSAT solution which is only suitable in certain situation for NGOs,
Companies and Government Institutions. Most of the ISPs are entered to the market on short
term goals but Afghan Cyber plans totally different, we have planned to stay for long, we are
committed to cover the most of population, we are offering the best possible and we strive for the
cost efficient options to adopt and deliver services to the most.
Afghanistan’s current population according to the central statistic office is about 30 million,
which 60 – 70% of them are of the young generation and 60% of the young generation is literate
or going to school.
There are about around 5 to 10 million people ready to use or have internet, and the possibility
by providing internet services through WiMAX technology to cover 50% of the market is quite
Current public usage of internet and Telecom services is as bellow

GSM Subscribers 14,005,209
CDMA Subscribers 84,143
Internet Subscribers 2,000,000
Penetration 52%
Investments in $ Millions 1,44
Population Coverage Over 80%

Once WiMAX is introduced and deployed this number will be doubled only in the capital
province of Afghanistan and will gradually grow up in regional cities and zones.

We will welcome your company for further negotiations on this opportunity.

President & CEO
Afghan Cyber ISP/ICT Company.

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