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					         I come before this court today because I am an honest, gentle, and dignified
person who is going to prove that April M. McClellan is not only an habitual liar, but that
she is a devious and deceitful person. I have brought with me today two of my
colleagues who will testify to the fact that April cannot tell the truth. In addition, I have
e-mail messages from April in which she, herself, admits to having a problem with being
a compulsive liar. She moreover admits that she was seeking counseling to help her deal
with her habit of lying. Some of the, quote, facts of her order of protection have been
embellished to make me look like an unstable man. Other, quote, facts have been
blatantly fabricated to make me look like a dangerous man. I am neither and I have a
witness who will testify to that.
         For example, April claims that problems between the two of us began as early as
November 5. I, however, have an e-mail message as late as December 7, which shows
that she and I had an amicable relationship. I have another e-mail message dated on
November 23, in which April expresses regret for wasting almost two years of my life. It
is obvious from this e-mail that she felt no fear from me.
         April also states in other email messages that her grandparents (Douglas and Iris
A. Farley) have not only been a bad influence on her, but that they have mentally and
physically abused her. She along with several members of her family told me that they
committed perjury in April’s custody hearings and that they are not to be trusted.
         I have other evidence, which proves that April has been plotting to commit fraud
against me. It is clear that April is here today because she is trying to use this court as an
agent in her devious and deceitful plan to commit fraud against and honest, trusting and
decent person. I have a signed contract, which shows that April is indebted to me for
more than ten thousand dollars. This contract shows that the debt is primarily the result
of her purchasing a Ford Focus. The contract also specifies that April would be making
the payments to a Chase credit card, which held the balance of her debt to me. In her
devious and deceitful plot against an honest and generous person, April came to me
asking to borrow that credit card to fix the Ford Focus.
         I have a credit card statement, however, that shows she instead used that credit
card to put a down payment on a new 2005 Kia Spectra. I also have called and confirmed
with the sales manager at Avondale Kia that April did purchase a new car. However, I
have text messages from April stored on my cellular phone in which April denies having
purchased a new car. These text messages give more evidence of April’s compulsive
lying, in that she even made up stories about the mechanical condition of the Ford Focus.
         April McClellan is trying to use this court as an agent in her devious and deceitful
plan to commit fraud against a kind and generous person for an amount totaling close to
twelve-thousand dollars. I have evidence that she has frozen her bank account so that
payments to the Chase credit card would not be paid. She has a history of debt and bad
credit, and her deceitful actions caused this Chase credit card to be late, over the limit,
and have a returned payment fee. To keep my credit in impeccable standing, I have been
forced to pay the entire balance of the credit card.
         April then changed her phone number, without informing me, so that I could not
collect upon her debt. It was not until I called her at work, to discuss payment
arrangements, and the whereabouts of the Ford Focus, that she threatened this action.
With this action in place, she believed that I would have no way to collect upon her debt.
I, however, filed a civil lawsuit against her so that I can collect the money she owes me.
         April further claims that I have been to her apartment several times. Yet, in an e-
mail dated November 29, April admits that she had not been spending a lot of time at her
apartment. If she was not home, how would she know whether or not I had been there.
The truth is, I have only been to her apartment four times. Twice I was invited and the
first time, April offered to give me a key. Once I went to try to verify the purchase of
April’s new car. The second time I went, was to try to find out why her phone number
was out of service. She was not home either time, and I immediately left.
         April also claims that I have been calling her and threatening her. I have her
cellular phone records, however, which prove that I rarely called her at all. In fact she
called me more than I called her. I also have subpoenaed her phone logs from work,
which prove that I only called her on one day, as was previously stated. I never
demanded to speak to her. I politely asked if I could, and even offered to wait on the line
until she was free. When I realized that I would not be able to talk to her, I stopped
calling. The only threat I ever made was that I was going to file a lawsuit against her and
I have already done that. I have the paperwork with me today.
         As well, April claims that I “hacked” into her e-mail, yet I have a hand written
note from her giving me the password, along with other vital information. I used this
password to log into her “Myspace” account to verify that she had bought a new car.
