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NAACP NEWS Newsletter of Alexandria VA Branch Winter


									              NAACP NEWS
Newsletter of Alexandria, VA Branch #7043   Winter 2012

Virginia State NAACP elects new officers
                                                   is the former Pastor of the Laurel Hill Baptist
                                                   Church, Mineral, Virginia (14 years). He retired
                                                   from Spotsylvania School system, where he
                                                   served for 21 years. Presently, he is the Pastor of
                                                   Beulah Baptist Church, Woodford, Virginia (5
                                                   years). He is married to the former Carolyn A.
                                                   Greene of Charleston, South Carolina (42 years),
                                                   a retired educator. They are the proud parents of
                                                   three children, Nathaniel Robert II, Karen Denise
Rev. Dr. Nathaniel Young                           and Paula Altheia, a daughter-in-law, Lynore and
                                                   two granddaughters Jasmine and Janae, and one

     T th
           he Virginia State Conference of the
           NAACP elected new officers during
           its 76th convention held October 29
and 30 at Hilton Richmond Hotel and Spa.
                                                   son-in-law, Carlton Campbell.
                                                       Young, 70, is the Fredericksburg NAACP
                                                   president and lives in Fredericksburg, where he
                                                   has pastored Beulah Baptist Church for the past
    The results of the election were: for          nine years and has been a minister for 29 years.
President, Rev. Dr. Nathaniel Young, 109 votes     Young stated “to win the future, our agenda is to
vs Lasalle (L. J.) McCoy, 94 votes; for Vice       restore the Virginia State Conference (VSC) so it
President, Carmen Taylor 76 votes, Kenneth         operates in a manner that is transparent,
Pinkard, 70 votes and Druscilla Bridgeforth, 54    accountable, inclusive and structured.         Our
votes. The Secretary Elizabeth Waddy (91votes)     priorities are:
and Treasurer Rovenia Vaughan (103 votes) ran          - Implement standard operating procedures
unopposed. Sylvia Wood and Carl Wright were        for conducting meetings, which include
elected members-at-large. DaQuan Love ran          providing regular financial and other reports and
unopposed for the position of youth members to     respect for all.         Unity in the NAACP
the board and will serve as President of the       Community.
Virginia Conference’s Youth and College                - Ensure that all standing committees are
Division.     Love serves as Vice Chairman,        functioning and serving the community. For
NAACP National Youth Works Committee.              example, the Legal Redress Committee which
Young served in the U.S. Army as an Air            would be in a position to provide legal aide to
Defense Officer. He has worked as an Operation     assist with issues like mortgage foreclosures.
Research       Analyst    and      Mathematician       - Pursue enforcement of civil rights and anti-
Interdisciplinary Physicist at the Naval Surface   discrimination laws across the land.
Weapon Center, Dahlgren, Virginia (20 years);          - Promote economic revitalization and ways
Tax Consultant; Associate Minister, Shiloh         to address unemployment in the Commonwealth.
Baptist Church (New Site); Member of the               - Take steps to improve and ensure equal
Fredericksburg School Board (‘84-‘93); Vice        access to contracts managed by the
Chairman -‘89, Chairman- ‘90-‘93; Teacher of       Commonwealth.
Mathematics and Computer Science at                    - Collaborate with other organizations within
Spotsylvania High School (6 years); Crisis         the community.
Counselor at Spotsylvania Middle School (12            - Engage youth through targeted activities
years) and Courtland High School (3 years);        and programs.
Professor     of    Christology,    Eschatology,       - Voter Registration!!
