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March Archdiocese of Detroit


									To:    Bulletin Editors               fast will be offered, and this year’s   Of particular concern are certain
Fm:    Joe Kohn                       Rose Lecture will be presented by       attempts being made to limit that
       313–237–5943                   Fr. John F. Tuohey, Ph.D., the          most cherished of American
Dt:    Feb. 23, 2012                  founder and regional director of        freedoms, the freedom of religion.
Re:    Announcements available        the Providence Center for Health        Many of you have pointed out
       for parish bulletins in the    Care Ethics at the Providence St.       that concerted efforts have been
       month of March.                Vincent     Medical     Center    in    made to deny the right of
Pgs:   4 pages                        Portland, Oregon. The title of his      conscientious objection on the
                                      lecture is: “Physician Orders for       part of Catholic individuals and
                                      Life Sustaining Treatment (POLST)       institutions with     regard    to
March 3-4                             and Catholic Health Care: Is There      cooperation in intrinsically evil
                                      Really Reason For Concern?”             practices. Others have spoken to
     Support the Respect for              All Catholic health care            me of a worrying tendency to
    Rights of Conscience Act          professionals are welcome. There        reduce religious freedom to mere
   We are encountering serious        is no charge for the event and no       freedom of worship without
threats to religious liberty in the   registration is necessary. The          guarantees of respect for freedom
United States. Under the First        seminary is at 2701 Chicago             of conscience.”
Amendment to the Constitution,        Boulevard in Detroit, with the          ~Pope Benedict XVI, Address to
we should be left free to love God    entrance off of Linwood.                the Bishops of the United States
according to our conscience. The          For further information, con-       on their Ad Limina Visit, January
government should not force us to     tact Michael Hovey at (313) 237-        19, 2012
choose between violating our          4678 or
consciences, or violating the law.                                               Living Stations of the Cross
   In response to a mandate from                                                    Return to the Cathedral
the U.S. Department of Health                                                    This Lenten season, the Living
and Human Services which would                                                Stations return to the Cathedral
force the Church, and many                                                    of the Most Blessed Sacrament in
Catholics, to choose between                                                  Detroit for 36 performances
violating the law and violating                                               running March 16 – April 1, 2012.
                                         “This is My beloved Son.
their conscience, the bishops of                                              More than 11,000 people attended
                                      Listen to Him” (Mark 9:7). Is
Michigan are joining with the                                                 the 2011 performances. Group
                                      Christ calling you to be a priest?
U.S. Bishops in their support of                                              rates available on select dates &
                                      Are you listening to Him? If you
the Respect for Rights of                                                     times. Weekday matinee shows
                                      think God is calling you to be a
Conscience Act.                                                               are ideal for school field trips and
                                      priest visit our website at
   To learn what you can do to                                                other ministry groups.
                             or contact
support this legislation to protect                                              “When people are brought to
                                      Fr. Tim Birney, Director of
our religious freedom, visit                                                  the foot of the cross to experience
                                      Priestly Vocations, by e-mailing                                                     Jesus’ final hours in this way, it
                             or calling 313-
                                                                              becomes a personal and profound
      Annual Rose Mass for                                                    encounter with our Savior.”
    Health Care Professionals                                                    Purchase tickets by calling
   The 13th annual Rose Mass for                                              (800)    585-3737      or    visiting
                                                 Word of Life
Catholic health care professionals
                                         “[It] is imperative that the The
will be celebrated at 10 a.m. on                                              Cathedral is at 9844 Woodward
                                      entire Catholic community in the
Sunday, March 18 (Laetare                                                     Ave., between Chicago Boulevard
                                      United States come to realize the
Sunday) at Sacred Heart Major                                                 and the Davison.
                                      grave threats to the Church’s
Seminary in Detroit.
                                      public moral witness presented by
   Archbishop Allen H. Vigneron
                                      a radical secularism which finds
will preside at the Mass and will                                                         -- MORE --
                                      increasing expression in the
be the homilist. Following the
                                      political and cultural spheres…
Mass, a light continental break-
                                       the Choir or to participate in the     a.m.) at the Solanus Casey Cen-
                                       Mass as readers, greeters, gift        ter, 1780 Mt. Elliott Street, Detroit.
                                       bearers or flag carriers, please       Secured parking is available.
                                       email       The cost is $25 per person and
   Archbishop’s Pastoral Letter,       (There will be one practice at         includes lunch, rosary, free time,
     Parish Alignments Shared          12:30pm, prior to Mass).               closing Mass, and two conferences
    Archbishop Allen Vigneron’s           There is no fee for this event;     with guest speaker Fr. Larry
pastoral letter on Together in         however, a $2.00 commemorative         Weber, OFM Cap., director of the
Faith, Phase Two has been mailed       patch featuring the Cathedral will     Solanus Casey Center.
to all Catholic households in the      be is available for preorder ONLY         Register in advance with
Archdiocese of Detroit. “Forward       at the time of registration on the     payment to: Attn: Mary, Fr.
in Hope to Share Christ” addres-       GSSEM website ( We          Solanus Guild, 1780 Mt. Elliott,
ses the life of the Church in the      would also request our Girl Scout      Detroit, 48207 (confirmation will
Detroit archdiocese. “We cannot        guests to bring a personal hygiene     be by e-mail), or by phone with
simply continue without significant    item as a donation.                    credit card: call Mary at (313)
changes,” the Archbishop writes.                                              579-2100 ext. 169.
