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                                                                   Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing:
                       Payday Loans Disguise Illegal Lending
                                                             In Brief                                 Consumers Union Study
                                                Although Texas’ constitution and state           To better understand the payday loan
                                          law limits interest rates on small loans, some    market, Consumers Union conducted a sur-
                                          Texas companies ignore the state usury laws       vey of twenty-seven local cash advance lend-
                                          and charge interest far above the statutory       ers in Austin, Dallas, Killeen, and Waco.
                                          caps. These companies say that they “do not       Over a two-week period in January, CU sur-
                                          make loans,” and therefore the usury laws         veyed companies advertising certain types of
                                          do not apply to them. But they advance            loans in local phone books and in the
                                          money for a fee, and they advertise in the        Greensheet. We surveyed companies that
                                          phone book in the “loan” section next to tra-     advertise loans of more than the $460 maxi-
                                          ditional small loan and pawn companies.           mum loan amount allowed under the credit
                                          Some, like FastFunding First in Austin, even      code for signature loans, and advertise that
                                          use the word loan in their advertisement,         they require only a valid checking account.
                                          while others refer to their fees as “interest.”   CU called companies as any normal con-
                                                While there are several variations, these   sumer would and asked questions that any
                                          companies all advance money for an initial        normal consumer would ask, including loan
                                          period of less than a month, taking a per-        limits and terms, cost of loans (fees), under-
                                          sonal check as collateral. They typically         writing criteria, collateral, and the conse-
                                          charge $33 per $100 borrowed every 14 days,       quences of default.
                                          and borrowers may renew this “advance” over            Consumers Union also reviewed con-
                                          and over again, quickly repaying the lender       sumer complaints filed against these com-
Publisher of Consumer Reports             in fees far more than was borrowed. This fee      panies with the Office of Consumer Credit
                                          is the equivalent of nearly 800 APR inter-        Commissioner (OCCC). Many of the com-
Southwest Regional Office                 est.                                              plaints that were filed included copies of
                                                To ensure repayment, lenders threaten       “lease” agreements or other loan contract
                                          to cash the personal check. Without suffi-        information for the cash advance companies.
                                          cient funds to cover it, the borrowers risk       Consumers Union reviewed these lease
                                          jail (on a “theft by check” or “issuance of a     agreements closely and examined trends and
February 1999                             bad check” charge) if they cannot keep up         language used. We also spoke with Justice
                                          with the steep “renewal” payments. Unlike         of the Peace Offices in Dallas and Travis
                                          other private creditors, these lenders use the    Counties as well as the Travis County Hot
                                          local criminal court system as a collection       Check Division of the District Attorney’s
                                          agency. But, Texas’s constitution bans im-        Office.
                                          prisonment for debt. Justices of the Peace,
By Ruth Cardella                          seeking to limit the use of criminal laws to                    Overall Findings
With assistance from Kathy Mitchell and   real criminal acts, are now among the officials   The majority of the companies surveyed (12
Rob Schneider                             calling for reform.                               companies) were “sales-leaseback” compa-
                                                              Survey of Payday Lenders in Austin, Dallas, Killeen and Waco
                                                                                                Conducted January and February, 1999
                                                                                                                Max Loan                                        Fee (per $100
                                       Date      Company                         Market             Loan Type                           Term (in days)                               Renewals
                                                                                                                Amount*                                           borrowed)

                                                                                                                                        e arlie st o f 14 o r                      no ne p e rmitte d
                                       1/20/99   FastFund ing First              Austin                P        $200                                                 $30
                                                                                                                                              p ayd ay

                                                                                                                                                                                       up to 6
                                       1/20/99   Cash Now, Today in Texas        Te xas                A        $270                             14                  $33

                                                 Cash One (Cash No w                                                                                                                   up to 6
                                       1/20/99                                   Austin                A        $270                             14                  $33
                                                 Affiliate )

                                                 Instant Cash- No rth Lamar                                                             e arlie st o f 14 o r                         unlimite d
                                       1/21/99                                   Ausitin               S        $225                                                 $33
                                                 and Airp o rt                                                                                p ayd ay

                                                                                                                                                                                      d aily rate
                                       1/21/99   The Exchang e                   Ce d ar Park          S        $200-250                     15 d ays               $2/d ay

