Competitor Analysis Worksheet

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This form sets forth a spreadsheet for performing a competitor analysis. This spreadsheet allows a company to evaluate and compare its products or services with those of competitors. This worksheet has three different tabs: analysis, accumulated score table, and notes/comments section. It allows a company to perform an analysis for up to five competitors. This template can be customized to reflect the unique business needs and market factors for any company.

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                                                           Competitor Analysis Worksheet
1. Select up to five competitors with which to compare your organization and enter the names of those competitors in the header columns where indicated.
2. Fill in the demographic information for each competitor.
3. Using the rating system below, rate each competitor based on the listed criteria. (Add rows for additional criteria as necessary.)
4. Total the scores of each competitor on the second worksheet and average the total.
5. Those competitors with the highest percentage rating could be a potential threat to your business.
6. Use the third worksheet to keep track of notes and comments.
                                             Rating System:
                                             0 -- Does not apply.
                                             1 -- Applies only minimally.
                                             2 -- Applies somewhat.
                                             3 -- Applies moderately.
                                             4 -- Applies maximally.
Competitor Name:                              [ENTER NAME] [ENTER NAME] [ENTER NAME]           [ENTER NAME]     [ENTER NAME] [ENTER NAME]          [ENTER NAME]
Company Size:
Years in Business:
Number of Employees:
Number of Plants:
Number of Retail Outlets:

Ownership (Private? Publicly Traded?):
Corporate Governance:
Organizational Structure:
Retail outlets are advantageously located:
Annual sales exceed those of my company:
Product is same/similar to my product:
Product is priced lower than my product:
More money spent on marketing activities:
Cost of production is lower than mine:
Expansion rate exceeds mine:
Leadership has more industry experience:
Distribution channels outnumber mine:
Suppliers outnumber mine:
Has more venture capital available:
Product meets needs of market position:
                                                                            Scores and Averages

                  Retail         Annual       Product                                                                                                                   Venture       Market
                                                         Product Price Marketing          Production Expansion          Leadership       Distribution       Suppliers
                  Outlets        Sales        Comparison                                                                                                                Capital       Needs
[Competitor #1]
[Competitor #2]
[Competitor #3]
[Competitor #4]
[Competitor #5]
Total Score:                 0            0               0             0             0               0             0                0                  0           0             0            0
Average:           #DIV/0!        #DIV/0!       #DIV/0!       #DIV/0!       #DIV/0!         #DIV/0!       #DIV/0!         #DIV/0!           #DIV/0!          #DIV/0!    #DIV/0!       #DIV/0!
                  Notes and Comments

[Competitor #1]

[Competitor #2]

[Competitor #3]

[Competitor #4]

[Competitor #5]
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