Financial Budgeting

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					Financial Budgeting
                                        Monthly   Monthly
                                        Budget     Actual
                                        Amount    Amount    Difference
    Wages                                 X         X           X
    Bonuses                               X         X           X
    Investment Income                     X         X           X
    Interest Income                       X         X           X
    Miscellaneous Income                  X         X           X
    Federal Income Tax                    X         X           X
    State and Local Income Tax            X         X           X
    Social Security/Medicare Tax          X         X           X
    Total Revenue                         X         X           X

    Fixed Expenses:
    Home Mortgage or Rent                 X         X           X
    Property Tax                          X         X           X
    Utilities                             X         X           X
            Electricity                   X         X           X
            Water and Sewer               X         X           X
            Natural Gas or Oil            X         X           X
    Health and Medical                    X         X           X
    Debt Payments                         X         X           X
            Student Loan                  X         X           X
            Credit Cards                  X         X           X
            Other Loans                   X         X           X
    Investments and Savings               X         X           X
            IRA/ 401(K)                   X         X           X
            Stocks/Bonds/Mutual Funds     X         X           X
            College Fund                  X         X           X
            Savings                       X         X           X
            Emergency Fund                X         X           X
    Family Obligations                    X         X           X
    Variable Expenses:
    Food                                  X         X           X
    Transportation                        X         X           X
    Clothing and Entertainment            X         X           X
    Miscellaneous                         X         X           X
    Total Expenditures                    X         X           X

Revenues - Expenditures                   X         X           X

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Description: This Financial Budgeting document provides an excel worksheet designed for use by individuals or family households. The worksheet breaks down the different revenue coming in the household as well as the expense going out. It allows the user to build a comprehensive budget planning model that will average their monthly income and expense. Having a monthly budget can help an individual or family ensure that he, she or it will not spend more than its actual monthly income. This template worksheet can be modified to fit the unique needs and expenses of any family.
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