                                                                                                                                                                                      unlimite d
                                       1/21/99   Cash Plus (Airp o rt Blvd .)-   Austin                S        $270                         15 d ays                $33

                                                 Ad vance Cash-1700 C                                                                                                                 unlimite d
                                       1/21/99                                   Austin                P        $300-400                     14 d ays                $33
                                                 Mo nto p o lis

                                                 Cash To d ay- So uth                                                                                                                  6 time s
                                       1/21/99                                   Austin                A        $300                         14 d ays                $33
                                                 Co ng re ss

                                                 Cash To d ay- 6217 N.                                                                                                                 6 time s
                                       1/21/99                                   Austin                A        $300-$500                    14 d ays                $33

                                                                                                                                                                                    6 time s the n
                                                 Cash To d ay- Ro und Ro ck
                                       1/21/99                                   Ro und Ro ck          A        no p ho ne q uo te s         14 d ays                $33                p ayo ut
                                                 (1001 Maiz)

                                                 Cash To d ay- Burne t                                                                                                                 5 time s
                                       1/21/99                                   Austin                A        $300-400                     14 d ays                $33
                                                 Ro ad /Ko e nig

                                                 Cash To d ay- Ne w                                                                                                                    5 time s
                                       1/22/99                                   Ne w Br               P        $300-400                     14 d ays                $33
                                                 Braunfe ls

                                                                                                                                                                                       4 time s
                                       1/15/99   Fast Cash Ad s                  Austin                A        $270                         14 d ays                $33

                                                                                                                                                                                      unlimite d
                                       1/21/99   Re ad y Le asing                Austin                S        $205                         14 d ays                $33

                                                                                                                                                                                       11 time s
                                       1/28/99   Eme rg e ncy Re ntal            Dallas                S        $200                         15 d ays               $32.5

Loan Types:                                                                                                                                                                           d e p e nd s
                                       1/28/99   EZ Cash                         WACO                  S        $180                      ne xt p ayd ay             $34

A=advertisement                        1/28/99   Instant Cash                    Dallas                S        $200-350
                                                                                                                                        15 d ays o r ne xt
                                                                                                                                            p ayd ay
                                                                                                                                                                                      unlimite d

S= sale leaseback                                                                                                                                                                      3 time s
C=catalog sales                        1/28/99   De -Me tro                      Dallas                S        $300                         14 d ays                $30

                                                                                                                                                                                      unlimite d
                                       1/28/99   Urb an Re ntals                 Dallas                S        100-200                15 d ays the n d aily        $4/d ay
*Loan amounts based                                                                                                                                                                   unlimite d
on a new customer                      1/28/99   Pe rso nal Re ntal              Dallas                S        no p ho ne q uo te s         14 d ays                $30

with a monthly in-                     1/28/99   Pub lic Le asing                Dallas                S        $55-205                      14 d ays                $40
                                                                                                                                                                                      unlimite d

come of $1,800.                                                                                                                                                                       unlimite d
                                       1/28/99   Cash To d ay                    Dallas                P        $300-400                     14 d ays                $33

Where renewals note                    1/28/99   Cash Time Le asing              Dallas                S        $200                         14 d ays               $32.48
                                                                                                                                                                                      unlimite d

“none permitted,”
                                                                                                                                                                                   no ne p e rmitte d
some companies said                    2/22/99   Instant Cash Catalo g Sale s    Te mp le              C        $150                         14 d ays                $25

that they would renew                  2/22/99
                                                 Do wnto wn Disco unt
                                                                                 K ille e n            C        $100                         14 d ays                $20
                                                                                                                                                                                   no ne p e rmitte d
                                                 Catalo g Sale s
for return customers
                                                                                                                                                                                   no ne p e rmitte d
under some circum-                     2/22/99   Te xas Catalo g Sale s          K ille e n            C        $250                         14 d ays                $30

stances.                               2/22/99   Instant Cash Catalo g Sale s    K ille e n            C        $260-365                     14 d ays                $30
                                                                                                                                                                                   no ne p e rmitte d

