VASER Liposuction - Creates a Contoured, Athletic Appearance in Males

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VASER Liposuction - Creates a Contoured, Athletic
Appearance in Males

VASER liposuction creates a contoured, athletic appearance in males.
Whether your aesthetic goal is to reduce those male breasts, improve the
definition of your pectoral muscles or gain a six pack, this procedure may be
just right to realize those goals. It would get rid of small/large but persistent
regions of fat that don’t shift in spite of strenuous exercise and workouts at
the gym. Post-procedure, your skin will retract to form smoother and more
attractive contours.

VASER Body Contouring – Technology and Process

The procedure is carried out using the VASER® Lipo system manufactured
by Sound Surgical Technologies LLC. The system uses high frequency
sound waves (ultrasonic energy) to shake the fat cells apart.

The area to be treated is first filled with tumescent liquid (a saline solution).
The fluid deadens the target area and causes local blood vessels to contract.
It also effects a temporary increase in size of the target area, making it easier
to get rid of the fat cells. VASER® ultrasonic probes of a small diameter are
introduced into the treatment region through small incisions. High ultrasonic
frequency resonation of the probes causes the fat cells to loosen and
separate. Blood vessels, connective tissue and nerves are not damaged in any
way during the process.

The separated fat cells blend with the tumescent fluid. The melted fat is
taken out through a cannula by a mild suction process. Following the

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surgery, your physician would advise a recovery routine to facilitate utmost
skin withdrawal and smooth outcomes. He may also suggest massage
therapy to hasten your recovery.

Areas Treated

In men, VASER liposuction can be performed on the following areas:

   • Face
   • Chin
   • Neck
   • Back
   • Breasts
   • Pectorals
   • Abdomen
   • Arms
   • Hips
   • Love Handles
   • Buttocks
   • Thighs
   • Calves
   • Knees
   • Ankles

It is possible to treat more than one area at a time but you can only be sure
about this after you consult your physician. The ultimate results are usually

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visible within three to four months. This may vary depending on how many
areas have been treated and the amount of fat that has been removed. These
factors also have a bearing on the cost of the procedure.

Plenty of Benefits

The benefits of the VASER liposuction are much more than just slimmer and
eye-catching contours. The other advantages associated with this cosmetic
surgery procedure are:

   •   Local anesthesia is administered which is safer than traditional
       anesthesia used in many plastic surgery procedures
   • Minimally invasive
   • Less surgical trauma and downtime compared to traditional
       liposuction treatments
   •   Minimal pain and discomfort
   • Noticeable results can be achieved in a single session
   • Clinically proven to improve skin tightening in treated regions
   • The viability of the fat is maintained, making it suitable for fat transfer
   • Minimal post-operative drainage
   • If you should gain weight after the procedure, the fat is likely to get
       proportionately distributed throughout your body

It can thus be concluded that VASER liposuction creates a contoured athletic
appearance in males, and is much more advanced than older liposuction
methods with respect to safety and effectiveness.

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                          VASER Liposuction

Description: VASER liposuction precisely removes fat to give men slim, attractive contours. VASER liposuction is minimally invasive and maintains fat viability.