Once I verified that April was committing fraud against me. I was upset and wanted all
of her friends to know the truth about what she had done. I logged back into her
“Myspace” page (again, she had given me the password) and I wrote a web log or diary
explaining to her friends what she had done to me. I wrote it from her perspective as a
literary device. I posted it and then changed her password so that it would stay up long
enough for her friends to see this web log. I never sent any e-mail messages, and I have a
copy of the web log that I posted. Unless April has proof of e-mails being sent, this
should also be considered a lie.
         I, further, have an electronic bulletin and a web log that April posted to her
friends afterwards, which shows that April filed this protection order not out of a sense of
fear, but out of a spirit of retaliation. As I already mentioned, I have a series of e-mail
messages leading up to the 7th of December, which show that our relationship was
amicable and that April had no fear of me at all. It was not until I finally put all the
pieces together, and knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that April had committed fraud,
that she filed for this order of protection.
         In a final attempt to derail justice and soil my name, April called me three times at
work, and once on my cellular phone on December 19. In addition, she e-mailed me four
times. April, being a criminal justice major, knew full well that, with this protection
order in place, had I talked to her or responded to those e-mail messages that I would
have been penalized and put in jail. When I did not respond to her, she even sent me an
e-mail offering to drop this restraining order, if I dropped the lawsuit I have filed against
her. This, once again, demonstrates her devious and underhanded behavior, and her
desire to use the justice system frivolously as a part of her own devious plot against an
honest and generous person. It moreover demonstrates that April is not afraid of me, but
instead she is afraid of justice.
         I have no desire to see or be with April McClellan in any capacity now or in the
future. I just want my money returned to me. It was I who stopped having intimate
relations with her at least four months before she moved out, in spite of her efforts to
continue intimate relations. It was I who constantly and consistently insisted that she get
her own apartment. I have been delighted that she is no longer in my life. Our
relationship was nothing but a sea of lies and deception, which continually clashed with
my honest nature.
         On the other hand, it was April who had the combative personality. I have heard
her yell at countless customer service representatives, showing no patience or respect for
human dignity. I witnessed her engaging in a shoving matching with a total stranger, at a
July 4, 2004 Sugar Ray concert in Las Vegas. I also witnessed her yelling at Wal-Mart
clerks when there were mistakes made changing her tire. April is extremely combative
and likes to argue, even about silly things like wearing shorts to swim in the ocean,
instead of a bathing suit.
         I, in contrast, am calm, cool and collected. I do not like to argue. Every time we
did argue, when I got close to my boiling point, I always wanted to leave, and cool down.
April, in her combative nature, would always want me to stay. She would block the door
and struggle with me to prevent me from taking a break from the argument. My sister
can attest that April once left a large bruise on my right bicep, in her attempt to detain me
and continue the argument.
         When I felt like I had no other choice, I did grab April’s forearm and force her out
of the way of the door so that I could leave and cool down. On another occasion, I again
grabbed her by the forearm and forced her out of my apartment, because she was trying
to get a reaction out of me. I warned her that we needed to stop the arguing, and that I
needed to cool down. I tried to sleep on the couch and the floor to get away from the
argument. April, however, would not give me time to cool down. Knowing that I was at
my boiling point, I forced her out of my apartment, so that I would remain in control of
myself. I am glad to be free of her combative nature as well. When I never have to see
her again, I will be a happy man. However, I want her debt to me to be paid.
         I am in court today because she has taken so much from me, and I will not allow
her to soil my name too. I was abused when I was five years old, and I made a promise
to myself that I would never treat anyone that way. I have never broken that promise.
Instead, I have had to suffer though a lot of agony in dealing with my own pain, so as not
to inflict it upon other. These lies that April has made up, claiming that I am dangerous,
fly in the face of everything I stand for. This order of protection is unfounded, based
upon the conditions set forth in ARS 13-3602 and should be quashed immediately. In
addition, I beg the court to send a message to devious and deceitful people like April
McClellan that the justice system cannot be used as an agent to help them commit fraud
against an honest and decent person. I beg this court to charge April McClellan with
perjury, as the document she signed clearly states that, “under penalty of perjury, I swear
or affirm that the above statements are true to the best of my knowledge.” She has
willfully deceived this court and deserves justice.

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