Consumers Union Southwest Regional Office                                                                                                               Payday Loans in Texas, February 1999, Page 2
nies that claim to buy home appliances from         cash they borrow. Sales-leaseback companies           sale-leaseback companies. According to his
their customers and lease them back for a           do not ask to see the appliance being pur-            letter, he “sold” his TV and VCR to more
“rental fee.” Fast cash advertisement com-          chased and leased--the item itself never              than one lender, making payments on at least
panies that sell advertisements to customers        leaves the borrower’s home. Nor do the com-           eight loans (total value of $1853) for five
who need cash (rather than to those who need        panies appear to require proof that these             months. He ultimately paid more than $3797
ads) were also popular (8 companies) in these                                                             to lease the two appliances back over this
markets. Other companies we spoke with                                                                    period.
offered “cash back on your check” (3 com-                                                                       Some companies allow customers to
panies), or Catalog Sales (4 companies) that          “I lost my job and called and                       turn over the title to their car as collateral to
sell catalog certificates to customers who                                                                get a large amount of cash quick. The lease
need quick cash.                                      spoke to [the manager] to see                       process is similar to an ordinary leaseback,
                                                      if there was any other way to                       but the lease payments are very large and
Payday Loans
      Payday loan companies offer “cash back
                                                      work this out, and she basi-                        sometimes difficult to pay back in a short
on your check.” Customers write a personal            cally told me tough luck. Be-                             Another borrower who complained to
check payable to the lender for the amount            cause of the $330 I have to                         the OCCC turned over her car title to The
of cash they need plus a fee. The company                                                                 Check Place in order to qualify for a loan of
holds the check for 14 days. When the term            pay each month I have con-                          $2,500. According to the borrower, this sale-
is up customers can pay the full amount owed          stantly stayed behind on my                         leaseback lender charged $33 per hundred
in cash (the company will rip up the original
check in this case), tell the company to cash
                                                      other financial obligations. It                     every week, with higher daily payments
                                                                                                          thereafter. After quickly getting in too deep,
the check, or pay an additional fee (in cash)         basically is a vicious circle.                      she wrote to the Consumer Credit Commis-
to postpone the due date for another 14 days.         So instead of being able to pay                     sioner.
If the customer pays the fee to renew the loan,                                                                 “I borrowed $2,500 and was told to
the company may ask the customer to re-write          the loan off after 12 paydays                       write a check for $3,325 to be paid in cash
a check for the amount due (with a new date)          (6 mo) I have had to continue                       less than a week later. When I was unable to
or may simply hold onto the original check
for another term.
                                                      to increase it.”                                    pick up the check, I was told that I would
                                                                                                          have to pay an additional $300 per day until
                                                               Cash Today customer                        it was paid or the check would go to the Dis-
Sale-Leaseback                                                                                            trict Attorney.”
      Sale-leasebacks appear to be a more
common type of cash advance loan in Texas.          items have not been “sold” to someone else.           Cash Back Ad Sales
Under a sale-leaseback arrangement, a lender             Most of the companies we spoke with                   Cash-back ads are a newer variation on
“buys” an item from the borrower, such as           described the appliances as “collateral” but          the cash advance loan theme. Customers who
an appliance, and “leases” it back for a            said they rarely repossess items. Instead they        need cash must purchase an advertisement
“rental payment,” rather than offering a di-        also keep a signed check that they can cash           (1 line per $100 loaned) and pay an ad fee of
rect loan with repayment of interest and prin-      if the borrower doesn’t make the “lease”              $33 per hundred.
cipal. While most of these companies offer          payment. Many of these lease agreements                    Companies claim that the customer is
two-week “rental” periods, some assess              have an “automatic renewal option” built              purchasing a service and they are charging a
“rental fees” daily.                                into them that allows customers to renew the          fee for that service. Even if a customer has
          These companies require custom-           lease at the end of the 14 day period for an          nothing to advertise the company will still
ers to bring in the serial numbers, make, and       additional fee.                                       insist upon an ad purchase, and place the ad
model of various appliances they own that                One desperate person wrote to the                in some type of publication. The terms of
are equal to, or greater than, the value of the     OCCC after becoming indebted to several               the loan are similar to other cash advance

