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Whether it’s a mobile phone company, gym membership, karate school, or a new car, we just like
you believe one should always research the service or product sought. When selecting a
volleyball organization, it is important to compare apples to apples. There are many good choices
out there; we want you to make the one that best suits your daughter and your family. You should
consider coaching staff, contact hours, number of tournaments, equipment provided, in     in-season
                  ,                        and
specialty training, training philosophy and system, club goals and expectations for teams and
players, administrative support systems, access to clinics, lessons, and leagues, and the history
of success with student athletes. At that time, you will have the tools to compare cost and find the
right organization. Each year families from other organizations join Tampa United and remark that
what they thought or were told wasn’t accurate. They discovered that elsewhere there were
hidden fees, ambiguous costs, and and/or unmet promises. That is the pitfall of comparing apples to
oranges. We can only maintain the same transparency we have had for 15 years. We analyze
and improve the organization each off season to ensure that we provide the best product and
value. We know that when you research Tampa United, you will be happy with what you find. We
do not expect blind faith; we encourage you to thoughtfully consider the options. We are proud of
our long history of serving the community. Our first players are now graduating from law school,
becoming coaches, getting married, etc. Since 1998, we have done our sincere best to mentor
  nd                                             we
and train our student athletes. Quite simply, we love what we do, and we are excited each and
every year to grow with our players. We feel blessed to work with our student athletes and always
honor that by giving our very best. Come check us out and see the difference.
A little about us...
Tampa United has served the Tampa Bay community for 15 years. Club volleyball has helped
numerous girls cultivate self-confidence and self-esteem, understand athletic challenges and
sportsmanship, and grow into fine young women. Volleyball opens many doors for female student
athletes who need assistance financing their higher education or simply wish to use volleyball as
a springboard for being admitted to a particular school. We are very proud to be a part of these
processes. We firmly believe that we are training young women who will one day not only be
strong wives and mothers, but also doctors, lawyers, and CEOs.

We continue to center our club in our 3-court volleyball training center. A lot of careers were
forged between those walls. We are proud of our stability. Many clubs have endured great stress
financing and maintaining their facilities. For us, it is always been about what happens between
the lines. That is why our families choose us. We are proud of the accomplishments that have
occurred between those lines and the legacy of excellence that was established long ago. Feel
free to knock on the door at any time; there’s a good chance Gary, Sam, Monica, or Carlos will be
sleeping on a cot. Some of us just can't get enough volleyball!

Some of our past accomplishments include… Well, that’s really not our style. Our coaching
leadership includes excellent individuals. (You can check out their bios. We let them brag there.
☺) Our staff includes innovators respected across the country. In 15 years, we have surely had
some impressive accomplishments, but in our opinion, if you want to understand our excellence,
ask a volleyball question about your daughter. It will be evident that members of our staff
understand the evolving trends of our sport, have the ability to pinpoint problems and provide
solutions, and most importantly really care about your daughter.

We look forward you to joining our United family. Just like a Thanksgiving dinner, someone may
burn the gravy, but in the end, you know you’re home among people who care about you, and
there is nowhere else you’d rather be. Let’s have some fun and get after it!

Training Sites...
1. Hillsborough Community College (HCC) Dale Mabry Campus
4001 West Tampa Bay Blvd, Tampa, FL 33614

Take I-4 West to the end of Downtown Tampa where it connects to I-275 South and go South on I-275 go
about 3.5 miles to the Dale Mabry Exit. Go right (North) on Dale Mabry to Tampa Bay Blvd (1.26 Miles)
across from Raymond James Stadium. The gym is around the back of the school, follow the parking lot
around the left side of the school to the parking lots in the rear of the campus.

2. Tampa United Facility (United Center)
3212 40th Street Unit 101 C, Tampa, FL 33605

From Tampa: Take I-275-North out of downtown (towards Ocala) to Martin Luther King Blvd or Hillsborough
Ave. Go East on MLK or Hillsborough Ave. to 40th Street. Go right (South) on to 40th Street. Cross 26 Ave.
Look for Tampa Forklift on your left. We are located just South of Tampa Forklift on the opposite side of the
street. There will be a small church on your right, just before the entrance to the facility.