Soteriology and Christian Counseling at the            Visit Rev. Young at his website for more
Fredericksburg Bible Institute and Seminary, He    info:
    Carmen Taylor is president of Hampton             HU College Chapter. At the national convention
Branch, 2004 to present, legal redress National       the same year, DaQuan was elected to serve as
Region representative (Virginia, Washington, D.       Region VII (District of Columbia, Maryland, and
C., and Maryland) since 2000; VSC legal redress       Virginia) youth work committee representative.
chair and trainer; VSC chair of Area One, 2000-       Shortly after he was elected Vice Chairman of
2004; VSC political action chair 2000-2004; and       the NAACP’s National youth Work committee,
Hampton Branch NAACP Youth Advisor, 1994-             he provided oversight for the programmatic
2000. Taylor is a nurse manager, inpatient            thrust of the organization’s more than 600 youth
Mental Health, Veterans Administration Medical        and college units. Visit Love at his website for
Center, Hampton, 2008 -present.                       more info: and e-mail
    Her agenda is: re-implementation of      . He is most known
statewide political action efforts and civil review   for serving as Youth Convention Chair (for three
boards or ad-hoc committees of police activities;     consecutive years) and is widely remembered for
supports increase in mentoring programs to            motivating units using the favored NAACP
include youth in all state activities; supports       phrase: “Fired Up & Ready to Go!” To this day,
education and measures to help advocate on            he continues to serve the VSC Youth and college
behalf of youth in order to avoid becoming            Division as a member of its Executive committee
victims of the HIV/AIDS epidemic; supports the        and as Chairman of the Bylaws Committee.
collaboration with education groups to monitor,           Note: See photos of the convention at
identify, and assist with helping to decrease and
address the dropout rates and improve the             m/Other/NAACP-Holds-State-
graduation rates throughout Virginia.                 Conference/19824597_xRn25j#1558389509_grp
    DaQuan Marcell Love is a sophomore                t3tq
Political Science major, Leadership Studies
minor, at Hampton University in Hampton,
Virginia.    Served as President of NAACP                 NEW REGION VII DIRECTOR
Hampton college chapter. Acknowledging his
social responsibility, DaQuan is an active
member of the National Association for the
Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). He
has been privileged to serve on the local, state
and national levels in many various capacities
since becoming a member at the tender age of
five and serving for four years the President of
the Richmond, Virginia Youth Council. During
                                                      Rebecca Guerra
that time, DaQuan matriculated to the state level
as Youth Member at Large to the Virginia State            Rebecca Guerra began her duties as NAACP
Conference (VSC) Executive Committee. There,          Region VII (Washington, D. C., Maryland and
he was widely credited with expanding the voice       Virginia) Director on Sep 26. She previously
of the Youth and College Division.                    served as a program specialist for the education
    During the centennial national convention of      and criminal justice programs, where she
the NAACP in 2009, DaQuan entered the                 supports the Association’s major policy
national state being elected to the National          advocacy. Her previous experience includes
Nominating Committee. In 2011, DaQuan began           community organizing and strategizing on issues
service on the collegiate level as Treasurer of the   related to education, health and criminal justice.
Member of NAACP since April 2010, she was
grassroots organization associate with National       MEMBERSHIP ON THE NATIONAL
Abortion & Reproductive Rights Action League        BOARD OF DIRECTORS
(NARA) Pro-Choice America; field organizer for
Democratic Party of New Mexico; Graduate Hall           Vote for no more than seven candidates:
Director, Department of Housing and Residence       Ophelia Averitt, Fred Banks, Amos Brown,
Education, member of political science graduate     Edward Dubose, William Graves, Madie
student council, campaigning field chair,           Robinson, Yvonne White. Region VII
[resident of campus American Civil Liberties        representative - vote for no more than one
Union (ACLU) at University of Florida. BS           candidate: Debra Brown of Virginia (seeking a
degree, History, Latin American Studies,            second three-year term).       Winners will be
Spanish, and Women’s Studies and MA degree          announced at the Annual Meeting of the NAACP
in Political Campaigning at University of           on Feb. 18, 2012 held at Marriott Marquis Hotel
Florida. 2008 co-recipient of the James Button      in New York City.
Memorial Award for recognition of work in the           Each unit shall vote for the nominees of its
field of Latinos and politics. Her contact email    choice during its December meeting. The
is and direct phone if 410-    branch’s selection shall be determined by a
580-5133.                                   Visit   majority vote of those members in good standing      present and voting. Ballots must be returned in
9/68                                                the envelope provided to the NAACP Annual
                                                    elections Supervisory Committee by U.S. Mail
   VETERANS DAY PROGRAM                             NOT postmarked before December 1 and NOT
                                                    later than December 31.