               The Treadmill                        line and the date blank.                              started running checks through--that we had al-
      A Houston woman wrote to the Office of              Emergency Services said she would have to       ready paid her. She had us write checks and leave
Consumer Credit Commissioner when she               pay $264.95 in two weeks or $64.95 every two          the name and dates blank. We have our receipts.
couldn’t pay down her debt to Emergency Ser-        weeks. “We had to keep paying $64.95 every two        When I asked her for the checks...she said when
vices, no matter how many payments she made.        weeks and if we were late it was $4.95 a day          we paid off the loan we would get the checks.”
According to her letter, she anwered an ad in the   late charges.”                                             The company pressured the borrower to pay
paper offering $200 loans in five minutes with            This borrower, who lived on an income of only   in cash rather than with money orders, and once
proof of a checking account. After approving her    $586 per month Social Security Disability, got        the manager asked them to meet her at a local
loan by phone, Emergency Services said she          behind in her payments.                               mall and bring cash. The desparate family finally
would have to put up two appliances. She brought          “On May 3rd I would have sent another           called the state for help. “My daughter agreed
in the model numbers for a microwave and a T.V.     $195, but my daughter’s alternator went out and       the $200 loan for me. They call it a lease agree-
and began to write checks, leaving the “pay to”     it was $265 and we couldn’t send it and she           ment,” she wrote.

Payday Loans in Texas, February 1999, Page 3                                                                           Consumers Union Southwest Regional Office
loan terms (typically 14 days) and the com-          nies of the 27 total surveyed that sell cata-     than 90% APR interest, including an up-
pany holds the customer’s check as a “secu-          log certificates. All of these companies are      front $10 fee to cover processing costs, and
rity deposit” then “rebates” it to the customer      located in the Killeen/Fort Hood region. The      $4 per month per hundred borrowed. Like
when they repay the loan. Each time a cus-           companies were identified through OCCC            payday loans, signature loans are generally
tomer wants to renew the loan the company            customer complaints. Catalog certificates         small, averaging $255 in 1995. And the mar-
charges an additional ad fee and places an-          cost on average $26 per $100 loaned, a            ket is booming. According to the Office of
other ad in the publication.                         slightly lower fee than other payday lenders      Consumer Credit Commissioner, signature
      Customers of Cash Today, for example,          charge.                                           lenders in Texas make more than 3.5 million
buy an advertisement in Today in Texas                                                                 loans totaling $1 billion annually. Lenders
News, a free publication distributed to Cash                                                           who loan more than $460 can charge $25 up-
Today customers, and pay an ad fee of $33                                                              front and 18 percent “add-on” interest, or
per $100 loaned in order to get cash. Most                                                             about 30 percent APR.
customers do not actually try and sell any-            “.....they charge on top of the                       “Cash advance” companies insist they
thing for their ad payment. Ads typically              renewal fee, extra late fees                    are different because their process is simple,
contain personal greetings, are sometimes              and in some cases other                         short-term and merely amounts to “cash
nonsensical and often unsigned. Today in                                                               back” on your check. Or because they actu-
Texas News is not listed alongside the                 types of fees. So you end up                    ally purchase the borrower’s goods. Or be-
Greensheet in the Yellow Pages under ad-               owing every 14 days and it is                   cause they sell a service (advertising) or mer-
vertising directories or newspapers—the                                                                chandise (catalog certificates). But after
place most people might look if they actu-             like a form of slavery because                  looking at the facts it becomes clear that there
ally wanted to buy or sell personal goods              you can never get to the point                  is no substantive difference between a sig-
via a real advertisement. It is, however, listed       of paying them off....This loan/                nature loan and a payday loan, except that
under “loans.”                                                                                         payday lenders charge substantially more,
                                                       lease has been paid at least                    use a personal check as collateral, and try to
Catalog Sales                                          two times or more of what                       disguise their practice.
                                                                                                            A “cash advance” loan is certainly
      Like the cash-back ad sales, catalog
companies require a borrower to purchase
                                                       was borrowed. I had been a                      simple. Cash-advance loan companies do not
an item (a certificate) and they charge a fee          faithful customer but my                        check customer’s credit records. Instead,
for that item. Customers who need cash                 health is now affected by this                  customers apply by phone and are approved
purchase catalog certificates ($20-$30 cer-                                                            based on specific criteria including full time
tificate per $100 loaned) for merchandise that         and it is now a long night-                     job and monthly income (usually a minimum
is sold in the company catalog. Customers              mare.”                                          of $800 with two pay stubs in support), resi-
                                                                                                       dency, and the existence of a checking ac-
write a check for the amount of the loan plus
the catalog certificate cost (loan fee). Two
                                                           Skyline Leasing customer                    count.
weeks later the company cashes the check                                                                    The monthly income requirement is not
and gives the customer the certificate, at                                                             absolute. For example, at least two of the
which time they can use the certificates to
                                                                 Old Dog, New Tricks                   companies surveyed allow customers to use
                                                          Since the founding of the Republic,          household or other income if they don’t meet
purchase merchandise from the catalog. The
                                                     Texas has prohibited usury. Texas’ consti-        the minimum requirements. A customer of
terms of the loans are similar to the other
                                                     tution bans the practice and establishes the      Emergency Services in Houston told the
cash advance loan terms, however the cata-
                                                     ability of the Legislature to regulate loan       OCCC that she got a loan although her in-
log sales companies we spoke with did not
                                                     rates. The state’s Credit Code clearly out-       come totaled only $586 per month. Emer-
allow extensions for new customers and did
                                                     lines the terms and conditions of a legal small   gency Services allowed her to give them her
not take applications over the phone.
                                                     loan, and these terms are quite generous.         daughter’s income.
      Consumers Union found four compa-
                                                          “Signature” lenders may charge more               But signature loans are also simple. Like
                                                                                                       payday loans, a consumer can walk into a
                                                                                                       signature loan office and walk out with a
                                                                                                       small loan after minimal underwriting (the
                                                                                                       process for determining credit-worthiness).
                                                                                                       Like payday lenders, signature loan compa-
                                                                                                       nies frequently take applications by phone
                                                                                                       and approve the loan while the customer
                                                                                                            Signature lenders believe they are in the
                                                                                                       same business as the usurious payday lend-
                                                                                                       ers and regularly write into the OCCC to
                                                                                                       complain. For example one finance company
                                                                                                       had this to say: “I am sure you are aware of
                                      Ads from Today N’ Texas News                                     the flourishing non-licensed ‘lenders’ all