    Accompanying the pastoral let-           Solanus Casey Center
ter is Archbishop Vigneron’s                Sponsors Lenten Series
decisions on parish alignments,          A Mass and Lenten reflection
informed by recommendations from       with soup and bread are offered
lay leaders, the Archdiocesan          each Wednesday of Lent at the
Pastoral Council, and consulta-        Solanus Casey Center, 1780 Mt.
tions with others including pas-       Elliott Street, Detroit. Secured
tors and the auxiliary bishops.                                                   God gave us the command-
                                       parking is available. The theme of
    Plans specific to our parish                                              ments to lead us on the path to
                                       the series is “A Journey Toward
and vicariate, in context with the                                            life (Exodus 20:1-17). What path
                                       God and Personal Conversion.”
seven mission priorities of Together                                          will you choose to walk? Pray for
                                         Mass is celebrated at noon. The
in Faith, have been included in the                                           wisdom to know God’s path for
                                       Lenten reflection with soup and
mailing. Details for every parish                                             you. If you think God is calling
                                       bread is at 12:30 p.m. There is a
in the archdiocese are now posted                                             you to be a priest visit us on our
                                       free will offering. For additional
on the archdiocese website at                                                 website at
                                       information, visit the Web at                                            or contact Fr. Tim Birney,
                              or call
    For questions regarding your                                              Director of Priestly Vocations by
                                       (313) 579-2100 ext. 0.
parish or local vicariate, email                                              e-mailing or or call                                               calling 313-237-5875.
                                              A Family Perspective
(313) 237-5971.                                    by Bud Ozar
                                          The apostles thought they
       Mass to Celebrate the                                                        A Family Perspective
                   th                  knew Jesus, but when he changed
  Girl Scouts’ 100 Anniversary                                                           by Bud Ozar
                                       in front of them at the Trans-
    Please join Catholic Youth                                                   Today’s Gospel says Jesus
                                       figuration, they were “afraid.” In
Organization and the Girl Scouts                                              chased the merchants out of the
                                       families we cannot freeze relation-
of Southeastern Michigan at 2                                                 temple, it doesn’t say He was
                                       ships because change and growth
p.m. on March 11th to celebrate                                               angry. Jesus teaches us to act
                                       are inevitable. Children grow up,
the 100th Anniversary of Girl                                                 from conviction and not from
                                       parents grow old and spouses
Scouting with Bishop Cepeda at                                                anger. He didn’t condemn the
                                       change. Transfigurations are all
the Cathedral of the Most Blessed                                             merchants, only their business
                                       around us and within us. Relation-
Sacrament. Attend with your                                                   practice. Attack the behavior and
                                       ships can only grow when we em-
family, your troop or on your own                                             not the person.
                                       brace the new and let go of the old.
— all scouts past and present are
invited.      As part of this
celebration all girls and adults in
attendance     who     have   ever     March 10-11
received a Catholic Religious
Medal will be recognized. Current           Fr. Solanus Guild Holds                       -- MORE --
and     former     members      are       Day of Reflection and Prayer
encouraged to wear uniforms,             All men and women are invited
sashes/vests, and GS pins.             to a Day of Reflection and Prayer
     We are also organizing a Girl     on Thursday, March 29, from 9
Scout Choir. To be a member of         a.m. to 3 p.m. (check-in at 8:30
                                       The grateful recognition that life     ~ Cardinal Timothy Dolan,
                                       is an inestimable gift, then, leads    Archbishop of New York, President
                                       to the discovery of one’s own          of the USCCB, “ObamaCare and
                                       profound     dignity     and    the    Religious Freedom,”       The Wall
                                       inviolability of every single          Street Journal, Jan. 25, 2012
                                       person. Hence the first step in
                                       education is learning to recognize            A Family Perspective
    Catholic Men’s Conference          the Creator’s image in man, and                    by Bud Ozar
    Men of all ages are invited to     consequently learning to have a           Today’s Gospel speaks of light
attend the annual Archdiocese of       profound respect for every human       and darkness. Often a parent is
Detroit-sponsored Catholic Men’s       being and helping others to live a     deliberately “left in the dark.”
Conference to be held April 21st       life consonant with this supreme       Darkness can be comforting for it
on the campus of Oakland               dignity.”                              makes no demands on us. Light
University in Rochester.               ~Pope Benedict XVI, Message for        can be disturbing for it forces us
    This year’s conference will        the World Day of Peace, January        to take action. Parents walk a
feature the inspiring Crossing The     1, 2012                                delicate balance of when to “sit in
Goal ministry team of Danny                                                   the dark” and when to “turn on
Abramowicz, Peter Herbeck, Curtis                                             the lights.”
