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The Chief General Manager,
Gujarat Telecom Circle,
Navrangpura, Ahmedabad.

Subject: Suggestions on various issues pertains to users & BSNL interest at (1), (2) and Circle & HRD at (3)
required to be taken up at BSNL H.Q. for in time & appropriate decisions

Letter No: SNEA/Guj/07-08/05d08                dated 19 / 05 /2008.

Respected Sir,
                  We take an opportunity to congratulate your good self for successfully taking up the issue
of maintaining unmanned exchanges (up to 50 working lines) of rural by out sourcing & revenue sharing
which is dully accepted by BSNL H.Q. In future based on the results this will be prove as an important policy
decision for enhancing / expanding it for other services, when we have to face the competition continuously
along with decreasing the operation cost.
        We hope that our suggestions in line to the aforesaid subject needs to be taken up with BSNL H.Q.
for in time and appropriate decisions during the forthcoming HOCC going to be held at New Delhi. The
various suggestions in this regard are as under.
(1) Issues pertain to users and BSNL interest:
Marketing related issues
At present across the Circle through various WLL -MSCs, many new type of services are introduced and
made operational. Taking all these services lot-off interest is prevailing amongst users.
(1A) In case of NIC CARD
(I) NIC card registration & activation charge is Rs-2800/- + 250/-.
(II) While it’s monthly unlimited internet access charge is Rs 250/-.
(III)It provides 144 kbps speed. And it requires PCMCIA slot / interface, which is generally not available in
running models of Laptops as well as in market, the USB to PCMCIA converter is also not available.
(1B) while in case of EVDO card
(I) registration & activation charge is Rs-3500/- + 500/-.
(II) While its monthly unlimited internet access charge is Rs 550/-.
(III) It provides 2 mbps speed. And it requires USB slot / interface, which is generally available in all
Laptops and PCs.
(IV)But as per provisions in case of EVDO card in switch we can restrict the internet access speed limited up
to 144 kbps.More over all the BTS of EVDO and NIC card are supporting the internet access speed limited up
to 144 kbps,.
        Now most of the users demand is for NIC card with the monthly unlimited internet access charge of
Rs250/- but they are facing lot of problems for PCMCIA as mentioned at (1A-III).
        Hence users are showing interest for EVDO card with paying all the registration & activation charge
Rs-3500/- + 500/-. Which is meant for EVDO. But they are interested to pay Rs 250/- with 144 kbps
internet access speed as mentioned at (1B-IV).
 (1C) Necessary modification in newly introduced H-125 BB plan due to negative impact:-
Corporate office have launched plan-125 for BB with 150 MB. Now at present lot of BB-excess billing
complaints are being lodged by users every where, in all plan including H-250 with 1000 MB download free.
       Now due to plan-125 with 150 MB download free, the BB-excess billing complaints are observed
continuously increasing. Additionally Due to 3 months committed period user is not permitted, to change his
plan-125 to higher plan despite user is demanding.
       Thus all these are resulting to increasing in disconnection of BB and even closing of b-fone too. Along
with increase in outstanding. So it is immediately required to reintroduce this plan with at least 500 MB
download free, without 3 months committed period.
(1D) For continuous growth and controlling excess billing complaints we need to introduce some
economic plans in business and home category which may have highest charging equivalent to existing
unlimited if it’s usage charge cross to charge of unlimited:-
To facilitate our esteemed users as per their convenience, it is required that within the bandwidth limit of
unlimited plans of Home & Business category we need to introduce new plans as a permanent solution to
avoid excess billing complaints as well as to enhance our BB growth continuous, it is too without enhancing
our outstanding. The proposal is under:
Sr. Details of Home- plans            Tariff and       Sr.   Details of Business-plans        Tariff and
no                                    features         no                                     features
1      Band with /speed               256 kbps        1      Band with /speed                 256 kbps
                                      And                                                     And
                                      512 kbps                                                512 kbps
2      Minimum monthly fix            Rs 300/-        2      Minimum monthly fix charge       Rs 800/-
      charge                          And                                                       And
                                      Rs 600/-                                                  Rs 1500/-
3     Free download/Upload            1.5 GB           3      Free download/Upload              5.0 GB
                                      And                                                       And
                                      3.0GB                                                     10.0GB
4     Additional usage Charges        Rs0.80/mb        4      Additional usage Charges per      Rs0.80/mb
      per MB beyond free              And                     MB beyond free                    And
                                      Rs0.80/mb                                                 Rs0.80/mb
5     Additional usage charge         Asper-4 i.e.     5      Additional   usage    charge      Asper-4 i.e.
      which go up to Rs. 750/-        As per usage            which go up to Rs. 750/-          As per usage
6     Maximum usage charge            Rs. 750/-        6      Maximum usage charge              Rs. 3300/-
                                      And                                                       And
                                      Rs. 1350/-                                                Rs. 6000/-