     The branch held its annual Veterans Day
program on Nov 11 at the Alexandria Black              COMMITTEE REPORTS
History Museum. The theme was “I Came, I
Saw, I Conquered...” A panel discussion was             LEGAL REDRESS: A student was attacked
held with Mistress of Ceremonies and moderator      by another student and defended herself.
Ndidi Mojay and guests rear Admiral Osie V.         However, she was suspended for ten days for
Combs, Jr., U. S. Navy, Retired and Rear            fighting. The caller wanted to sue ACPS for
Admiral Sinclair M. Harris, Director, Navy          discrimination due to the suspension and other
Irregular Warfare Office located in Washington,     issues and family was/is having with the school
D.C. Local vocalist Quentin Lowe lead the           system. The caller was advised to follow the
National Anthem. Minister (Lieutenant Colonel,      appeal procedure in place to contest the
retired) Perry Dent, Jr., Associate Minister at     suspension. He did so. In the meantime, the
Shiloh Baptist Church in Alexandria, gave the       attacker confessed to her unprovoked attack on
invocation and benediction. Branch President        the caller’s daughter and the daughter was
John T. Chapman gave the remarks. Members of        allowed to return to school. The issue of the
the program committee were Anthony Dale,            suspension being on the daughter’s record is
Donna Hunt, Everett Lewis, Jeanette Lightfoot,      being pursued by the caller.
Ndidi Mojay, and Dawud Rawlings. The food               POLITICAL ACTION: Co-sponsored an
for the event was provided by a community           event hosted by and held at the home of
partner, Principal Chef Kimberly Clark of With      Alexandria Mayor Bill Euille given for the
these Hands Catering. The Alexandria Black          Virginia Black Legislative Caucus-NOVA on
History Museum also co-sponsored the event.
Sep 28...Former Del. Adam Ebbin (D-49)               and the disbursement of money by priority need
cruised to victory against GOP challenger Tim        categories. It is also to have data on CDBG
McGhee for the state Senate District 30 seat on      accomplishments       by    various    units    of
Nov. 8. Ebbin garnered 21,701 to McGhee’s            measurement, including the number of housing
11,944 votes. Locally, Alexandria Circuit Court      units assisted by race or ethnic categories; and
Clerk Edward Semonian enjoyed a hard fought          the City’s most recent Anti-Displacement Plan...
victory against GOP challenger Chris Marston              President Obama announced changes in the
for the nonpartisan - and largely administrative -   government’s Home Affordable Refinance
citywide post. Semonian had 12,948 votes. Six        Program (HARP) on Oct 24 aimed at making it
precincts in the southwest of the city kept          easier for homeowners to capitalize on current
incumbent Democrat George Barker’s state             low-interest rates by refinancing their old, high-
Senate District 39 seat with his receiving 21,093    interest mortgages. The new rules will allow
votes to Republican challenger Miller Baker’s        homeowners who owe more than 125% of the
18,679 ballots. The city’s third state senator,      market value of their homes – $125,000 in
Dick Saslaw, also declared victory after rolling     mortgage balance on a home worth less than
over Republican Robert Sarvis and independent        $100,000, for example – to get new loans. The
Green candidate Katherine Ann Pettigrew. The         program will also streamline the refinancing
city’s two Democratic delegates, David Englin        process for those who have been current on their
and Charniele Herring, were on the ballot but ran    mortgage payments and it will reduce or remove
unopposed. Around the state, with a GOP              fees that had hindered homeowners from
pickup of two seats, the two parties will each       refinancing in the past. Fannie Mae and Freddie
have 20 votes in the upper house, meaning Lt.        Mac will also reduce the fees they have charged
Gov. Bill Bolling (R) who presides over the          in the past in order to enable borrowers to better
Senate would serve as tie-breaker. Republicans       afford the new loans. Among the fees that will
now control the legislative and executive            be reduced or eliminated are those for appraisals,
branches for just the second time since the Civil    title insurance and closing costs. HARP is only
war...Del. Chaniele Herring (D-Alexandria) has       open to borrowers who are current on their
been appointed House Democratic minority             payments for the past six months with no more
whip.                                                than one missed payment in the past 12 months.
