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									Signs of Lung Cancer In Women

                    "The Early Signs of Lung Cancer In Women"

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The Lung Cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the United States,
Causing More Deaths Than breast, prostate and colorectal Cancers combined. Lung
cancer deaths have caused more Than in women Breast cancer Every year since
1987, sixty-five women will die from Thousand lung cancer in 1999.

Represent Women now half of all new cases of lung cancer. Between 1974 and 1994,
deaths from lung cancer rose 150% in women, while men only Experienced an Increase
of 20%.

Why So Many women die of lung cancer? Research Suggests That May while women
smoke cigarettes and inhale less Fewer smoke cigarettes, women are 1.5 times more
likely to get lung cancer Than Men. Although more research is needed, scientists believe
the difference That May Be Genetically related.
Symptoms and Warning Signs

Unfortunately, the dog Symptoms of lung cancer to take Many Years Often Develop
Which leads to a diagnosis at an advanced stage of the disease. Symptoms That May
OCCUR include:

      smoker's cough Becomes That Persists or severe.
      Persistent chest, shoulders, or back pain unrelated to pain from Coughing.
      INCREASED sputum volume.
      Wheezing.
      No smoking cough That Persists for More Than 2 weeks.
      Change in sputum color.
      Blood in the sputum.
      Repeated episodes of pneumonia or bronchitis.

Other Symptoms That May be related to lung cancer in late stage may include:

      Fatigue.
      Loss of appetite.
      Headache, bone pain, joint pain.
      Bone fractures not related to accidental injuries.
      Neurological Symptoms unsteady gait Such as and / or loss of episodic memory.
      Neck and facial swelling.
      Unexplained weight loss.

Other signs and Symptoms may be Caused by Lung Cancer spread to other parts of the
body, Including Headaches, Weakness, pain, bone fractures, bleeding or blood Clots.

If you or someone you know Experiences Any of These Symptoms or signs Immediately
consult a doctor. Early detection dog mean the difference Between life and death for
Patients with lung cancer, the survival rate at 5 years for Patients Whose cancer is
detected while still localized (Affects only the lungs) is Almost fifty percent.

If your physician suspects your symptoms That Can Be Such ordered screening tools as
CT and PET scans detect lung cancer dog Conventional X-rays Before and Increase Their
chances of survival.

Know the Symptoms of lung cancer early

What are the Symptoms of lung cancer early? We Know That the survival rate for lung
cancer it is better The Earlies is detected. The survival rate of 60% to 80% at 5 years with
lung cancer in stage 1 is Reduced to a dismal 10% with stage 4 disease, howeve, Almost
Half of Those Have At This late stage advanced in the time of diagnosis. What are the
Symptoms of lung cancer early Should be looking for?

That does not cough to disappear

Many people dismiss or a chronic cough Adapt to, attributing it to something else. Maybe
it's allergies, a "surplus" After a cold or cough dry winter air DURING months. Howeve,
That cough lasts for more than a few weeks be a sign of May something else. A chronic
cough as an early symptom of lung cancer is Even Easier to lose if You have a condition
predisposing to the cough That s, such as asthma, COPD, allergies, or gastroesophageal
reflux. Coughing up blood (hemoptysis) is a common symptom of lung cancer, But Can
Be Subtle and remove a small dog only note amount of blood tinged phlegm by
Coughing. If you experience a persistent cough, check With Your doctor and get a second
opinion, if you do not get a clear answer.

Shortness of breath with activity

Another common symptom of lung cancer early is the shortness of breath with only the
activity. This Can Be Overlooked and Blame on aging, Which is out of shape, or Perhaps
Because of the FEW pounds you've Gaines. If you notice That They Do not dare to take
that walk, breath Becomes sexual activity, or blame the humidity making it hard to
breathe, make an appointment to Talk with your doctor.

Pain or discomfort in His shoulder, back, chest or arm

Lung Cancer Can Press on Nerve, RESULTING in pain in the shoulder, chest, back, or
arm - Even Before They cause a cough or Difficulty breathing. If you notice pain in One
of These areas of the body That Appears to be related to an injury (or Even If There Is
More Than Persists), consult your doctor. Up to 50% of lung cancer People with pain in
Have a little chest or shoulder at the time of the diagnosis, Pain That Increases Especially
with Coughing and breathing.

Repeated Infections bronchitis and pneumonia Such as

It is not uncommon for someone Who Have They discover Lung Cancer After Being
Treated by Repeated episodes of bronchitis or pneumonia. If the tumor is Located near
the airway, can cause an obstruction to predispose That These infections. If You have
Had some episodes of bronchitis or pneumonia, talk to your doctor. Repeated Infections
May Be persistent due to use of snuff or a condition Such as COPD, But Could be an
early symptom Also of lung cancer.

Any unusual or a general decline Symptoms in health

If you notice unusual Any Symptoms That are for you, it is important to check With Your
Doctor, Especially if You have a history of smoking. Apparently unrelated Symptoms
Such as pain in the knee, can be an early symptom of lung cancer. The General
Symptoms Such as Fatigue, Decreased appetite, depression or Even him to seek medical
MOTIVATE guidance, too.

With lung cancer the leading cause of cancer death in men and women Both in the United
States, it is important to be aware of Any Early Symptoms. That said, 25% of people
Have No Symptoms at the time of diagnosis, lung cancer is discovered incidentally on
chest When x-ray or CT scan is done for a reason unrelated. CT scan for lung cancer is
Being Evaluated, But it raises other issues That Need to be considered. Hopefully, a
Developer in the WAS test near future That Will allow us to detect lung cancer, you are
now Able to detect other types of cancer.

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