7     Security deposit                Rs 300/-         7      Security deposit                  Rs 800/-
                                      And                                                       And
                                      Rs 600/-                                                  Rs 1500/-
8     Modem charge /Rent              As existing      8      Modem charge /Rent                As existing
9     Static IP                       No               9      Static IP                         No
10    Fix Monthly voice charge        As      per      10     Fix Monthly voice charge          As per exist
                                      exist plan                                                plan
11    Minimum committed period        1 month          11     Minimum committed period          1 month
Broadband NOC related issues
(2A) Simplifying Operational & maintance issues of Node In charges:
(I) Time should be fixed for any job assigned on portal: Batch processing is done for various customer
related activities submitted by node in charges on the portal. Time should be fixed for each circle during
which batch will be run and should be known to all node incharges.
(II) Procedure to allot static Ip is very tedious. It takes three to four days to co-ordinate all the concerned.
Also even after confirmation many a times it happens that static Ip is not allotted.
(III) Requests are made on the Remedy Help desk software as per the defined procedure. It is found that
most of these are not getting answered since long time. Thus we need to pursue NOC telephonically to get
the issue resolved. (Attached all Help desk requests)
(IV) Our DSLAMS & Tier-II are remaining disconnected from the BB system due to OFC/Media fault or
equipment fault. And most of the times Our OFC maintance staff of our Node staff is unable to identify and
take judgment for such problems, until bulk complaint of BB users from particular area are received.
Many times it is happening that such incidences are happening during odd hours, Sundays and holidays.
Thus during such circumstance break down time is remains continue for couple of days. This creates heavy
finical loss to BSNL, along with creating chaos & displeasure amongst users.
         Now under this competitive environment such situation is not affordable to our organization. It is too
when BSNL Broad Band is highly demanded service, as it is exclusively provided by our BSNL.
         Consequently to overcome these problems as attached at Anexxure-1 we have suggested
mechanism to our Hon’ble CGMT-Gujarat. With which the failure & restoration of all DSLAMS & Tier-II can be
intimated immediately by SMS to all concern officers in hierarchy as per desire repeated scheduled. So that
all concern can take necessary steps & act accordingly to restore the break down. As per our information it is
under positive consideration we further request to expedite the same.
(2B) Quick Redressal of Customer related problems:
 (I)Portal Id of the customer: As known to all of us that, initially portal was developed both for node in
charges as well as for customers. But due to certain problems later on different portal was developed to
cater to customer requests. we suggest that portal Id should be same as the service user Id, which will be
very easy for customer to remember.
(II)Alerts to customer for the BB usage: Lot of excess billing complaints are getting received for excess
billing of BB connection due to usage charges. In many of the cases it is found that excess usage takes place
due to infection in the system of the customer.
Due to this, we loose the bill amount (i.e. highly increase in outstanding) and the customer of BB & land line
both. In this connection as attached at Anexxure-1 we have taken up the issue with Hon’ble CGMT
Gujarat and as per our information it is under positive consideration we further request to expedite the
same. However the following suggestion may be looked into and possibility may be explored in the system.
(III) If the usage exceeds beyond the free limit, next time when requests for authentication is received
from that user, a alert message should go to the customer by way of pop up etc. “ You have exceeded your
usage limit.”
(IV) Allowing credit limit to the customer: Customer should not be allowed to browse as and when the
usage charges exceed to the tune of double the plan charges. E.g. says a customer with Rs.250 plan, uses
1.25 GB i.e. his total BB charges including rent will now be Rs.500 his authentication requests should be
rejected. This feature will give mental peace to the customer, i.e. his BB bill will not exceed more than
double to the plan charges.
(V) Usage shown on customer portal should be in GB as the free usage given to customer is in GB.
(2C) Enabling help desk Operators for providing quick solution of minor problems of BB users:
(I) 1957 /12678 positions are direct front line access of BB customers in case of any problem faced by them.
We should try to see that maximum possible features are available to help desk operator in their privileges
so that customer queries / difficulty can be solved on line as far as possible. In this regard following facilities
may be extended on portal username of help desk operator.
(II) Whether customer is connected or not? (III) Usage of the customer. (IV) Port binding status.
(III) Password of the customer can be verified on the portal.
(3) HRD Related issues which require to be taken up with BSNL H.Q.
(I) Declaring Gujarat as a tenure circle as done in past
(II) Regularly Special recruitment drive for the cadre of JTOs may be done for the circles like hard tenure
and Gujarat where actute shortage is remaining due to various reasons.
(III) It is worth to mentioned that last year our Hon’ble CGM T-Gujarat have rigorously taken up the issues
of allowing recruitment of direct recruit TTAs by respective Circles and it was considered by BSNL H.Q. As
acute shortage is always prevailing in cadre of TTAs also because retirement in this cadre is more. Thus to
meet this requirement. Regularly Special recruitment as allowed last year may be permitted.
Thanking you,
Yours Sincerely,

