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Outlook Unit -A Starting With E-Mail                             Type Your Name Above
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 1   Which of the following programs is type of e-mail software?                                        1
     a. Microsoft Internet Explorer 8               c. Both a and b
     b. Microsoft Outlook 2010                      d. Microsoft Office 2010

 2   A network is a(n) ____.                                                                            2
     a. Group of computers connected to each other to share information and resources
     b. Electronic mail program
     c. Nickname for the Internet

 3   The last part of an e-mail address is the ____.                                                    4
     a. domain name         b. service provider          c.   username       d. address

 4   A ____ is a stored list of names and e-mail addresses.                                             4
     a. database        b. address book          c. spreadsheet          d. contact list

 5   To send a message so that the recipients can see who else received the message you                 6
     enter the addresses in the ____ text box.
     a. Cc          b. Bcc          c. Forward         d. Subject

 6   Spam or ____, is unwanted mail that arrives from unsolicited sources.                              8
     a. commercial e-mail      b. deleted e-mail         c. trash e-mail         d. junk e-mail

 7   To automatically send a response back to the original sender of a message you receive,        10
     you can use the ____.
     a. Send command            b. Respond command           c. Reply command        d. Forward command

 8   If the subject line of a message is not preceded by an acronym, it indicates                   10-12
     that the message ____.
     a. is new            b. was deleted          c. is a reply       d. was forwarded

 9   Most e-mail programs allow you to set up an ____ response if you are not going to be able         11
     to get your e-mail for a specified period of time.
     a. after delay           b. addressable            c. automatic        d. answering

10 To forward a message that you have received to someone else, you ____.                              12
   a. Click Send, Reply, then Forward               c. Click Forward, then Send
   b. Click Send, then Forward                      d. Click Reply, then Forward

11 When composing e-mail messages it is not appropriate to use all capital letters because             16
   this is the e-mail equivalent of ____.
   a. Laughing              b. Shouting        c. Sarcasm            d. Whispering

12 One advantage of using a distribution list is that ____.                                            17
   a. It tracks files that you sent to your contacts
   b. It automatically forwards your e-mails to your contacts
   c. It contains all of your contacts’ e-mail addresses
   d. It allows you to send e-mails to a group instead of individually
Outlook Unit - B Managing Information                                Type Your Name Above
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 1   ____ is a format for “feeding” news or any content from Web sites to your computer.                27
     a. Really Simple Syndication (RSS)              c. Uniform Resource Locator (URL)
     b. File Transfer Protocol (FTP)                 d. World Wide Web (WWW)

 2   To ensure you receive e-mail from a particular sender, you can add the person’s e-mail             28
     address to the ____ list.
     a. Inbox          b. Contacts         c. Distribution           d. Safe Senders

 3   To determine how to view the mail in any folder by a particular date, click the ____               28
     button on the Inbox.
     a. Arrange by         b. Filter        c. Navigation Pane             d. Rules

 4   If you receive unwanted e-mail, you can assign the sender to the ____ list.                        28
     a. Junk e-mail        b. Spam e-mail            c. Blocked Senders                 d. Trash

 5   A ____ message includes all e-mails that discuss a common subject.                                 28
     a. threaded      b. forwarded         c. grouped         d. condensed

 6   Click the ____ list arrow in the Options group on the Ribbon when you want a sound and             32
     display to appear before the event occurs.
     a. Reminder             b. Repeat            c. Recurrence          d. Reply

 7   ____ is an Outlook module that acts as an electronic to-do list.                                   34
     a. Calendar       b. Journal           c. Tasks              d. Mail

 8   In Outlook, a message that is listed as high priority will have a(n) ____ icon.                    35
     a. angry emoticon         b. exclamation point              c. flag         d. check mark

 9   ____ in Microsoft Outlook is the electronic version of sticky notes or Post-Its.                   36
     a. Mail       b. Notes          c. Tasks         d. Calendar

10 To turn a note into an appointment or meeting, you drag the note from the Notes window               36
     to the ____ button in the Navigation Pane.
     a. Calendar        b. Mail          c. Tasks              d. Meeting

11 Outlook ____ shows your day at a glance, like an electronic version of a daily planner.              36
     a. Review          b. This Week               c.   This Month          d. Today

12 Which of the following is NOT an option when sending invitations for a meeting in Outlook?           41
     a. Accept          b. Reject             c.   Request           d. Delete
WebApps Unit -A Windows Live & WebApps                            Type Your Name Above
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 1   You can use Windows Live to send and receive e-mail, to chat with friends via instant                   2
     messaging, to share photos, and to create a blog. You can also store and edit files using ____.
     a. Azure          b. LiveDrive        c. SkyDrive         d. CloudApps

 2   A ____ is used to sign in to Windows Live.                                                              2
     a. Microsoft Passport                  c. Windows Passport
     b. Windows Live ID                     d. Windows Live Passport

 3   Working with files on Windows Live is known as ____.                                                    2
     a. virtual computing                   c. cloud hosting
     b. application hosting                 d. cloud computing

 4   On your SkyDrive, you are given space to store up to ____ of data online.                               2
     a. 25 MB          b. 50 MB            c. 25 GB         d. 50 GB

 5   Each file on your SkyDrive can be a maximum size of ____.                                               2
     a. 25 MB           b. 50 MB           c. 25 GB        d. 50 GB

 6   You can create a SkyDrive ____ that consists of the people you want to be able to view                  2
     your folders and files on your SkyDrive.
     a. network          b. platform          c. API        d. collection

 7   The E-mail service available via Windows Live uses a(n) ____ account to send and receive e-mail.
     a. Hotmail        b. Webmail           c. Exchange            d. Passport                        3

 8   Once you click Save As in PowerPoint and log into Windows Live, the My Documents folder                 6
     on your SkyDrive appears in the ____ information area.
     a. Save As                                     c. Save to Web
     b. Save to Windows Live SkyDrive               d. Save to Cloud

 9   On the ____ page in SkyDrive, you can select the individual with whom you would like to                12
     share the contents of the selected folder.
     a. Edit permissions        b. Sharing setting           c. current location         d. network

10 If you want to perform a task that is not available in the Office Web App, open the file in ____.
   a. the Windows Live Office full version                 c. the full version of the application           15
   b. the fee-based Windows Live service                   d. the plug in version of SkyDrive

11 To access Windows Live from the Web browser, type ____, then click Sign In.                         16
   a.      b.         c.                 d.

12 To edit a file with a Web App from SkyDrive, click the file and then click ____ in the browser.          16
   a. Edit              b. Open           c. Modify              d. Update

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