From Lakeland/Orlando: Merge onto I-4 W via the ramp on the LEFT toward TAMPA. Take SR574 West,
Exit 5. Merge on to Martin Luther King Blvd / FL 574. Turn Left on to 40th Street, look for Tampa Forklift on
your left. We are located just South of Tampa Forklift on the opposite side of the street. There will be a small
church on your right, just before the entrance to the facility.
Tampa United Volleyball Board of Directors
Executive Director: Sam Cibrone sam@tampaunitedvolleyball.com (813) 787 – 6221

Associate Director: Gary Larkin gary@tampaunitedvolleyball.com (813) 786 – 5900


Advisory Board:

Kevin Reynolds Kevin@tampaunitedvolleyball.com

Monica Medvid monica@tampaunitedvolleyball.com

Carlos Ramos carlos@tampaunitedvolleyball.com

Nitta Omensetter nitta@tampaunitedvolleyball.com

Program Liaisons:

Chris Catanach ccatanach@ut.edu

Claire Lessinger Claire.lessinger@mail.usf.edu

Travel Coordinator:

Monica Medvid monica@tampaunitedvolleyball.com

Website and Registration and Information Coordinator:

Kevin Reynolds kevin@tampaunitedvolleyball.com

TAP, Clinics, and Lessons Coordinator:

Nitta Omensetter nitta@tampaunitedvolleyball.com
Coaching Staff
*Coaches will be added throughout the year…

Gary Larkin                  HCC
Sam Cibrone                  St. Leo
Monica Medvid                HCC
Chris Catanach               UT
Stephanie Serna              USF
Carlos Ramos                 St. Leo
Craig Collins                Seffner Christian
Margeaux Sinibaldi           Bloomingdale
Amy Rumore                   Plant
Lauren Charles               St. Leo
Kevin Reynolds               Gaither/Plant/AHN
Nitta Omensetter             Barry U.
Brittany Wilson              Durant
Rob Brashear                 Sickles
Desiree Treumann             Texas Tech
Michelle Young               Plant
Lauren Bloemke               Creighton U.
Liz Colley                   Plant
Kathy Rhoades                Burns Middle
Claudia Cabrera              USF
Alumni – Last 4 Years
Krista Anderson, Villanova University
Lauren Anderson, Loyola Maryland
Ashlea Ballengee, Florida College
Sabrina Beckles, Florida Memorial
Courtney Bobo , Broward Community College
Ali Boggs, Florida Institute of Technology
Jessica Bryant, Saint Leo University
Hillary Byrd, HCC
Lauren Campbell, St. Leo
Savannah Cantrell, Radford
Kellie Catanach, Duke University
Tina Catanach, Loyola Maryland
Maureen Colligan, Colgate University
 J'beria Davis, University of South Florida
Nikki Doehrmann, St. Leo
Sam Drane, Georgia St
Danielle Erb, James Madison University
Sydney Fratarcangeli , Broward Community College
Audra Geniesse, Webber
Michelle Gentry , Polk Community College
Tara Girad, Webber International University
Nikki Halbert, Mercer University
Elissa Hausmann, University of Florida
Nicole Higgins, HCC
Cameron Hill, Washington and Lee
Alix Hooker, Anderson College
Julie Howlett, University of Tampa
Hillary Hunt, Mississippi State University
 Erin Hughes, Florida Institute of Technology
Mallory Kiley, East Tennessee State University
Morgan Kosterlitz ,Florida Southern College
Stephanie Krull, Webber University
Ariel Ley, Davidson University
Courtney McDonald, Auburn University
Leah McNary, Creighton
Lara Metz, Florida Gulf Coast University
Chelsey Pachoud , Quinnipiac University
Danielle Priest, Hillsborough Community College/FAU
Rachel Powell, HCC
Alena Ransom, Emory University
Kaylee Ream, Stetson University
Kerrie Reinhardt, Bryan College
Casie Richards, Armstrong Atlantic State University
Cassie Roy, Mercer
Channing Salava, Belmont University
Kristin Scanio, University of Louisiana Monroe
Paige Tuttle, Augusta St
Sara Vance, University of Upper Iowa
Ali Wade, Embry Riddle
Alyson Wagoner, Warner Southern College
Natalie Williams, Warner Southern College
Taylor Willis, Flagler
Brianna Yeates, University of Tampa
Tampa United will offer national, travel, regional, and AAU level teams. We will also
offer leagues for beginner as well as student-athletes that cannot commit the time to
a travel team. In this way, we can service all levels of volleyball in our area. Our goal
is to bring the love of the game to the beginners and also train tomorrow’s college
bound student-athlete at the highest possible level. Note that we will maintain our
philosophy that middle school teams’ players must secure their own hotel rooms, but
we will provide hotel rooms for high school teams’ players.