(B.G.Patel)Circle Secretary SNEA (I)-Gujarat.
Attached : As above Annexure-I
Copy to: (1) Respected General Manager (Development/ BB) O/o CGMT-Gujarat for inf. & N/A please.
         (2) Respected General Manager (Marketing) O/o CGMT-Gujarat for inf. & N/A please.
         (3) Respected General Manager (Admin) O/o CGMT-Gujarat for inf. & N/A please.
         (3) Respected General Manager (Finance) O/o CGMT-Gujarat for inf. & N/A please.

         As per (2A-IV),The intimation to concern by SMS regarding DSLAM failure
 Gujarat Circle have successfully tested the prestigious and 1st of its kind software at NIB Ahmedabad for
testing all Tier II, DSLAMs in the network and in case of failure of any these elements, SMS is sent to all the
concerned (As per hierarchical set up AND at defined regular interval) for action to be taken at their end for
restoration of the fault.
        The parameters defined are fixed taking into account the TRAI QoS guidelines. This is very much
helpful in a competitive scenario to provide services with minimum interruption and for achieving this to run
our system with minimum interruption and it is too in acute shortage of executives.
        It is also possible that same software can be used for maintaining all the other kind of services such
as circuits, all the lease circuits working with MPLS VPN, WLL BTS, which function with the support of IP.
        We hope that your good self will find the above suggestion useful and same can be projected to
BSNL H.Q about the successful implementation in our Circle.

          As per (2B-II)The intimation of BB Usage to concern users, daily by SMS
As per various reports from BB, TRA, Commercial, approx. 40 to 45 % broadband customers disconnects BB
service either due to excess billing or billing related issues. As per the feedback received from the field units,
though the feature of checking usage is available in the system, due to many reasons, and at the end of the
day, we loose the bill amount the customer of BB and land line both. And which is also increasing our
outstanding too.
As a remedy to the above problem we have suggested the following mechanism of informing the B.B usage
to concern users regularly by SMS (either by paying nominal monthly charges or providing additional
facility to all our BB users by bearing the related expenditure by BSNL). This will definitely arrest the BB
disconnection, and out standing along with gaining the credibility of BSNL in the minds of customer. In this
regards the concept to be followed is as under.
(1)Registration of the customer should be done on SMS short code who wants to receive the BB usage daily
once on their mobile. The SMS received should contain the landline number of the customer.
(2)The A or A1 type NIB /BB of concern circle (Say Ahmedabad for Gujarat) should take daily usage report
of all the customers of Gujarat from NOC by making suitable arrangement.
(3)In the morning, SMS should be sent to all the customers who have opted for taking usage on mobile by
sending the SMS on short code.
(4) In case of providing service on chargeable bases say nominal charge of say Rs. 10/ to Rs 15/- per month
may be charged. Or BSNL may provide this service to all its users (subject to availability of Mobile
connection) by developing such system. We may achieve this by consulting and taking help from appropriate
external resources.
We are confident that, this will be very much beneficial to BSNL and users both and after successful
implementation in our Circle, the same can be implemented every where in all our Circles.

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