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									Are Expensive Seminars Worth the money you invest by david lindahl

Nowadays the demand for real estate has grown to a wide extent and lot of events and seminars
has been happening everywhere in orders to educate new real estate investors. Even experienced
investors are showing more interest to these programs. But you should be aware about which
program to attend depending on the price and quality of information. Dave Lindahl explains the
factors to consider before investing in a seminar program.

Consider these factors before investing in real estate seminars:

Price: Be cautious of attending expensive seminars, make sure you get what you pay for. If you
are attending an event worth $1000/day, try to know if that price includes training and required

Some might offer free seminars in order to sell their products. Lot of people would be interested
in attending free seminars and this could be a benefit for the organizer to sell their products.
Group Size: If you are paying a huge amount, make sure that the class size is small and you
would be able to ask questions among that group.

Ability: Try to know the ability of the speaker before attending a seminar. You can even ask
other people who have already attended seminars.

Brand Value:
Good marketing can make you believe that expensive products are worth more. Before spending
a lot of money for a brand name, try checking a cheaper brand.

Pitch: The pitch for products will be much more when you are attending a cheaper seminar.
There is nothing wrong in pitching products at these seminars but it would be insulting when you
experience the same while attending an event worth $1000 a day.

Refund: Ask upfront if the seminar offers a refund policy. This should be considered carefully
before investing on seminars.You can make a lot of money through property investing if you
apply the correct techniques. Learn these techniques and gain real estate education by attending a
lot of seminars and real estate coaching events. Make sure that the amount you invest is worth
for it.

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