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  Little League
Parents Handbook





     Check out the GLL web-site for the
         most current information
                          Gresham Little League
                         2012 Parents Handbook

                                Table of Contents

Parents Role and Volunteering

In Case of Emergency.................................................................. 1
2012 Calendar ........................................................................... 2
2012 Board of Directors ............................................................... 3
Letter from the President .............................................................. 4
Ten Commandments for Parents ................................................. 5
Parents Role in Safety ............................................................... 6
Rules on Field Use ....................................................................... 7
A Parent’s Guide to the Little League
   Child Protection Program ........................................................ 8
GLL Membership ........................................................................ 12
Volunteering ............................................................................... 13
Questions ................................................................................... 14
Our Proud Sponsors .................................................................. 17
Tournaments & Field Locations ................................................. 18
The Little League Pledge ........................................................... 19
            In Case of Emergency

If You Call 911 or Other Emergency Number
      Protect Yourself and Your Players

Be Prepared to Tell:
1. Location
2. Street address
3. City
4. Directions
5. Telephone number from which call is being made
6. Caller’s name
7. What happened
8. Condition of injured person
9. Help that is being provided


                     2012 Calendar

        Important Dates to Remember

    Monday,          Opening Day – Majors & Minors
     April 2         Baseball

District Schedule    Opening Day – Softball
       TBA                         JR/SR Baseball

                     Opening Day – Farms Baseball
Monday, April 16
                                   Rookies & T-Ball

Saturday, April 21   Pictures at Major Field – All Divisions
                     Fundraiser Starts

 Please see our website
  for important dates affecting your child’s levels

        2012 Board of Directors
President                        Donnie Thompson
Vice President                   Jason Trickel
Secretary                        Paula Rose
Treasurer                        Don Logue
Advisor                          Rick Benoit
Umpire in Chief                  Chris Ford
AL Player Agent                  Melissa Thomas
AL Register                      Nicole Maynard
NL Player Agent                  Darrin Barham
NL Register                      Theresa Belland
Softball Division Director       Scott McPherson
T-Ball Division Director         ____________
Rookies Division Director        ____________
Farms BB Division Director       Jeremy Maynard
Minors BB Division Director      Larry Cleverley
Majors BB Division Director      Jason Sjolund
Juniors BB Division Director     Roger Hayworth
Coaching Coordinator             Joe McKenzie
Fields Director                  Ron Stinson
Safety Officer                   Sarah Phillips
Concessions Coordinator          Trina Fornoff
Sponsorship Director             Kim Hughes
Fundraising Director             Sarah Meckel
Uniforms Director                Kari Murdock
Equipment Director               Ty Brown
Information Officer              Juli Radke
AL Member at Large               ____________
NL Member at Large               ____________

You can reach any board member via email from the
GLL website

Only call a board member for issues pertaining to what
they are in charge of please.

              Letter from the President

Welcome to the Gresham Little League! Gresham Little League
exists to teach the fundamentals of baseball and softball to kids from
ages 4-18. More importantly, we value the process of learning those
fundamentals by instilling determination, courage and teamwork at
every level along the way. We are a 100% volunteer organization
that can only succeed by the ongoing involvement of adults that
share our common passions of excellence and community

When you enroll your child in Little League then you are agreeing to
a code of conduct that is not only about your behavior in the stands
but is expressed through your involvement with the League. Every
parent must pull their weight for the team to be successful. When
we take on the “but I paid for this” attitude then we have devalued
and dishonored those that are committed to your kids. If you don't
step up to serve then somebody else has to work twice as's
that simple. Having said that, we need you! We have many different
roles and responsibilities for you to engage in. Please talk to me and
I will help you plug in to an arena that fits you best.

I look forward to meeting you at the diamond!

Donnie Thompson
Gresham Little League

      Ten Commandments for Parents

1. I shall not criticize the umpire unless I am ready to assume his/her
2. I shall not complain about anyone unless I have labored more
   hours on the Little League program than they have.
3. I shall not be a “Grand Stand” Manager.
4. I shall remember that only nine team members can play at one
5. I shall set an example of sportsmanship for my child to follow.
6. I shall not be critical unless willing to put out the necessary effort to
   correct my criticism.
7. I shall remember that all managers, officer and umpires are
   volunteer workers.
8. I shall remember that all officers and other personnel must earn a
   living and cannot work on Little League all the time and they are
   not a day care or babysitter for my child.
9. I shall offer my services for work when ever possible.
10. I shall encourage my child to follow the Little League Pledge.

