10 questions for Seaman by ert554898


									10 questions for Seaman
                      by Sorcha 

 A Newfoundland (Seaman was
                                     I gave Seaman
                                    an interview and
                                       asked him 10
                                    questions about
                                     what it was like
                                       exploring the
                                         west with
Did you ever
   think or
 attempt to
 run away?
  I did at one point
actually, but that was
at the begging of the
Were there any
members of The
   Corps Of
Discovery that
you didn’t like?
    There was one,
    Moses Reed, he
 claimed to leave a
  knife at camp and
tried to abandon the
 crew while he left to
         get it.
 Who was the
 person you
usually played
 with on the
  It probably would have been
      Marcel, the prairie dog.
   Then he had to go away to
Washington D.C. to get examined.
Then it probably would have been
  one of the captains(Lewis and
    Clark), Colter, or Shannon.
  What was the
scariest thing that
happened to you
      on the
  That would probably
have been whenever I
    went to retrieve a
wounded beaver and it
 bit me in the leg. I was
bleeding for a long time
   and started to get
  weak, I lived though.
 What was
your number
nuisance on
  the trip?
That would
 be either
or big black
What was the most
exciting thing that
happened on the
   For me, that
   would have
   been when
Sacagawea had
her son, who we
nickname Pomp.
What was your favorite
part of the expedition?
That probably would have
  been when we found
Shannon after he was lost
    for about 12 days.
Everyone was very happy
       and relieved.
Did you like it better
with your old owner
or Meriwether Lewis?
I think that it would
   have been with
Captain Lewis, but I
did enjoy the time I
  had with my old
     owner too.
 Why did you like it
better with Captain
  I liked it better with
Captain Lewis because
  I realized that I was
 braver than I thought
 when I was exploring
         with him.
What was you favorite
   Indian tribe?
 My favorite Indian tribe
was the Shoshone tribe.
They gave us horses and
were kind to us because
     the Chief was
 Sacagawea's brother.

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