The National (Tampa) Program...
is designed for the athlete committed to playing volleyball in college and who is
willing to make sacrifices for her progress, her team, and her sport. These teams will
travel out of state and take on the best competition our country has to offer. These
players have the athleticism and skill to match up against the very best prospects.

The Travel (United) Program...
is designed for the athlete who is also serious about her volleyball and who is
working hard to open doors to playing in college. She also makes sacrifices for her
progress, her team, and her sport. She may be looking at a wider array of colleges
that may not require elite level athletic ability, skills, or commitment.

The Regional (Florida) Program...
is designed for the athlete seeking experience and a development of her
fundamentals. She is very serious about competing in high school and may be open
to playing once in college. These levels are appropriate for a multi-sport athlete who
is unable to commit to a more extensive practice and travel schedule or who is unable
or unwilling to make a larger financial commitment.

United TAP (Train And Play) Program...
is designed for the beginning to intermediate volleyball player. Leagues will be one or
two nights a week and will generally run six weeks long with a short break before the
start of the next session. In each six-week session athletes will receive training in all
six skills as well as team training.


           •   Free in-season clinics
           •   In-season position training
           •   Access to lessons with our staff in-season
           •   Plyometric training and Personal Training
           •   Recruiting guidance
           •   United Beach Club priority registration
           •   Off-season camp, clinic, and lesson priority registration
   Tampa United Volleyball Skill Expectations

12s and 13s age division:
Basic ball control concepts including... movement, platform development, freeball
passing, serve receive passing, setting, and overhand passing techniques
Overhand serving... Float serves, topspin
Basic attacking concepts... Armswing, hand contact, footwork, tipping, and
introduction of one leg attacking
Basic defensive concepts... Positioning, movement, middle up and middle back
defense, blocking footwork and hand positioning
Basic offensive concepts... 3 contacts per side, offensive systems, understanding
rotations and overlapping.

14s age division:
All skills mentioned above and more specialized positional training…
Intermediate to advanced defense... Digging feel and awareness, floor defense skills
Intermediate to advanced attacking... line and crosscourt attacking, 1st and 2nd tempo
attacks, setter attacking
Intermediate to advanced serving... Location serving
Offensive systems... 6-2 and 5-1, attacking in an offensive scheme
Defensive systems... rotation and read defenses

15s age division:
All skills mentioned above and more advanced training concepts…
Serving strategies, use of isolation and crossing offensive strategies, understanding
match-ups, SR off higher level serving, ball pursuit and going to the floor effectively,
go-to training, spread blocking, blocking positioning/technique/contact, cut shot
attacking in moderation, tooling, defending behind a blocking scheme.

16s age division:
All skills mentioned above and advanced training concepts…
Back row attacking within the offense, jump serving, team coverage, transition
attacking, offensive speed, swing hitting and cross attacking, bunch blocking,
finishing blocks, channeling on defense.

17-18s age division:
All skills mentioned above and college training concepts…
Film study and advanced strategies, players taking responsibility for product on
floor, problem solving, conditioning and strength training that will pave the way to
success in college.
Proposed Fees for 2011-2012
*Subject to change based on travel schedules.

18Tampa                      8.5 events (2Q)              3 practices/week    $3500
15-17Tampa                   9.5 events (2Q+AAU Champ)    3 practices/week    $3850
15-17United                  8 events (Q)                 3 practices/week    $2850
14Tampa                      8.5 events (2Q+AAU Champs)   3 practices/week    $3350
12-13Tampa                   7 events (Q)                 3 practices/week    $2750
13-14United                  7 events                     3 practices/week    $2250
12United                     6 events                     2 practices/week    $1550
10Tampa                      4 events                     2 practices/week    $1250
*Max of 11 per team

All Teams include the following:
Head Coach, Asst. Training Coach, Mentor Coach
Uniform package
All travel rooms for HS age teams
Free clinics
Position training
Plyometric training
Access to our staff for “in-season” lessons
Access to personal training

A la Carte Services for 2011-12
United Beach Club                                   (10% discount when bundled with indoor)
United TAP Program (Train and Play)                 (4-6 sessions annually)
United Fall Ball                                    (Sept-Nov)
Lessons                                             (Private or up to groups of 4)
Off-season clinics                                  (Continuously through summer and fall)
Volleytotz                                          (Location and dates TBA)
*The above services are linked to our website.

