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					        Rapid Response Prototyping
            and Manufacturing

                          James Pope
                  Title: Project Team Leader
            Institution: Prototype Integration Facility, AMRDEC
                           Phone: 256 – 876 - 7892
1/16/2004                    Session 2 - Pope                     1
            Discipline Overview

• Objectives
  – Rapid response to get technology into the hands of
    the soldier
• Scope
  – Rapid prototyping
  – Rapid limited production

1/16/2004              Session 2 - Pope                  2
                     BOOST Choices

Attribute       Config. A Config. B             Config. C    Config. D

Prototyping 3D CAD        RP Physical           Fabricated   Combination
Options                   Model                 Physical

    1/16/2004                Session 2 - Pope                      3
            Rapid Response Prototyping
                and Manufacturing

    The army has a new emphasis in
   getting technology into the hands of
           the warfighter faster.

   How can we organize and operate to
   facilitate an environment capable of
               rapid response?

1/16/2004             Session 2 - Pope    4
          The Prototype Integration Facility
To support Army Aviation, Missile, DoD,
     Federal Agency, and technology
      activities in the development,
prototyping, test and qualification, and
  production of systems, subsystems,
             and components.
 To provide a rapid response capability
   for solving technical problems and
 providing quality product solutions to                       Dr. Larry O. Daniel
    develop, prototype, manufacture,                     Prototype Integration Facility
  integrate, and field war fighting and
  other federal and homeland defense
                capabilities.                                      Vision
  To manage, operate, and maintain a                 Provide Department of Defense
    Government-owned, Government                   (DoD) Activities a Rapid Acquisition,
 operated engineering, manufacturing,                Rapid Response, and Best Value
    and integration facility capable of               Alternative to Solve Technical
  executing the functions required to                Problems and Provide Hardware
       meet mission requirements.                      Solutions to the War fighter
    1/16/2004                        Session 2 - Pope                                     5
       The Prototype Integration Facility
Who We Are
The Prototype and Integration Division, Engineering Directorate, AMRDEC
Approximately 50 Government employees consisting primarily of:
    • Administration                          • Program management
    • Engineering                             • Manufacturing support
Over 100 contractor employees consisting primarily of:
    • Engineering                             • Program management support
    • Electrical and mechanical fabrication   • Administrative support
    • Integration

Bldg 5405, Larry O. Daniel Prototype Integration Facility –
    • Administration                          • Electronic and mechanical
    • Program management                        fabrication, assembly, test
    • Engineering                             • Platform integration
Bldg 4762 – Platform integration, paint
Bldg 5432 – Circuit card plating line
Bldg 5400 – Electronic fabrication, assembly, test
Bldg 7804 – Platform integration and support teams
  1/16/2004                      Session 2 - Pope                             6
      The Prototype Integration Facility
 Program Management
 Design and analysis
 Circuit card design/layout
 Electronic simulation, analysis and modeling
 Obsolescence management
 Visualization Based Design Laboratory

                                     CNC and manual machining
                                     Cable/wiring harness fabrication
                                     Circuit board fabrication and plating
                                     CCA assembly and test
                                     Electronic/mechanical assembly and test
                                     Rapid prototyping
                                        • Stereolithography
                                        • 3-D Printing

                                     Air and Ground Systems Platform Integration
1/16/2004                            Session 2 - Pope                          7
             Rapid Response Prototyping
                 and Manufacturing
                     Key Organizational Elements

            PIF Concept                            Private Industry
Provide Government-to-                      Establish effective customer
Government interface                        relations
Remain customer and mission                 Remain focused on customer
focused                                     requirements
Develop effective teaming of                Establish an effective network
Government, industry, and                   of subcontractors and
academia                                    suppliers
Foster a team approach among                Foster a team approach among
management, administration,                 management, administration,
engineering, and manufacturing              engineering, and manufacturing
1/16/2004                      Session 2 - Pope                              8
            Rapid Response Prototyping
                and Manufacturing
                          Key Operational Elements

 Manufacturability considered from the start of the design process.
    - Multiple/alternate materials and parts identified.
    - Existing tooling and processes utilized by the design.