    HOUSING: The branch recently sent a letter       The loams must have been originally issued
to Mayor William Euille requesting information       before May 31, 2009 and purchased by Fannie
the organization needs to help determine how the     Mae or Freddie Mac...
City of Alexandria is spending Community                  The Virginia Legislative Black Caucus
Development Block Grant (CDBG) and other             (VLBC) is announcing a housing agenda for the
federal funds and how those funds are being used     2012 General Assembly session that expands
to benefit lower income people, including            opportunity, creates jobs and improves the
African Americans and other communities of           housing market.
color. Information requested include: the City’s          Speaking about the importance of housing as
most recent Analysis of Impediments to Fair          a top priority, Caucus Chair Senator Mamie
Housing Choice; the most recent record(s)            Locke (D-Hampton) said: “As a Caucus, with
indicating the City’s actions to overcome the        members from every corner of the
effects of identified impediments to fair housing    Commonwealth, we’ve seen how housing
choice; the City’s most recent Summary of            continues to hold back robust recovery. With the
Accomplishments Report (C04PR23), which is           homebuyer market in crisis, new pressure on
to present data on CDBG/HOME activity counts
rental housing is driving up rents and pushing       ACPS Adult Education and Extended Learning
housing out of reach for many workers.”              Programs. On December 8th, ACPS agreed to
    According to the Housing Virginia                continue all Adult Education programs through
Sourcebook, over one million Virginia                June 2012...HCBU College Fair 2012, to be held
households are suffering from the housing cost       Feb 18, at T. C. Williams High School, 9 a.m. - 2
burden. From 2007-2009, on average, 1,004,050        p.m.
million Virginia households paid more than 30%           HEALTH: NBC 4 Health and Fitness Expo,
of their income for housing. That’s 35.0% of all     Jan 14 and 15, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. both days,
Virginians. Job growth has been weak, and            Washington Convention Center, Halls B and C.
wages have remained stagnant or declined as          FREE admittance.
Virginians have seen their salaries and work             ARMED SERVICES AND VETERANS
hours reduced. Because of this, housing is a         AFFAIRS: U. S. Rep. Jim Moran helped kick off
huge cost burden on many Virginians.                 the Intel Veterans’ Employment Training
    At this stage, the VLBC housing agenda will      program at the Gum Springs Community Center
include legislation that focuses on:                 at 8100 Fordson Road on Nov. 9. The program,
    1. Creating a Virginia Housing Trust Fund to     the first in this country, provides support to
enable a consistent source of “gap” financing for    veterans by offering services such as behavioral
affordable housing development;                      interview training, mock interviews, mentor
    2. Addressing local barriers to affordable       matching, one-on-one coaching and computer
housing by supporting a proposal to prohibit         skills training. Resume decoding and translation
local rejection of multifamily rezoning requests     training will also be provided, helping veterans
based solely on a the income level of the            translate military occupation specialties and
households to be served; and                         career experience into key corporate language.
    3. Preventing unnecessary foreclosures.          More          info      is       available     at
    EDUCATION: The branch conducted Back-   ..
to-School/Stay-in-School rallies at T. C.                Still in beta testing, a nationwide job bank
Williams High School on Nov. 8 and Minnie            with more than 500,000 postings is available for
Howard Middle School on Nov. 9.               We     veterans to search for work, based on location,
distributed free silicone bracelets that read        their military skills or the type of work they
“NAACP               Supports           Academic     want.                                       Visit
Achievement”...The branch partnered with    ..