Tournament Add-ons:
*If unanimously agreed upon, contact staff.
       Add-on AAU Championships
       Add-on Qualifier
       Add-on in-state tournament
You are only a member of Tampa United Volleyball
Academy when the following criteria are met:


   •   Before tryouts, go into Players’ Corner from the Indoor
       Volleyball link at www.tampaunitedvolleyball.com and apply
       to the club. If offered a spot, go back in and “accept” your
   •   Once you accept a spot with us you must provide a credit
       card to be placed on file and pay a $500 deposit. (Deposit
       subject to Florida Region commitment rules)
   •   You sign the 2011-12 Participation and Payment Contract
   •   You sign the Waiver/Liability Release.
   •   You fill out the Tampa United Player Information Sheet.
   •   You sign the Parent/Player Code of Conduct Contract.
   •   Register online with USAV Florida @ www.usavfl.org
       AND choose Tampa United as your club of choice.
       (See the Forms link at www.usavfl.org)
   •   You print out and fill out a USAV Medical Release Form and
       have it notarized. (We will provide a notary at tryouts) (See
       the Forms link at www.usavfl.org)
   •   You read this handbook in its entirety.
   Tampa United Volleyball Academy 2011-2012 Participation
                  and Payment Agreement
I have read this Agreement concerning the policies and practices of the Tampa United Volleyball Academy (“The
Academy”). I agree, with my daughter having been selected to the team listed below, to let her join The Academy for the
2010-11 Volleyball Season. In agreeing to this, I understand that she cannot play for any other team in USA or AAU
Volleyball without a written release from the Director of Tampa United Volleyball Academy.
I understand that I am responsible for all fees due by the Player. I understand and agree that upon
signing this Agreement and paying a deposit of $500(deposit subject to FL Region Commitment Rules) , I
shall be financially responsible for the entire fee of $__(see fees structure for balance)__ payable as set
out below. I understand that I am responsible for this entire fee once I sign this Agreement and pay the
deposit, under any and all circumstances with no exceptions, regardless of whether my daughter plays
the entire season, decides to leave The Academy, is dismissed due to conduct violations, or has any other
reason to attempt to claim a refund. I also understand that I am responsible for my daughter’s
transportation to all practices and tournaments.
I understand that team travel will be dependent upon my daughter maintaining membership on a specific team, which is
at the sole discretion of the Directors of The Academy. Promotions and demotions are possible depending upon
development of the individual player. I understand that membership in The Academy is limited and others may have been
denied a position by my daughter’s acceptance. I understand that equal opportunity to participate will be provided during
practices, however, on court time at tournaments is not guaranteed, but is determined by The Academy staff and coaches.
I agree that, if I am on a payment schedule, The Academy is entitled to receive the entire contract balance due as
liquidated damages if I am more than 14 days late on any payment due. In this event, if this matter is referred to an
attorney and/or collection agency, I agree to pay, over and above my liabilities, reasonable collection fees, attorney fees,
and court costs. Venue for all actions under this Agreement shall lie in Hillsborough County, Florida.
I hereby warrant, represent, and agree that my daughter is in good physical health and that she has no disability,
impairment, or ailment that prevents her from engaging in active or passive exercise and that she has no condition that
would cause such exercise to possibly be detrimental to her health, safety, comfort, or physical condition. The Academy
strongly recommends that your daughter consult her own physician before beginning participating in our program.
This agreement is not assignable or transferable without prior approval of Tampa United Volleyball Academy. This
agreement is governed by the laws of the State of Florida and supersedes all prior oral or written representations, or
communications and may only be modified or amended by a written supplement signed by the me, another parent or
spouse or legal guardian, and an authorized representative of Tampa United Volleyball Academy.
Fee Payable As Follows: $500 deposit immediately and 1/3 balance charged to credit card on dates TBA.

