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Using YouTube for Marketing

Today, nearly everyone has heard of the video sharing site YouTube. Every day, millions of
viewers from all around the world watch many different kinds of videos on YouTube. Knowing this,
many people marketing a product or service are using YouTube marketing to raise their brand
awareness, and gain new clients and visitors for their website.

One of the advantages of YouTube is that the site is completely free to watch videos and upload
videos of your own. This concept immediately gives you instant exposure to the millions of viewers
that go on the site each day, all without having to spend any money on advertising. Another great
advantage is the possibility of having your videos go "viral". What that means is that if a user
enjoyed your video and found it captivating, they can then share it with their friends, or embed it on
their website. Then the user's friends are able to share it with their friends and so on. This is truly
one of the most powerful concepts behind YouTube marketing.

Now in order to have any success, you need to understand what YouTube really is: a community
site. Don't upload commercials or videos that make it obvious that you a promoting something.
YouTube users don't come on that site to see advertising crammed in their face. The primary
reason that visitors come to video sharing sites is either to learn about something or to be

As a lot of users are looking for informational content about a specific topic, you can make an
instructional video that is related to your business. For example, if you are involved in selling car
parts, you can make a quick tutorial on how to change your tires. The user will then be able to see
your company's name and website, and if they are interested in buying car parts, they can give
you a visit. Uploading informative and educational videos is a great way to use YouTube
marketing for your business.

One other important thing to consider when uploading your videos is to choose the right keywords
that describe your video and the niche that your business is in. These keywords are what users
will type into YouTube's search engine when looking for videos on a particular topic, so it is
necessary for you to ask yourself the question of what a user will be searching for if they are
interested by a product or service that your business provides.

As YouTube is a community based site, much like online auction sites like eBay and social
networks such as Facebook. In order for you and your videos to get noticed by the largest amount
of users possible, you need to get yourself noticed. You can do this by participating in groups that
are related to your topic and commenting on videos that other users have uploaded. That way, you
will get a lot more exposure and more chances of success with your YouTube marketing
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