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Lifting Loans


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									                                                                                                           The Red Shoes
                                                                                                Lifting Loans
                                                                                              Micro-Loans & Business Mentoring

To Apply:                                                    The Red Shoes
Call for an informal phone interview and         A Center for Personal and Spiritual Growth
assessment. Some business training classes
and a business plan are prerequisites for                  Mission Statement
loan consideration. Applications are         The Red Shoes is a women’s center for
available on request by mail or email.       personal and spiritual growth.
We look forward to working with you.         Our commitment is to value and support all
                                             women on their life’s journey.
                                             We celebrate, empower and nurture women.
To Support the Program:                      We offer space for women to explore and
Your tax deductible gift to this program     develop their inner life.
helps a woman build a business that can
                                             We connect creativity, spirituality and
support generations to come. Rather than     authenticity.
a grant, a Lifting Loan fosters economic
responsibility and accountability. The       We provide a place of healing and
benefits of a micro-loan ripple out to the
community. Once repaid, funds are            We focus on what we hold in common rather
recycled to new entrepreneurs.               than what divides us.
A Lifting Loan can help a woman’s dream
of owning her own business come true. You      The Red Shoes
can be a part of her success.                  A Center for Personal & Spiritual Growth
                                               2303 Government Street
To support the Lifting Loans Program,          Baton Rouge, LA 70806
contact The Red Shoes, 225-338-1170 or         (225) 338-1170
mail your check today.                         wendy@theredshoes.org
   The Red Shoes is a 501c3 nonprofit.
 Women Helping Women: That’s What Lifting Loans is All About

Lifting Loans can provide the               •   Personal attention                 Lifting Loans is inspired by the
working capital needed to make your         •   Mentor program                     Nobel Peace Prize winning success
dream of starting a business….come true.    •   Ongoing business training          story of the Grameen Bank. This
                                                                                   model demonstrates that women who
Lifting Loans is a low-interest             •   Coordinated approach to            have women supporting them, are far
micro-loan program for women in                 community resources                more successful in business ventures.
Baton Rouge and surrounding parishes.       •   Supportive relationship with
                                                loan recipients
Lifting Loans assists women who are         •   Your repaid loan makes you
trying to start or grow small businesses        eligible for a second loan to
and helps them transition to economic           further develop your business.
success and independence.
                                            •   Each loan paid in full makes
Lifting Loans helps you find business           loans available for another
training appropriate for your stage of          recipient.
business development.                       •   No Collateral required

Lifting Loans fosters small scale               We are proud to be a catalyst      Sometimes, all that stands between
entrepreneurship which has a big effect           for women entering the           a capable woman with a good idea, and
on our community.                                world of entrepreneurship.        success, is a small amount of start up capital.

                              When we received our Lifting Loan we were grateful     If you are ready to start a business
                              for the monetary help but also appreciated the
                                                                                     or know a woman who lacks
                              validation for our work and the personal attention
                              Celia and Wendy gave our business. It has been a       start-up capital for a new business,
                              great experience.                                      contact The Red Shoes for more
                                                                                     information about the Lifting Loans
                              - Sheila Smith, Owner - Framed ‘N Stone
                                                                                     Program. 225-338-1170

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