 Thorough documentation reviews performed.
 Three dimensional solid parts and assemblies fabricated as early in
  the design process as possible.
 Close coordination between engineering, manufacturing, and
 Strict documentation control.
1/16/2004                          Session 2 - Pope                    9
       Rapid Response
      Project Examples

1/16/2004   Session 2 - Pope   10
                            TOW Bunker Buster
     Provide IBCT ATGM LAV With Capability to Breach Masonry Walls
      and Defeat Bunkers Until Mobile Gun System Becomes Available
Concept: Modified TOW 2A Missile
• Research and Development Phase
    - Design a new Warhead Assembly and associated Missile
    - Execute test and qualification activities necessary to field the
      TOW Bunker Buster Missile
• Execute a Production Phase to modify 500 TOW 2A Missiles
Team: AMRDEC Propulsion & Structures, PIF, AMRDEC System
 Simulation, AMRDEC Guidance & Control, RTTC, AAD, Picatinny
 Arsenal, General Dynamics, Ensign-Bickford
• Program started in Dec 01
• Contract actions executed in 3 weeks to bring General Dynamics
  and Ensign-Bickford into the program
• Design, analysis, fabrication of test hardware, and test program
  (100+ units) completed in 9 months
• Fabrication and modification of 550 missiles completed in Apr 03
     1/16/2004                              Session 2 - Pope             11
           Abandoned SA2 Rockets in Iraq
              Provide Work Crew Tooling and Work Platforms to
                   Aid in De-tanking of SA2 Rockets in Iraq

Concept: New design
• Design and fabricate a HMMVW mounted work platform
• Design and fabricate special tools for rocket
Results: Design and fabricate tools and work platform in
 30 days

  1/16/2004                            Session 2 - Pope         12
                  Blue Force Tracking
              Enhanced Information System
      Communication and Tracking System That Provides Situational
  Awareness and Command & Control to/from Air and Ground Platforms,
   Displays Location for All Friendly Forces on an Electronic Map in the
          Host Platform, Provides E-mail Text Between Platforms
• Utilize pre-existing fielded communications and tracking
• Utilize unique racks, cabling, and mounting hardware
• Design, test, and qualify Enhanced Information System
• Fabricate, assemble, test, and install systems
• Design started in Sep 02
• Fabrication started in Oct 02
• 96 systems installed by Dec 02 in Afghanistan and Kuwait
• 160 additional systems installed by Mar 03

  1/16/2004                             Session 2 - Pope             13
                       Mobile Tower System (MOTS)

         Quickly Deployable, Highly Mobile Air Traffic Control Tower for
                               Remote Airfields

Concept: Develop Army system based on existing Air
 Force design
• 12 month effort to design and qualify MOTS in Army ATC
    - Build 1 prototype system
        • Integrate ARC 220 & PRC 117s into tower

        • Integrate COTS and GOTS software

        • Integrate 10KW generators on trailers

    - Perform qualification testing
        • Environmental
        • System performance (DT/OT)
    - Develop preliminary Drawing package
• Prototype manufacture completed
• Qualification test in process
   1/16/2004                           Session 2 - Pope                    14
            Battle Damage Assessment &
                     Repair Kit
   Kits With Parts and Tools to Temporarily Repair Aircraft That Are
         Grounded Due to Enemy Fire or Component Failure

                  Concept: Integrate kits using off-the-shelf
                   tools and parts
                  • Design and produce 11 deployable kits in 30
                      - Research technical data
                      - Develop eight (8) kit configurations
                      - Procure parts and materials
                      - Assemble kits
                      - Coordinate testing
                  • Ship kits directly to war effort
                  Team: PIF, AMRDEC AED, AATD, USAALS,
                   DCD-Ft Rucker, ARL, & AEC
                  Results: Kits produced and shipped on

1/16/2004                       Session 2 - Pope                       15
                                 Hellfire Mod K
Optimize Hellfire II Missile Lethality Against a Broad Range of Targets

Concept: Non-intrusive modification to the Hellfire
 Warhead to increase fragment performance
• Research and Development Phase
   - Design a Fragmentation Sleeve for the Hellfire II Missile
   - Conduct a test program of approximately 30 warheads
   - Execute qualification activities necessary to field the
     modified Hellfire II Missile
• Deploy 20 to 100 modification kits
Team: AMRDEC Propulsion & Structures, PIF, AMRDEC
 System Simulation, RTTC, Air Force
• Design, test, fabrication, and in-country application of 20
  modification kits completed in 4 months
• Design modified to increase performance and 60 additional
  modification kits completed
• Design modification to change material from mild steel to
  tantalum tested
    1/16/2004                              Session 2 - Pope               16


1/16/2004            Session 2 - Pope   17

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