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					                                  FRIEND IS A GIFT
As a gift, there is a nice wrapper and the wrapper there is ugly.
That the wrapper had a nice-looking face, or an attractive personality.

The poor have a face pack casual, casual or personality, or even annoying.

As a gift, there is good content and there are bad contents.
The contents of which have a good life so beautiful that we are amazed when sharing
with him, when we bear to spend countless hours telling stories and entertaining each
other, cried together, laughed together ..
We love him and he loves us.

That it had a soul was hurt bad.
Once the wounds so that his soul could no longer love, precisely because he did not
feel the love of his life.
Unfortunately, what we perceive it is often precisely the attitude of rejection,
resentment, hatred, envy, pride, anger, etc..

We do not like this kind souls and try to avoid them.
We do not know that these are not because they are inherently bad, but the soul's
inability to give love because of it he needs our love, requires empathy, patience and
courage to listen to the deepest wounds memasung soul.

How can we expect someone who hurt his knee running with us?
How can we ask someone who was afraid of water to swim with us?

Wound in his knee and the fear of airlah that must be cured, not berate them because
they do not want to run or swim with us.
They will not say that the "knee" their wounds or their fear of water ",
they will say that they do not like running or swimming that they would say boring,

It's a defense mechanism. That's how they defend themselves.

They will not say: "I can not dance"
Rather: "Dancing is not interesting."

They will not say: "I need you"
Rather: "No match with me."

They will not say: "I'm lonely"
But rather: "My friends have passed all"

They will not say: "I need acceptable"
Rather: "I was bad, who would bear with me .."

They will not say: "I want to be heard"
But rather: "The story of my life boring .."

Each soul is potentially God's creation resemble Him, nothing is "bad", they should be
loved any appearance and actions.
His command: "Love your neighbor as you love yourself"

They were all present for us, whether good or bad packaging, whether it good or bad.
And do not be fooled by the packaging.
Only when we meet people-with-life, we know the real gift that He has prepared for

Give meaning within your life not just for yourself alone but also for fellow human
happiness in your life within the environment.

Give your time combined with the sense of love!
A friend who just like a priceless jewel.
A friend can make us happy, make us entertained.
Lend their ears to us when we need it.

They are willing to open your heart and feelings to share the joys and sorrows with us
when we need it.

Therefore do not waste your time which you have, do not sia2 will reply in such a
precious time.
Distribute most of the time which you have for a friend.

Surely they will give you the time who would turn back as a loop, although
sometimes we do not know from where and from whom it came from.

Begin's start with a moment to share our time with menforward this article to a friend
or friend of all who need it.

By saying I care about you!

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