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									Make Money with Facebook

Facebook is hugely popular, with more than 500 million registered users, many of whom check their
accounts every day. This means that there is significant earning potential through Facebook, as long as
you know where to look and are willing to consider a few different options. This article looks at some ways
you could make money through Facebook.

Look for paid opportunities

As a user of Facebook, one thing you could do is to look for paid opportunities on the site. Many
companies, for example, have business pages on Facebook or advertise their businesses through the
Facebook advertising options.

Often, companies such as this look for people to fill in market research surveys, test products or
undertake other tasks in exchange for payment. If you decide to do this you should definitely be careful to
make sure you’re not being scammed and to only click on links that you trust completely, but this could
potentially be a good way of making a bit of extra money.

Promote your business

Another way to make money with Facebook is to promote your business or services. If you own a
company or are self-employed then you might well be able to generate more business through using
Facebook. This is because Facebook has a massive audience in countries across the world. You could
set up a business page or Facebook advertising to encourage people to visit your website and make

You never know – it could bring you considerably more business, especially if you put in the time and
effort to do it properly. You could, for instance, run competitions on Facebook to generate interest in what
you do and encourage people to make use of your services.

Develop and sell applications

If you are good at designing software and using technology then another Facebook money making
opportunity could be to develop applications. You are probably aware that there are now all sorts of
applications associated with Facebook, such as many different games and Facebook-supported clients.

Investors often look out for opportunities to invest in new applications that could potentially be lucrative.
Just look at Farmville, for instance – it’s now so big you can purchase gift cards for it! If you have the
technical know-how and a good head for business, developing and selling Facebook applications could
be hugely beneficial for you.
                        Earn Money From Facebook

Affiliate advertising

You might not be able to use Google AdSense with Facebook but it is still possible to make money with
advertising on your Facebook page. As an alternative, quite a few people make use of affiliate marketing,
which is where you display banners or links on your page on behalf of a company. Then when someone
clicks the link and subsequently makes a purchase from the company, you earn money for it.

Overall, there are quite a few ways to make money from Facebook, but if you are hoping to make
significant cash from it, you’ll need to really know what you’re doing. However, if you’re just looking for a
bit of pocket money then as long as you know where to look there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to do

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