                   Parents Role In Safety
Most Little League rules have some basis in safety. You can help by
setting a good example for all the players. It is important to follow the rules
for the safety of everyone involved. The coaches are trained in first aid,
fundamentals and common sense safety. Please take the time to learn
these rules and make them common practice any time you practice
baseball with your child. Here are a few examples for our leagues rules:
       NO ONE HOLDS A BAT!! Many players bring their own bats to
        practice and games. They should remain in their bags, in the
        dugout or on the ground in front of them until they are needed.
        Most serious injuries involve a bat in one way or another. In most
        cases the accident does not even involve the game of baseball.
        Some player standing around with a bat in their hand decides to
        take a practice cut, an innocent by-stander becomes a victim.
        Nobody meant to do it, but it happens.
       The manager or coach will never leave a player alone at the field.
        It is very important that you are there to pick your child up on time.
        It is recommended you remain at the field if possible. If this is not
        possible, please contact the coach or manager prior to the event or
        make other arrangements to have your child picked up. Make sure
        your child and the coach or manager are aware of the alternate
       No alcohol or tobacco on the field. If you must smoke or chew
        tobacco, please do it away from the players in designated areas.
       Please be extra cautious when entering and leaving the parking
        lots. Children may not always look for you, especially young future
        baseball players.
       It is important that you share any medical information that may
        affect your child during games and practice. It you have concerns
        or questions about this please contact the Manager or League
        Safety Officer. All information is confidential.
       Have your child eat a snack before practice or games. Hungry ball
        players don’t concentrate well.
       Routinely check your child’s equipment for safety concerns.
       Arrive to practice and games early to allow for proper warm ups.
       Help out at practices. The more adults keeping an eye out for the
        children, the better chance for fewer accidents.

As part of our safety program to reduce injury, we keep our fields in the
best condition possible. You will be asked to participate on field day. In
addition there are many ways to help: concessions, umpiring, fundraising,
etc. Volunteers are what make good leagues, GREAT LEAGUES.
Working together will make your child’s experience even better.

    Imagine what our league would be if everybody
        thought they were too busy to volunteer????

                       Rules on Field Use
        Please do not hit hard balls into the fences at any of our fields. It
         damages the fence fabric.
        Helmets must be worn during any hitting drills regardless of what
         kind of ball is being used, EVEN WIFFLE BALLS!!
        No climbing backstops or fences.
        Pick up trash around dugouts and spectator areas.
        Players should not dig holes in the fields.
        Please help rake and drag the fields after every game and
        No dogs are allowed on the field at any time. If you bring your dog
         to the ball park, please observe the leash law and clean up after
         your pet.
The schools let us use the fields at no charge. Please make sure you treat
them with respect and assist with cleaning up after the game.

   A Parent’s Guide to the Little League
                Child Protection Program
The backbone of Little League Baseball is the adult volunteer. One million
strong, it is this corps of dedicated people who coach the teams, umpire
the games, work in the concession stands, serve on the local board of
directors, and serve at the District Level. These people, who live in every
U.S. state and more than 100 other countries, make Little League the
world’s largest and most respected youth sports organization.
The Little League Child Protection Program seeks to educate children and
volunteers in ways to prevent child abusers from becoming involved in the
local league. Part of that education has been to assist local Little League
volunteers in finding effective and inexpensive ways to conduct
background checks. Little League regulations now say: “No local league
shall permit any person to participate in any manner, whose background
check reveals a conviction for any crime involving or against a minor.”
(Reg. I[c]9.)
Background checks were optional until the 2003 season. Recent advances
in computer technology allowing greater access to public records make it
possible for background checks (at a minimum to see if an individual is a
registered sex offender in a given state) to be conducted in every U.S.
state. Local Little League programs are now required to annually conduct
a background check of Managers, Coaches, Board of Directors members
and any other persons, volunteers or hired workers, who provide regular
service to the league and/or have repetitive access to, or contact with
players or teams. (Reg. I[b], Reg. I[c] 9.).
The purpose of these background checks is first and foremost, to protect
the children. Second, they maintain Little League as a hostile environment
for those who would seek to harm children. Third, they will protect
individuals and leagues from possible loss of personal or league assets
because of litigation.
In more than 40 states, a check of the state’s sex offender registry is free.
In others there is a nominal fee per person. Parents have a right to know
that the leadership of their child’s local Little League conducted the
mandatory background checks on everyone required. Whatever the cost,
the Gresham Little League cannot afford to ignore this regulation. In fact,
compliance is a condition of membership in Little League.

