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					                                    Streetwear: Popular Brands

At the start of the decade, fashion has gradually become one of the largest industries in the
world. People from all over the world are trying to penetrate the industry catering to different
niches hoping to be recognized someday in the whole of the fashion world. To enter the industry
is no easy feat. Successful designers and brands have struggled long and hard before they were
able to establish a name. It is a competitive industry that it takes a lot of creativity, effort,
innovation and youthfulness to your designs plus more. If you want to establish a name and
make a mark in the fashion world, you have to be prepared to fight tooth and claw to make your
way up. Streetwear brands and designers are not even exempted to the challenge.

Successful streetwear brands have experienced many downfalls as well. Each has a story of
success and pitfalls to share to the world. But no matter how hard it is, they were able to
withstand all the challeneges and continue to flourish providing nothing but the best in
streetwear fashion. If you are looking for the best brands to buy your street style clothing items,
here are a few popular brands you should definitely check out.

      Primitive – the brand started in 1980 but experienced different valleys and peaks
       throughout its life. And because of that, new minds behind this brand is formulating a
       new concoction of post-modern designs and illustrations to cater to a wider range of
       client and help resurge the otherwise declining business. The brand mainly focuses on
       sneakers designs and skatewear due to the involvement of pro skater Paul Rodriguez with
       the brand. They offer a gamut of T-shirt designs from obvious parodies to conceptual art;
       you surely will find something suited for your taste. And the best part is, this is just the
       beginning of their resurgence. Expect more from them the coming months and years.
      Subcrew – streetwear has found its niche in many different key cities all over the world
       originating from San Francisco, traveling to Los Angeles, New York, Japan, London and
       now the craze is taking over China through Hong Kong. And since Hong Kong is just
       getting started, it is only wise to be among the first brands to deliver the best street style
       clothing to the island. Subcrew, headed by Sam Lee, spearheads street style in Taiwan
       and Hong Kong through flagship stores of Subcrew found all over. In the next 10 years or
       so, expect this brand to be a worldwide phenomenon.
      Suyo Clothing – of course, you will also find many successful and popular brands on the
       internet. It is one of the most celebrated online retailers of street style clothing as not only
       will you find different clothing items from the site but also gives you the latest news
       about new designs, collections and collaborations they have in store for fans.

These are just a few of the popular brands of street clothing you can find out there. If finding the
nearest retail store is hard for you, there is always Suyo to let you in on the latest street style
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