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Press release from Richmond Office of Public Safety in response to critical report issued by the office of Richmond Councilman Corky Booze and his intern, Anna Johnson.

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    March 27, 2012

    PRESS CONTACTS: DeVone L. Boggan, 510-620-5421, devone_boggan@ci.richmond.ca.us

    I am very disappointed that the paper and the accompanying power point completed by
    Richmond City Councilman Booze and his assigned intern disguised as an official city staff
    report was allowed to be made public through the city’s Council Agenda process. To find that it
    was sent to several media outlets is truly disturbing and most unfortunate.

    I’m concerned with the abundance of unsubstantiated commentary and assumptions disguised
    as “findings from information gathering”. The paper was clearly limited by the intern’s level of
    graduate study, unfamiliarity with the topic/subject being researched that included gun violence
    interruption and intervention, governmental programs, and structures, and city budgets. Simply
    put, she does not have either the professional or educational background to critique those topics
    or any of the areas where she provided recommendations.

    The City of Richmond should be extremely hesitant when offering forth to the public a student
    opinion paper disguised as a professional report which was not appropriately reviewed by a
    qualified professional. There was no supervision to provide graduate level feedback around her
    “information gathering” research methodology, data collection and presentation of biased
    reporting content.

    I’m further disappointed that the report lacks scholarly attention and dimension. In addition to
    the report’s methodology being unclear and undirected, it is poorly organized and lacks overall
    direction. The purpose of the report lacks transparency and does not honestly lay out the
    guidelines or direction given for the assignment. The opening paragraphs reveal prejudice from
    the start. The description of the project outlines a direction that looks to focus on the ugly and
    dismiss the relevant. In the absence of a graduate school supervisor providing appropriate
    direction and feedback, (particularly around biased presentations) this report should be
    considered nothing more than a writing exercise draft.

    Finally, the findings were subjectively reported and included blatant inaccuracies and errors.
    Many of the findings were redundant and already known. As to the few accurate statements
    within the paper, much was old news and solutions and opportunities are already being

    This experience underscores the need for an objective, outside evaluation from a qualified
    organization with in depth knowledge in violence prevention and outreach work with system
    involved young people. We are currently perusing a qualified evaluator to help us determine the
    effectiveness of the Department.

    The ONS appreciates the interest in our work and we are grateful to have every opportunity to
    share it with city leaders and the community. We look forward to working with academics,
    evaluators, and city leaders to evaluate our programs and improve the associated
    communications about the work.
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