                   What Can Parents Do?
Most children have been warned about the dangers of talking to strangers.
But for many children, sexual molestation is committed by someone they
know. In fact, 80 to 85 percent of all sexual abuse cases in the U.S. are
committed by an individual familiar to the victim, according to statistics
compiled by Big Brothers & Big Sisters of America.
The truth is, child sex offenders can come from every background, every
occupation, every race and every level of education. They may be
married, and they may have children of their own. It is dangerous to
believe that the only threat is the stranger in a long raincoat, lurking behind
a tree. Sometimes, a child is molested by a known and “trusted” person
and will feel so guilty about not reacting the “right” way, that he or she
never reports the problem.
Sadly, we have all seen too many reports in which teachers, police officers,
clergy, youth sports volunteers, etc. trusted by all, have violated that trust
and molested children in their care. Of course, this must never and will
never be tolerated in Gresham Little League or any Little League
In many of these situations, the young victims are actually seduced,
sometimes over a period of months or even years. The child’s family is
lulled into believing the unusual attention being lavished is a bond of
friendship between the adult and the child. In fact, the adult abuser often
uses gifts, trips, attention and affection as part of the courtship process.
Sometimes the courtship process extends to the child’s parent(s), but the
real target is the child.
Often, but not always, the victim of this type of child sex offender is the
child of a single parent. In these cases, the single parent sees the child’s
adult friend as a surrogate parent – a Godsend. The very opposite is true.
Generally, a person involved in a local Little League program should not
put himself or herself in a one-on-one situation involving a child who is not
their own. Of course, some isolated situations may arise where one-on-
one situations could take place. However, one-on-one situations should
not be actively sought out by the adult, and should not be an ongoing
Generally, a person involved with Gresham Little League or any Little
League should not provide unwarranted gifts, trips, attention and/or
affection to individual children who are not their own. The key word is
             Warning Signs of a Seducer
While it remains important to teach young children about the dangers of
accepting items from strangers, or talking to them, we should all beware of
the danger posed by the “seducer-type” child sex offender.
Each of the individual signs below means very little. Taken as a group,
however, the signs MAY point to this type of child sex offender, and should
be applied to anyone who has repetitive access to, or contact with,
       Provides unwarranted gifts, trips, affection and attention to a
        specific child or a small group of children
       Seeks access to children
       Gets along better with children than adults
       “Hangs around” children more than adults
       Has items at home or in vehicle specifically appealing to children of
        the ages they intend to molest, such as posters, music, videos,
        toys and even alcohol and/or drugs
       Displays excessive interest in children (may include inviting
        children on camping trips or sleepovers)
       Single, over 25 years old (but could be married, as a “cover”, but
        could be any age)
       Photographs or videotapes children specifically
       Lives alone or with parents
       Refers to children as objects (“angel”, “pure”, “innocent”, etc)
       Manipulates children easily
Again, each of these items, by themselves, is relatively meaningless.
Taken together, however, they may indicate a problem.

          What to Watch For in Your Child
We’ve seen the signs that could point to a child sex offender, but what
about the signs a child might display when he or she has been sexually
abused or exploited? Some of these symptoms may be present in a child
who has been or is being sexually abuses, when such symptoms are not
otherwise explainable:
        Sudden mood swings
        Excessive crying
        Withdrawal
        Nightmares
        Bed wetting
        Rebellious behavior
        Fear of particular people or places
        Infantile behavior
        Aggressive behavior
Some physical signs to watch for are pain, itching, bleeding, fluid, rawness
or bruising in private areas.

        Talk to Your Kids, Listen to Your Kids
It is important that you, as a parent, talk frankly to your children, and listen
to your children. If a child reports sexual abuse, statistics show he or she
is probably telling the truth.
Unfortunately, the sexually molested child often sees himself/herself as the
one “at fault” for allowing abuse to happen. Your children MUST know that
they can come to you with this information, and that you will support them,
love them and believe them.
If there is an allegation of sexual abuse of a minor, the crime should be
reported immediately. These criminals who steal childhood MUST BE
If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact the League
President, Vice President or League Safety Officer.
        Gresham Little League Membership

          Becoming a Regular Member of
             Gresham Little League
Every September, the Board votes in new and returning members. If you
are interested, here are a few things to remember about being a regular
       Voting at the annual meeting in September
       Only regular members may run for board positions at the annual
       Voting privileges at any special meeting called during the year
        Deadline to become a regular member is April 30
       Annual dues are $2.00
Why do we have a Regular Membership requirement? Little League
Incorporated requires all leagues to hold annual elections. Per our
Constitution, we must have a quorum of 20% of our members in order to
hold elections. We establish a roll of volunteer members who would like to
actively participate in running, advising and bettering the league. If we
allowed all parents to be “regular members” without a sign-up process we
may never get a quorum to conduct business. We currently have about
1,300 parents in the league. We would need 260 people at a membership
meeting in order to hold business. Typically, 20 to 50 people come to these
All volunteers wishing to become a regular member must fill out a volunteer
application, which includes a background check. The $2.00 fee is a
nominal amount the league has decided to collect to offset the cost of
creating the membership, including any postage or printing. Any fees not
paid by April 30 will result in the volunteer being dropped from the
membership roles and that person will not be considered a regular member
at any meetings. All managers are required to be regular members as they
have a background check.