Martin and Brian Patrick. Through      March 17-18
inspired talks on conversion,
transformation and evangelization,                                            March 24-25
the speakers will motivate men to
go on and make a positive difference                                                      Word of Life
in their homes, parishes, workplaces                                              “This is government by fiat
and communities.                                                              that attacks the rights of
    The conference day begins with                                            everyone – not only Catholics; not
the sacrifice of the Holy Mass             “For God so loved the world        only people of all religion. At no
celebrated by Detroit auxiliary        that He gave His only Son, so that     other time in memory or history
Bishop Michael Byrnes. The             everyone who believes in Him           has there been such a govern-
sacrament of reconciliation will be    might not perish but have eternal      mental intrusion on freedom not
offered during the conference day.     life” (John 3:16). How do you          only with regard to religion, but
    Wives send your husbands.          receive and share this gift of         even across-the-board with all
Fathers bring your sons. Men           Love? If you think God is calling      citizens. It forces [nearly] every
bring your parish priest. Invite       you to be a priest visit our website   employer to subsidize an ideology
your friends, neighbors, teachers,     at      or   or pay a penalty while searching
coaches and co-workers to attend!      contact Fr. Tim Birney, Director       for alternatives to health care
Learn God’s winning playbook for       of Priestly Vocations by e-mailing     coverage. It undermines the
you – you don’t want to miss this or calling 313-     whole concept and hope for health
inspirational day!                     237-5875.                              care reform by inextricably
    The conference will be from 8                                             linking it to the zealotry of pro-
a.m. until 3 p.m. at the O’Rena                    Word of Life               abortion bureaucrats.”
Athletics Center. Cost is $40 for          “As a result [of the Admini-       ~Bishop David A. Zubik, Bishop
adults and $25 for students. For       stration’s mandate], all but a few     of Pittsburgh, Statement on HHS
complete conference information        employers will be forced to            contraceptive mandate.
and to register go online to           purchase coverage for contra- or call us       ception, abortion drugs, and
at 313-596-7325.                       sterilization services even when
                                       they seriously object to them. All
           Word of Life                who share the cost of health plans
   “This is the fundamental            that include such services will be
question that must be asked: who       forced to pay for them as well.
is man? Man is a being who bears       Surely it violates the freedom of
within his heart a thirst for the      religion to force religious min-
infinite, a thirst for truth – a       istries and citizens to buy health
                                                                                         -- MORE --
truth which is not partial but         coverage to which they object as a
capable    of   explaining   life’s    matter of conscience and religious
meaning – since he was created in      principle.”
the image and likeness of God.
                                                A Family Perspective
                                                    by Bud Ozar
                                            The Passion of Jesus makes it
                                         clear, no one escapes suffering.
                                         Suffering is inevitable but no one
                                         should suffer alone. That is one of
    “Whoever serves me must
                                         the primary roles of families, to
follow me, and where I am, there
                                         stand with and support each
also will my servant be. The
                                         other in suffering.
Father will honor whoever serves
me” (John 12:26). How is God
calling you to follow and serve
                                         Making a Report of Sexual Abuse
Him; as priest? If you think God
                                             To inform the Archdiocese of
is calling you to be a priest visit
                                         Detroit regarding the sexual or contact
                                         abuse of minors by priests,
Fr. Tim Birney, Director of
                                         deacons, and other Church
Priestly Vocations by e-mailing
                                         personnel and/or to speak to the or calling 313-
                                         Victim Assistance Coordinator,
                                         contact 866–343–8055. A caller
                                         will be requested to provide his or
       A Family Perspective
                                         her name and telephone number.
           by Bud Ozar
                                         All calls regarding complaints of
   Relationships come with a
                                         sexual abuse will be returned in a
price tag. We must be willing to
                                         timely manner. This toll–free
entrust ourselves to another, to
                                         telephone number has been
let go of our autonomy and die to
                                         established as part of an effort by
our independence. It is in dying to
                                         the Detroit archdiocese to protect
our independence that we find
                                         children, young people, and other
interdependence with others.
                                         vulnerable people in our schools,
                                         parishes, and ministries. This line
                                         is for reporting suspected sexual
March 31-April 1                         misconduct or child abuse within
                                         archdiocesan institutions and
                                         ministries only. Persons with
                                         complaints not involving clergy or
                                         church personnel should refer to
                                         the archdiocesan web site at
                                         for contact information for civil
   Jesus “did not regard equality
with God something to be grasped.
Rather, He emptied Himself…                             ###
becoming obedient to death, even
death on a cross” (Philippians 2:6-8).
Are you willing to empty yourself
of    selfishness    and     become
obedient to the call of God in your
heart? If you think God is calling       Note to Bulletin Editors: If you
you to be a priest, please visit our     would like to receive these
website at         monthly announcements via
or contact Fr. Tim Birney,               email, contact the Archdiocese
Director of Priestly Vocations by        Public Relations Office at
e-mailing, or or call 313–
calling 313-237-5875.                    237–5943.

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