; Trend Setting Acura With Its Stylish OEM Acura Wheels
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Trend Setting Acura With Its Stylish OEM Acura Wheels


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									Trend Setting Acura With Its Stylish OEM Acura Wheels
Acura prides itself on offering high-tech stylish luxury vehicles with quality Acura Wheels, but this
time they went above and beyond when them teamed up with Marvel films in the recent movie
THOR. This was a perfect opportunity for Acura to show off what they could do. They showed off
their newest models that were not even on the show floor yet. It was a great marketing opportunity
for them to show off their newest designs with the stylish new Acura rims ready to shine. Cars have
always played a large roll in movies and TV and often people don't even think about it. A lot of cars
are just as famous, if not more, than their human sidekicks, and these "celebrity cars" become the
newest trendsetters.

If you don't believe me that famous cars become trendsetters there are plenty of examples
throughout TV and movies, some are from long ago, and some are more recent. The biggest recent
one that everyone probably remembers is Bumblebee from Transformers. Had Acura been lucky
enough to play that part with their ZDX and a nice set of Acura ZDX wheels they would have been set
with making it the most popular car of the time. Unfortunately for Acura that honor was given to the
Camaro since the beginning, but GM did an amazing job of taking advantage of the opportunity
given to them. The Bumblebee Camaro was an instant hit and everyone wanted one. Even if they
didn't want the special edition Bumblebee, they loved the car and wanted their own. Bumblebee set
a new standard for what people considered a "cool sports car" and made the 5th generation Camaro
an instant celebrity.

This isn't just a recent phenomenon though. This has been occurring for a very long time, even
before Acura showed off some fancy new TL's with nice new Acura wheels in THOR people have
been using TV and movies to showcase cars. People love to recreate the cars they see in the movies
and these cars become something of celebrities that everyone wants to replicate. Here's another
great example. You have probably seen the DeLorean from Back to the Future? It had all sorts of
extra lines, pipes and gadgets, and even though none of it does anything to enhance the
performance of the vehicle, die-hard fans want to be as authentic as possible and will spend years
looking for parts to use. Imagine if that had been the old Acura Legend, there would have been
thousands of people wanting to make their car look just like the one in the movie. They would be
trying to get OEM Acura rims to match the ones in the movie, special paint jobs, and just about
anything else. It's too bad for Acura that the honor went to the DeLorean. It's been decades since
the movie and people are still trying to find parts to replicate because people loved the car so much.

There are even older instances of this happening. Remember Herbie the Beetle? Back in his day I bet
everyone tried to buy the stickers and parts to recreate their favorite supped up bug. Sports cars
have always made great celebrity cars. Think about KITT from Knight Rider. Everyone loved that
Pontiac Firebird and everyone that had one wanted to make theirs look like KITT, from the light bar
under the hood, to the wheels. People go crazy for the cars they love and make them bigger
celebrities than the lead actors themselves!
With Acura's debut in THOR they got their foot in the door to the celebrity car status. Although none
of them were a star in the movie the brand as a whole got to show off what it could do and how cool
it could be with the stylish new Acura wheels. The cars were used by the S.H.I.E.L.D. special agents,
which definitely showed off how cool the cars could look. The movie even showed the audience
some new models they have never seen before along with redesigns of old models. They were
models that were not available to the public yet, but it sure helped them hype up the new models
with the newest Acura rims.

Audiences rarely think about it but they love to imitate what they see in movies and on TV, even
when it comes to their choices in cars. If they see it in the movies and they think it looked cool they
will want it. Acura made a great move in teaming up with the movie to introduce their newest line of
cars. The accessories, even down to the OEM Acura wheels are now identified as something cool and
people will want to replicate it for their car.

This article was brought to you by Heather Harless. She has worked for OriginalWheels.com for over
a year now and enjoys writing articles related to the automotive industry, especially articles about
wheels. At OriginalWheels.com we specialize in OEM Rims for most vehicle makes and models. OEM
Acura Rims is just one of our specialties.

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