Consumers Union Southwest Regional Office                                                                         Payday Loans in Texas, February 1999, Page 4
   “I started a cash lease on April 2 of 1997 with Cash for Lease. My account became delinquent and
   I was staying in contact with the manager, Leslie. On June 5 1997 I received a fax from ‘Cash for
   Lease’ of my contract at my office. Later on in the day Leslie called the office and asked to speak
   to my manager. I explained she was out for the day and could I help her. She replied ‘You’re in
   trouble!’…As I found out later, not only was my contract faxed to my office but also to offices in
   Texarkana and Orange. Not only was the faxes sent but my account was discussed with the
   assistant manager in the Texarkana office by the owner of Cash for Lease. He also contacted my
   supervisor and discussed my business with him, also. The managers and assistants of both offices
   seen my contract. ... I feel like this was a direct violation of my rights as a consumer and feel
   embarrassed that so many of my fellow employees now know so much about my personal busi-
                                                                             Cash for Lease customer

over the state. I know you are as concerned      $200 from Instant Rental, a sale-leaseback       loan period. Six companies charge $30 in
as we licensed lenders are about, not only       company in Houston. The customer wrote           “fees” for every $100 cash advanced, and two
the ‘black-eye’ our industry is receiving, but   an initial check for $200 plus a $68 lease fee   companies charge under $30 per $100
also the energy that is being sapped from it.”   that the company held for the 14-day lease       loaned. Twenty-five companies advanced the
     At most payday lenders, “renewal” is the    term. The customer was unable to pay back        money over a 14-day or 15-day period, which
only option if the consumer cannot pay the       the $268 when the term expired and extended      translates to approximately 792% APR. The
full amount owed in 14 days. But signature       the lease 14 more days for an additional fee     remainder (2 companies) advance the cash
lenders also encourage customers to regu-        of $68. He continued to do this every two        on a daily basis, charging customers a daily
larly refinance their                                                                             fee for cash borrowed.
loans. World Accep-                                                                                    The Consumer Credit Commissioner
tance “actively markets                                                                           and the Attorney General are responsible for
the opportunity to refi-                                                                          enforcing the state’s usury laws. Neither
nance existing loans                                                                              agency has pursued many cases in this area.
prior to maturity,                                                                                One case filed by the Attorney General sev-
thereby increasing the                                                                            eral years ago resulted in a District Court
amount borrowed and                                                                               decision that a sale-leaseback was not a loan.
increasing the fees and                                                                           However, this case was never taken up on
other income realized,”                                                                           appeal, so the case set no precedent.
according to its 1997
Form 10-K report to the                                                                               Using the Criminal Justice System
Securities and Ex-                                                                                         as a Collection Agency
change Commission.                                                                                     The one thing that clearly differentiates
The up-front fee is non-refundable and can       weeks because he couldn’t pay the $268.          “cash advance” lenders is their use of local
be charged again upon refinancing, and in-       Every period his receipt showed a “declin-       law enforcement to collect unpaid loans.
terest is refunded using a formula favorable     ing balance” of $268 (similar to a loan re-      When companies ask customers to write a
to the lender.                                   ceipt, except the “declining balance” did not    personal check for the amount they borrow
