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					                 Ne ed a roof inspection or roof certification?
                                         Ne ed it done right?
Here at Conlon Exteriors, Inc. we work with homebuyers, homeowners and professionals to get roof
certifications done right. Whether you are a homeowner who is looking to refinance or a potential
homebuyer anxiously awaiting to close, we specialize in making sure your roof is up to par. What sets us
apart from other roofing contractors are our highly trained roof inspectors. Using our comprehensive roof
certification process we inspect the entire roof then provide a detailed, written roof inspection report
complete with photographs. We are licensed, insured and have been serving Nassau and Suffolk
Counties for over 10 years!

                  roof certification takes away the risk

 Conlon Exteriors, Inc. focuses on the existing roof by making sure that it is in good condition and
 likely to last. In addition to emergency roof repairs we offer inspection and repair services so that the
 entire roof stays leak-free for at least three more years. We offer roof replacement services if we
 don't think your roof will last that long. After our inspection, you will received a detailed roof
 inspection report that can assist you when you try to sell, finance or insure your home.
 Conlon Exteriors, Inc. takes the worry of roof leaks out of your hands with its roof certification. Did you
 know that 30% of all the problems not detected during home inspections relate to the roof and water

 Our roof certification affirms that the roof should be in good working order for at least three years. A
 thorough inspection followed by any necessary repairs puts your roof in a condition where leaks
 become extremely unlikely.

 Even if a roof looks ok, it's "Roof Smart" to certify, because the average roof lasts less than 20 years
 and all roofs - even new ones - have the potential for leaks. And the real expense with leaks is all the
 consequential damage.

                              Provide yourself or your homebuyer, the
                              peace of mind from knowing the roof is
                              going to be ok for the next three years.
                                  Selling
                                  Buying
                                  Refinancing
                              Roofing Contractor Services:
                                  Roof Repairs
                                  Roof Replacement
                              Roof Inspector Services:
                                  Roof Inspection
                                  Roof Certification
    Understanding the Needs of Mortgage Lenders & Real
                  E state Professionals

 Conlon Exteriors roof inspection division was founded because real estate agents, mortgage lenders,
 property and casualty insurers need access to roofing professionals, reports and certifications that can
 help with negotiations, closings, risk determination and claims.

 Establishing a relationship with a local roofing contractor who can provide timely, consistent,
 dependable inspection and an acceptable certification service is a challenge. The roofing workforce is
 highly fragmented with individual contractors predominantly focused on roof replacement and, to a
 lesser extent, repairs to actively leaking roofs. Those contractors willing to even look at a dry roof too
 often show up late, miss appointments or fail to present detailed inspection reports. Most have never
 provided a certification in the form of a binding service agreement.

                             We specialize in providing the
                             responsive service and in-depth
                             reporting essential to correcting
                             problems, closing transactions and
                             managing risk.
                                 Seller’s Agents
                                 Buyer’s Agents
                                 Brokers
                                 Property Managers
                                 Home Inspectors
                                 Lenders
                                 Insurers
                                 Escrow Companies

                      Re quest information or contact us
Please feel free to contact us to request further information or to schedule an appointment for your roof
certification. During business hours, we guarantee to be in touch with you within an hour.

Thank you and we look forward to working with you in the future.
Office #:     (516) 781-5194
Fax #:        (516) 541-1661

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