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									                                                                         Blog Editorial Calendar :: Sp
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Week #    Week Of              Sunday                     Monday                    Tuesday
      1        8-Jan
      2      15-Jan
      3      22-Jan
      4      29-Jan
      5       5-Feb
      6      12-Feb
      7      19-Feb
      8      26-Feb
      9       4-Mar
     10     11-Mar
     11     18-Mar
     12     25-Mar
     13       1-Apr
     14       8-Apr
     15      15-Apr
     16      22-Apr

                       This Blog Editorial Calendar is designed to help you stay on track throughout the semester.
                       TIP 1: Be as specific as you possibly can in your descriptions for the posts. For example, rather tha
                       Connections, you can be general for now by indicating when you need to post them, but update th
                       TIP 2: For your Blog Comments, put in reminders to yourself to include a certain number of comm
                       TIP 3: Though your blog has specific due dates for most posts, you can post them before they are
                       fits around other assignments and commitments.
                       TIP 4: Include the due date for your entire blog.
                       TIP 5: If it helps you, feel free to color-code this editorial calendar. Put TOWs in one color, PR Con
orial Calendar :: Spring 2012

                   Wednesday                  Thursday                   Friday                  Saturday

 throughout the semester.
he posts. For example, rather than just saying TOW #1, type in the actual topic after you type TOW #1. With PR
 eed to post them, but update the calendar for yourself when you choose the specific topics.
nclude a certain number of comments by specific dates.
 u can post them before they are due. Take a look at your OWN calendar, and schedule your blog writing so that it

r. Put TOWs in one color, PR Connections in another, etc.
                              SAMPLE Blog Editorial Calendar (for tw
     Name: Sam Sample
Blog Name: Sampling PR

Week Of           Sunday   Monday        Tuesday

Editorial Calendar (for two weeks)

             Wednesday              Thursday              Friday          Saturday
       Add 2 Blog Comments   PR Connection #1   TOW #2: Grammar Girl
                                                TOW #3: Why are
                                                comments such an
       Add 2 Blog Comments                      integral part of blogs?

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