     Twenty-two payday loan companies sur-       decline). He ended up extending the lease 9      plus a fee, they are likely aware that the cus-
veyed allow customers to renew lease agree-      times—costing him $612 in total fees. At         tomer does not have the funds in their ac-
ments by paying another fee. Only five com-      the end of the 9 periods (just a few months)     count to make good on the check. That’s
panies in our survey limited their “service”     he still had a “declining balance” of $268       why they need a loan.
to a one-time 14-day term. And of these, re-     to pay off, but had paid over three times the         The Travis County District Attorney’s
peat customers may be able to renew if they      amount of the original loan ($200) in fees.      office will not accept a check for prosecu-
have a strong payment history. Renewal                Although they walk and talk like small      tion as theft by check if they know that it
policy varies. Two companies allow up to 5       lenders, payday loan companies claim that        was taken with the knowledge that it would
renewals, and another 17 allow six or more.      they are not loaning money and holding           not be cashed, or would be held for any
At most of these payday lenders, a customer      checks, but providing services. The primary      length of time. But the District Attorney, han-
who renews the agreement 3 or more times         service, however, is a quick cash loan under     dling thousands of bounced checks each
pays more in fees than the original amount       usurious terms. Of 27 companies surveyed         year, may not be able to differentiate one
of their loan.                                   in the three markets, 19 charge at least $33     from another. Justices of the Peace, who
     For example, one customer borrowed          in “fees” for every $100 cash advanced per

Payday Loans in Texas, February 1999, Page 5                                                                  Consumers Union Southwest Regional Office
prosecute people for Issuance of a Bad           lender.                                           making these kinds of loans. Usury is al-
Check (IBC), also a misdemeanor charge, do           As frightening as it is to face “hot check”   ready illegal in Texas, but without enforce-
not require proof that the check was not held.   prosecution by county law enforcement , or        ment these practices will proliferate.
Therefore Justices of the Peace sometimes        your employer for wage garnishment, the
act as the collection agent for these lenders.   mere threat of these collection practices is a    Make it illegal to use or threaten hot check
      Cash advance companies are frank about     powerful incentive for borrowers to repay or      collection for payday loans
what happens when a customer defaults.           continue to refinance loans.                      Payday loan lenders use the state’s criminal
Public Leasing of Dallas told our surveyor,                                                        justice system as a collection agency when
“If you don’t repay us we will cash your                      Recommendations                      borrowers cannot repay these high cost loans.
check. If your check bounces then we will        Enforce existing Texas usury laws                 Lenders take a personal check from a bor-
file for a hot check.”                           Despite the fact that some lenders attempt        rower as collateral on the loans. The mere
      Companies may also require that cus-       to hide the nature of their transactions, Texas   threat that a lender will pursue criminal hot
tomers sign an “Assignment of Salary and         usury laws prohibit the excessive interest        check collection is enough to make borrow-
Wages” that authorizes the company to go         rates charged in these transactions. The          ers find some way to repay or renew loans.
directly to a borrower’s employer. The cash      problem of high cost “payday” loans has           The Legislature should make it illegal for
advance company uses the employer as a           mushroomed in Texas in the last year. The         lenders to pursue or threaten to pursue hot
collection agent, asking him or her to de-       Office of the Attorney General and the Of-        check collection against borrowers on these
duct the full amount owed from the               fice of the Consumer Credit Commissioner          kinds of loans.
employee’s check and pay it directly to the
                                                 must step up enforcement against companies

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