The Little League program operates solely with volunteer workers.
Everyone, from the Board of Directors on down to the people who rake the
fields before and after the games are parent volunteers like you. We all
recognize the need for youth programs. Little League has been providing a
quality program at low cost for many years. Now that you are part of the
Little League program, you are expected to help in any way you can.
Board of Directors:
Every organization needs a core group to run the program. Little League is
no exception. There are over 20 positions on the board that must be filled
every year to insure the smooth operation of Gresham Little League.
Anyone interested in being on the board should contact Donnie Thompson,
GLL President and come to the next board meeting. Most board positions
are a one year commitment that may be renewed at the Annual General
Membership Meeting (AGM) in September.
Managers and Coaches:
Managers and Coaches are often in short supply. These positions can be
very rewarding and take someone who is dedicated. Training is available
to help you teach the kids proper techniques of the game. All managers
and coaches must attend a mandatory coaches meeting and first aid
training. Background checks are completed on all managers and coaches
before they are allowed to take a team.
Most managers and coaches umpire the plate, but rely on parents to help
cover the bases. At any rate, Gresham Little League provides training for
umpires at all levels and welcomes all wanting to sharpen their skills. Any
parent volunteer who wishes to umpire may register with the umpire in
chief. After some evaluation, you may qualify to umpire at neighboring
leagues, tournaments or even at the district or state levels.
Team Parent:
Behind every good coach is a great team parent. Team parents help
organize volunteers for the concession, fundraiser, team party, pictures,
etc. You would help the coach contact players about events or changes in
practice and game schedules.

Other Ways to Volunteer:

       Scorekeeping (has it privileges at the major and minor fields, best
        seat in the house and dry on rainy days).
       Field-prep day
       Concessions
       Team Fundraising Coordinator
       Team Party Planner
All jobs take varying amounts of time. What ever you decide to do,
everyone should plan on contributing 4-8 hours to the league throughout
the season.


Most questions can be answered by looking on the calendar or going to the
Here are some answers to some burning questions:
American League? National League? Does it matter???
We are all Gresham Little League, two leagues run under one board.
Gresham is too large for one league, by splitting into two leagues more
children have the opportunity to play All-Stars or Honors tournaments.
American League: You are in the American League if your child is or
would have attended: Kelly Creek, Powell Valley, East Orient, Hall or
Highland Elementary Schools. American League is primarily red.
National League: You are in the National League if your child is or would
have attended: North, East, West, Hogan Cedars or Hollydale Elementary.
National League is primarily blue.
Evaluations: Everyone who registers for Little League plays. Evaluations
are done for 9-12 year olds to give the coaches a chance to see the
players entering the draft. It is important to place players where they will
be challenged but not overwhelmed.
Equipment: Players are only required to have their own ball glove. Plastic
spike cleats are recommended, especially when the field is wet, but they
are not mandatory in the T-ball and Rookie Divisions. The league will
supply all other required equipment. All helmets must have the NOCSAE
label visible and must be in good condition as outlined in the rulebook.
Due to the liability issues, Little League baseball prohibits the use of
helmets altered with stickers or paint without a letter from the manufacturer
stating that the helmets structure and integrity have not been compromised
by such alterations. All bats must meet the specifications listed in the
rulebook. All catcher masks must have a dangling throat protector. NO
EXCEPTIONS. Batters gloves, bats, catchers gear and batting helmets
may be purchased by players, but are considered optional.
Uniforms: Major, Minor and Farm Divisions are provided with shirts and
hats, the shirts must be returned at the end of the season. Players keep
their team hats. Please remember, it gets very expensive to replace
uniforms, please do not use bleach or alter the uniform in any way. If it
does not fit your child, please ask your coach for a different size. Rookie
and T-ball Divisions get t-shirts and hats, which they will keep at the end of
the season.
Who do I contact if I have a problem?: In most cases the Manager can
help you resolve any problems. You should always talk to them first. If
they are part of the problem or you don’t feel comfortable talking to them,
contact the Division Director. If the problem includes a player you should
also contact your league’s Player Agent. If needed, they will contact the
President to help resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Often these
issues can be solved easily and in most cases were just an oversight.
Bringing them to our attention helps us provide a better program.
Directors: See for contact info.
                   Softball           Scott McPherson
                   T-Ball             TBD
                   Rookie             TBD
                   Farm               Jeremy Maynard
                   Minor              Larry Cleverley
                   Major              Jason Sjolund
                   JR/SR              Roger Hayworth

