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									Block W4 Project Update: April 2012
Dear Neighbour,

W4 Regent Street – a Crown Estate development managed by Exemplar

March has continued to be a busy month for the W4 development. Since our last newsletter, we have
completed the demolition of 12 to 14 New Burlington Street to basement level, and completed demolition
to ground level at 15 to 16 New Burlington Street and 153 to 167 Regent Street. The photos below show
our progress onsite this month.
We have also commenced the geothermal borehole testing. A geothermal borehole is a deep hole
approximately 150 meters into the ground which utilises the energy in the ground to be used for heating
and cooling the building. This will help reduce the emissions from the new building and also reduce the
demand on non –renewable energy sources.

    Images: No 12-14 New Burlington Street down to ground floor (top left); Second floor 153 to 167 Regent Street
    ( top right); The gap left by dismantling 15/16 New Burlington Street and 18 New Burlington Street/153-167
    Regent Street down to 2nd floor (bottom right); drilling commences for the Geothermal borehole testing in the
    basement of 13 New Burlington Street (bottom left).
Block W4 Project Update: April 2012
Progress on site during March:

•   Asbestos removal and demolition of No 6 New Burlington Mews

•   Substantial completion of the demolition works to ground floor

•   Installation of protective sheeting to the scaffolds surrounding the facades on the Regent Street and
    New Burlington Street

•   Commencement of testing for Geothermal Borehole Testing

•   Removal of remaining services to the various existing buildings

•   Installation of final hoarding on New Burlington Street

Over the coming month, our work will include:

•   Final demolition of Regent Street building down to basement level

•   Demolition of 3 New Burlington Mews (Hedges House)

•   Enabling works for commencement of piling

•   Commencement of piling works

•   Relocation of site cabins

If you have any queries related to the works please contact either Jon Mingard (Community Liaison and
Project Manager) on 07789 956541 or email jon.mingard@macegroup.com ,alternatively Laurie Furst
on 07717 7717154 or laurie.furst@macegroup.com.

Our next Community Liaison Group meeting will take place towards the end of June. We will confirm
the time, location and agenda nearer the date.

If you would like any further information about the upcoming meeting or wish to be kept up to date via
email, please contact Jennifer Riddell at Jennifer.Riddell@fourcommunications.com .
Kind Regards

Chris Merrin
Senior Project Manager, Mace

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