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									                       CENTER FOR ADVANCED LEARNING
                                   BOARD OF DIRECTORS
                           REGULAR MEETING MINUTES
                          4016 S. Central Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90011
                            932 Spring St. Santa Barbara, CA 93103

                                     Tuesday, June 28, 2011
                                           7:00 p.m.


       A.       CALL TO ORDER

                The board chair called meeting to order at 7:35 p.m.

       B.       ROLL CALL
                                             Present       Absent
                Murad Rahman                   x
                Alayyi Alim                    x
                Garth Arraqeeb Newberry        x
                Frank Banales                  x (via teleconference)
                Debbie DePuy                   x
                Kenneth Phillips                              x
                Evangelina Stockwell           x

                Non – Voting
                Nadar Ali II                    x
                Halilu Haruna                   x


       A.      E-MAILED TO THE BOARD

            1. Board minutes – April 26, 2011

            2. May Financials and Finance Committee Minutes from June 17, 2011

            3. Director’s Report


            A. BUSINESS

CAL Board Minutes, June 28, 2011                                        1 of 3
                  1. Review/Approval of Cal Budget For 2011 – 2012

   Halilu Haruna from Bali Business Management presented the 2011-2012 budget to the board.
   It continues to be difficult to plan because the state budget has not been approved. There were
   three different amounts that could have been used to determine how much revenue to expect
   per ADA. Ali and Haruna chose to base the budget on the middle projection which is that
   CAL should expect to receive $350 less per student next year in General Purpose State Aid.
   Categorical Funding (Title I, Special Ed, etc) will remain the same. In order to balance the
   budget, adjustments were made in class size which increased projected enrollment from 270
   to 300.
   The proposed budget projects $2,776,328 in income and $2,404,757 expenses for the coming
   year with a net income of $371,571 and an ending cash balance of $515,407. A cash reserve
   of 5% will continue to be maintained.
   The Board was given time to ask questions. There was conversation about how professional
   development funds had been spent this past year, and Ali explained that there was much work
   done on getting teachers to match curriculum and strategies to the state standards including
   how to design effective rubrics. There were questions about the differences between the 5852
   Professional Development and 5855 Instructional Consultants expenditures, and Ali explained
   substitute teachers were paid as instructional consultants.
      The Board requests that the following corrections/additions be made:
                 The complete budget be forwarded to the Board along with the 2010-2011
                   budget, narrative of assumptions and the teacher salary schedule.
                 Identify the major sources of income in 8599 Other State Revenue, or change
                   to “After School Program”
                 8690 All Other Income, identify
                 Identify substitute teacher line item (possibly remove 1110 Substitute
                   Teachers from Certificated Salaries)
                 5891 Bank Service Charge, identify what this is for and see if it can be

 It is recommended that the Board the budget                   Motion: ES     Action: Passed
 for 2011 - 2012                                               Second: AA     Vote: 6-0


                   A. Update on RHG Project

CAL continues to look forward to the possibility of collaborating with the Rowland Heights
Group on opening another CAL charter school in AY 2012-2013. The Group, headed by Dr.
Risby, is planning a special activity in which 40 families will be asked to donate $500 in order to
come up with the $20,000 that was stipulated in the February MOU. The money is expected by
July 15.

CAL Board Minutes, June 28, 2011                                            2 of 3
               B. Director’s Comments

CAL is being required to make ADA modifications to the Central Avenue gate. Lori Wynn is
handling the conversations with the city. Ali does not yet have a cost or time estimate.
Ali is recommending that CAL seek a second line of credit. CAL has a $100,000 line of credit
from Wells Fargo and would be seeking an additional $50,000 line of credit from the California
Credit Union. There was conversation about why CAL would need a line of credit if the cash
flow on the projected budget does not indicate there will be a cash flow problem. Ali said there
could be a situation where receivables had not been received, such as a state deferral of General
Purpose funds if there are continuing budget problems. Concerns were raised about board
member liability if the line of credit could not be repaid. The board was reassured that a line of
credit would not be used unless there were known future receivables, and the board’s permission
will be necessary to activate the line of credit.
The Board requests that the Director forward the monthly school calendar to the Board.

                 1. CAL Charter Renewal

Ali will be working this summer on the Charter renewal which is due September 15. The
attorney’s at MYM are working on Elements 5-16 which are expected to be completed by the
end of July. During the next month Ali will be working on Elements 1-4 and will send drafts to
the board. Stockwell will seek suggestions from a colleague about the LAUSD Charter Renewal

       1.   Consent Agenda: April and June minutes, April, May, and June financials
       2.   Director Evaluation (Closed Session)
       3.   Approval of California Credit Union Line of Credit $50,000
       4.   HR audit
       5.   Policies: Governance Standards, Remunerations, Resignation (August meeting)


The next meeting will be July 26, 2011, 7 p.m. CAL


The meeting was adjourned at 9:07 p.m.

CAL Board Minutes, June 28, 2011                                            3 of 3

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