Financial Budgeting

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									Financial Budgeting
                                        Monthly   Monthly
                                        Budget     Actual
                                        Amount    Amount    Difference
    Wages                                 X         X           X
    Bonuses                               X         X           X
    Investment Income                     X         X           X
    Interest Income                       X         X           X
    Miscellaneous Income                  X         X           X
    Federal Income Tax                    X         X           X
    State and Local Income Tax            X         X           X
    Social Security/Medicare Tax          X         X           X
    Total Revenue                         X         X           X

    Fixed Expenses:
    Home Mortgage or Rent                 X         X           X
    Property Tax                          X         X           X
    Utilities                             X         X           X
            Electricity                   X         X           X
            Water and Sewer               X         X           X
            Natural Gas or Oil            X         X           X
    Health and Medical                    X         X           X
    Debt Payments                         X         X           X
            Student Loan                  X         X           X
            Credit Cards                  X         X           X
            Other Loans                   X         X           X
    Investments and Savings               X         X           X
            IRA/ 401(K)                   X         X           X
            Stocks/Bonds/Mutual Funds     X         X           X
            College Fund                  X         X           X
            Savings                       X         X           X
            Emergency Fund                X         X           X
    Family Obligations                    X         X           X
    Variable Expenses:
    Food                                  X         X           X
    Transportation                        X         X           X
    Clothing and Entertainment            X         X           X
    Miscellaneous                         X         X           X
    Total Expenditures                    X         X           X

Revenues - Expenditures                   X         X           X

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