Tenants and Workers United to hold a Students        Did you know many vaccinations now are
Speak-Out session titled “Working together to        available without a copayment at participating
reduce suspensions and expulsions” at Cora           retail pharmacies? The covered vaccinations
Kelly Recreation Center on Nov. 17. Parents          range from seasonal flu, pneumonia, and
and students told stories of how they have been      shingles to a number of childhood
impacted by suspension and expulsion and what        immunizations. For a complete list of covered
they think could have been done differently.         vaccinations, visit or
Also discussed was restorative justice and how       call your regional TRICARE office. Plan to
we can transform school culture and attitudes to     contact your pharmacy first to confirm the
ensure      our     youth     are    academically    availability of your vaccinations. You also can
progressing...The branch sent letters to the         receive a vaccination from your health care
Alexandria City Council and City School Board        provider with the applicable cost share.
calling for a halt to any planned elimination of         OTHER: Several members attended the
services for non-traditional students and families   National Action Network March and Rally for
Jobs and Justice held in Washington, D.C. on        Phi Beta Sorority were named Community
Oct 15 and/or the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.       Service Award winners. Nia Pipes, a 2011
Memorial dedication on Oct 16. Members of the       graduate of T. C. Williams High School, was the
branch who attended included: Donna Hunt,           Annie B. Rose Scholarship recipient.
John Chapman, Jeanette Lightfoot, Everett               “The story of black America is one of power
Lewis, S. Howard and Joyce Woodson, Dawud           an inspiration,’ Bunch said in his address. “I am
Rawlings, Beverly Tatum and four members of         in awe of our slave ancestors. People will
the Youth Council. Also, former Alexandria          remember that they were sold, not that they were
NAACP VP Ludwig Gaines spoke at the rally on        brave.    But in spite of the cruelty, they
behalf of Planned Parenthood in his capacity as     maintained dignity.”
their Director of African American Outreach.            On behalf of the Alexandria branch of the
                                                    NAACP, Chapman presented Bunch with a
   NAACP ANNUAL BANQUET AWARDS                      donation to the National Museum of African
                                                    American History and Culture.
    On the day the memorial to Dr. Martin               “We are in danger of forgetting the
Luther King Jr. was dedicated in Washington,        importance of our history.” Bunch said. “But
the Alexandria branch of the National               you can tell a country by its museums - by what
Association for the Advancement of Colored          it deems important to remember.”
People honored local members for their service
and paused to remember the inspiration of the          CITY NEWS
slain civil rights leader.
    “Who could not be inspired by the life of Dr.       Alexandria’s newly appointed city manager
Martin Luther King or the words we heard today      is Rashad Young, a native of Dayton, Ohio. At
from our President?” said keynote speaker           35, Young is the youngest appointee to ever fill
Lonnie G. Bunch III, the founding director of the   the position for the city, and also the first black
Smithsonian’s National Museum of African            man to do so. He served as city manager in
American History and Culture. “No matter the        Dayton, OH and assistant city manager in
color of our skin, we have all been touched in      Cincinnati. Formerly the city manager for
profound ways by the history of the African         Greensboro, N.C., he’s getting ready to tackle a
American experience.”                               host of issues in Alexandria - like a projected
    More than 300 people turned out for the 78th    $14.4 million budget shortfall in 2013. His first
annual awards dinner held Oct. 16 at the Mark       day on the job was Dec. 12.
Center Hilton. With a theme of “Affirming
America’s Promise,” the branch honored several         VIRGINIA STATE NAACP NEWS
members for their service to the NAACP,
including longtime resident Laverne Chatman-            Retirement ceremony for Mary S. Easter who
Brown. “For 54 years, I have lived here,” said      has served as a executive assistant (officer
Chatman-Brown, who was recognized with the          manager) for the state NAACP for 44 years, was
Lifetime Service Award. “My schools are here,       held Dec. 10 at the Military Retirees Club in
my church is here. It is I who needs to thank you   Richmond. Easter was one of the two-member
for allowing me to serve.”                          staff at the state office. No replacement has been
    NAACP Alexandria branch president John T.       named.
Chapman presented Jennifer Lightfoot with the
Presidential Award, and Felicia Sharpe Parks
and members of the Nu Xi Zeta chapter of Zeta
   Editor: Everett A. Lewis, Captain, U. S. Air
Force, Retired

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