Player Agents: See for contact info.
                    American             Melissa Thomas
                    National             Darrin Barham
We ask that all players participate in the annual fundraiser. It allows the
league to replace uniforms, to maintain the fields and offer scholarships to
those who cannot afford to play. We are always looking for fun and new
ideas for fundraising. If you have any suggestions, please contact the
Fundraising Coordinator, or a board member.
Gresham Little League counts on you to make it happen. Approximately
20% of the annual operating budget is raised through the concessions
every year. Money raised is returned to the kids through lower registration
fees, new uniforms and equipment and better, safer facilities.
Your team will be given dates to run the concession stand at your field. It
is your responsibility to help your team meet this obligation. Your child will
spend several years in our program. Help us all continue to provide the
quality they deserve.
Our concession stands have a wide variety of items, from hot dogs, to ice
cream and soda. We periodically offer barbecue at the different fields at a
very reasonable cost. We are always looking for volunteers to run the
barbecue, if you are interested, please contact the Concessions
Make a decision to support your league and buy team script when it
is your turn to buy snack for the team. It is a fun and easy way to
support your team and our league. Players can get a variety of items
with their script ticket, and you are keeping your dollars local.
Thanks for your support, if you have any questions or comments, call the
Concessions Coordinator, or any board member.

            Our Proud Sponsors
      Gresham Little League says a BIG
 thank you to all of our sponsors & supporters!
It takes teamwork to play good baseball, also to provide a great baseball
program. Thanks to our sponsors who share a love for this community and
the children who live here. They help make it possible to keep the cost
down so no child is left out. We urge you to show them your support by
choosing them when you have a need to buy their products or services.
For a complete list, please see

           Albina Fuel                         Gresham Eagles
        Outrageous Audio                      Working Concepts
         Moen Machinery                     Dick's Sporting Goods
        All Around Gutter                      Mt Hood Theatre
    Pacific Energy Group LLC                   Flying Pie Pizza
    Mt Hood Christian Center                 Brasher's Auto Body
        City Chiropractic               Canidae All Natural Pet Foods
  Powell Valley Assisted Living                  Plaid Pantry
    Paynter Family Dentistry              Schiller and Vroman, Inc.
        P&C Construction                  McKenzie and Associates
          Mt Scott Fuel                       Lippold Plumbing
    Law Offices of Ken Baker            Rein and Associates Insurance
 A Sunny Place Learning Center                Apex Chiropractic
            Miller Paint                        KSB Lock, Inc.
         United Plumbing                        Gymstars, LLC
       Dr. Perry Stevenson                 Dr. Park Pediatric Dental

These businesses were confirmed sponsors at the time of printing. Look for
new sponsors on team hats, field banners, and on the web site.
Tournaments are normally held for Major and Minor leagues. This is a
chance for your team to play in a tournament setting against other leagues
and on different fields. Please encourage your coach to get in on this great

Some of the tournaments we have scheduled this season are:
                        Mid Season Tournament
                       Memorial Day Tournament

    Please see out website or ask your coach/manager for more
      information regarding tournaments for your child’s team.

                        Field Locations

Major Baseball Division                    Minor Baseball Division
Main City Park Lower Field                 Main City Park Upper Field
219 S. Main Street                         219 S. Main Street
Gresham, OR 97080                          Gresham, OR 97080
(Powell Blvd & Main Street)                (Powell Blvd & Main Street)

Farm Division & Softball Division          T-Ball & Rookie Divisions
North Gresham Grade School                 East Gresham Grade School
             th                                     th
1001 NW 217 Street                         900 SE 5 Street
Gresham, OR 97080                          Gresham, Oregon 97080
(Near Stark & Eastman Parkway /222 )       (Near Powell & Hogan)

Junior Baseball Division                   Senior Baseball Division
West Gresham Grade School                  Gresham High School
330 West Powell Blvd.                      1200 N. Main
Gresham, OR 97080                          Gresham, Oregon 97030
(Near Powell & Eastman Parkway)            (Main & Division)

The Little League Pledge

       I Trust in God
   I Love My Country
and will respect it’s Laws
        I will play fair
     and strive to win,
       But win or lose
I will always do my best.


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