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									How to Get Google Adsense Account Approval?
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AdSense is a web-based advertising program offered by Google. It places ads directly on others' web sites,
enabling them to earn money from the traffic their sites naturally generate. Many of the ads offered are
AdSense pay per click ads. The AdSense pay per click ads work by giving site publishers money for each
person who visits their site and clicks through on an ad.

Google AdSense is a great way make money online and provide you with a very good monthly income but
there are of course many things that you need to know in order to be able to build a successful AdSense site
which continues to make you money even as you sleep by using the power of the internet. Reading through
the information on Google's AdSense website will help you to avoid mistakes that may get you rejected.
Google benefits by more people using AdSense, so offering it for free was the best thing they could do.

Adsense Account Approval

Adsense approval trick has been the most wanted trick by many internet users and getting adsense approval
was very tough these days. Getting adsense account approval has been a great challenge for all blog
owners in the recent past. Google has been very strict in approving adsense for blogs/forums and even for
websites. Every newbie blogger has a dream to get approval of Google AdSense Application as quickly as
possible but most time it doesn't get approved. You must take care of certain points in order to get your blog
approved from google adsense.

Do you want to get approval of google adsense account? Then, you are on right place. This article provides
some simple points that can help you to get a genuine adsense account approved. Actually, almost every
webmaster is in search of a proper and legal method of getting adsense account approval and atlast I
found this trick. Please read the information below to find out out what was behind getting approval for my
blog. I am telling this secret as it will help many bloggers and website owners to earn from Google's AdSense
system. I am sharing some simple tips to get quick AdSense account approval especially for Indian
bloggers. You must remember them while applying for a Genuine Google AdSense account.

Google Adsense Account Approval Tricks

Important: Always remember that you should not apply for a Google Adsense Account for your friends or
known people because it is their duty to do it for themselves. The adsense application page may record your
IP address, hence to be on safe side always recommend the person who is looking to get a Adsense

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Account to apply for it themselves.

   1. Use top level domain (TLD) i.e., not for applying an
      adsense account.
   2. Your domain must have been registered and website should be up and running live for at least 6
      months before you apply for AdSense so as to get good traffic.
   3. Google loves content-rich websites. So, try to write as much original and good quality content as you
   4. Do not use fake name during AdSense account application submission. Always use your real name.
   5. You have to specify a real address in the application. So, write your actual physical address correctly,
      and in proper format.
   6. Use same personal information which you have used during domain registration as Google team may
      verify it. So, you must provide accurate personal information with your application that matches the
      information on your domain registration.
   7. Use a good web hosting service provide to avoid any downtime when they check your website. Also,
      make sure that your website do not host any malware or phishing attack scripts.
   8. Have good content both on quality and quantity.
   9. Make sure you have good Traffic at least 50 visits per day.
   10. Make Your Site Look Professional.
   11. Use Google webmaster and analytics to optimize your website content and to get most out of the
        Search Engines.
   12. Apply only once.
   13. Generating AdSense revenue should not be the sole purpose of your website. So, do not make you
        website only for AdSense or affiliate links. It should be a good content-rich website that has its own
        purpose to be online.
   14. Your site must comply with Google AdSense program policies.

At last if you get AdSense account approved, do not click your own ads. Please share your views (as
comments below) on how you got Google AdSense Application approved.

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