EVERYONE must have a credit card to be kept on file for payments unless you pay the full tuition when
you accept the spot on a team.
I, the parent/guardian of: __________________________________
READ, ACKNOWLEDGED, and AGREED TO this ______ day of ________________, _________.
Parent/Guardian Printed Name: _______________________________________________________
Parent/Guardian Signature: ___________________________________________________________
Parent/Guardian Printed Name: _______________________________________________________
Parent/Guardian Signature: __________________________________________________________
Address: ___________________________________________________________,
City: ________________________________________, State:____, Zip _________
Please circle one Visa / MC / AMEX / DISC
Credit Card # _______________________EXP: ____/_____ ZIP: ________

United Indoor Program Cost:                                                                  __________

Please add United Beach Club for May: 2X/week                                                __________
(10% discount: 130.00)

Please add United Off-season Training Program (Sundays) __________
(10% discount: Sept-Nov 270.00)

2011-2012 Total:                                                                             __________

Athlete’s Name: _______________________________________________________________
Birth Date: ___/___/_____ Age: _______ Grade: _______ Actual Age Division: ______ Athlete’s
Social Security Number: _________________________________________________ Address:
____________________________________________________________________ City:
_____________________________________________ Zip: ______________________
Home Phone: (_______) _____________________ Mobile: (_______) _________________
Athlete’s Email: _______________________________________________________________
HS Team: _______________________ Position_________ Years Played _____ Handed L / R
This will be competed at tryouts
Height: _________ Standing Reach: ________ Jump Touch: __________
Mother’s Information:
Mother’s Name: ____________________________________
Mother’s Occupation: ________________________________
Mother’s Work Phone: _______________________________
Mother’s Cell Phone: ________________________________
Mother’s Email: _____________________________________ Include in group email lists? YES NO
Father’s Information:
Father’s Name: ____________________________________
Father’s Occupation: ________________________________
Father’s Work Phone: _______________________________
Father’s Cell Phone: ________________________________
Father’s Email: _____________________________________ Include in group email lists? YES NO
With whom does the athlete reside: Mother / Father / Both
The party that is responsible for payment: Mother / Father / Both
Address to mail statement if different from above:

This must be filled out completely to be offered a roster spot.
                       Waiver/Liability Release
Participant of Tampa United Volleyball Academy, Inc.
I acknowledge that volleyball or any sporting event is an extreme test of a person’s physical and
mental limits and that my participation in a volleyball event can cause potential death, serious
injury, or property damage. With a full understanding of the potential risks, I KNOWINGLY AND
NEGLIGENCE OF THE NAMED PERSONS OR ENTITIES listed below or others, and assume full
responsibility for my participation. I hereby take the following action for myself, my executors,
administrators, heirs, next of kin, successors and assigns:
a) I WAIVE, RELEASE, AND DISCHARGE from any and all claims or liabilities for death or
personal injury or damages of any kind which arise out of or relate to my traveling to and from or
my participation in any volleyball event, b) I AGREE NOT TO SUE any of the named persons or
entities listed below for any of the claims or liabilities that I have waived, released or discharged
herein; and c) I INDEMNIFY AND HOLD HARMLESS the named persons or entities mentioned
below from any claims made or liabilities assessed against them as a result of my actions. NAMED
PERSONS OR ENTITIES: Tampa United Volleyball Academy, Inc. and its Regional Volleyball
Associations, tournament directors, sponsors, and the owners, officers, directors, employees, sub-
contractors, representatives, and agents of any of the above.
(regardless of age ) Date Signed:
If player is under 18 years of age, a parent or guardian must execute, in addition to the foregoing
Waiver/Liability Release Form, the following, for and on behalf of the minor. The undersigned
parent and natural guardian or legal guardian of the player executes the foregoing
Waiver/Liability Release Form for and on behalf of the minor named herein. I hereby bind
myself, the minor and all other assigns to the terms of the Waiver/Liability Release Form. I
represent that I have legal capacity and authority to act for and on behalf of the minor named
herein, and I agree to indemnify and hold harmless the named persons or entities named in the
Waiver/Liability Release Form for any claims or liabilities assessed against them as a result of any
insufficiency of my legal capacity or authority to act for and on behalf of the minor in the
execution of the Waiver/Liability Release Form.

Printed Player Name:

Player’s Signature

Parent/Guardian’s Signature Date Signed:

Printed Name of Parent/Guardian:

               CODE OF CONDUCT

1. The Chain of Communication is as follows: Player Meeting with Head Coach outside of
practice and play Player Meeting with Training Coordinator outside of practice and play Player
Meeting with Executive Director outside of practice and play Parent Meeting with Parent Liaison
Parent and Player Meeting with Coach, Training Coordinator, and Director

2. Playing Time: It is earned and at the discretion of the coach; it is reasonable to speculate that
playing time may be distributed more liberally at the lower levels.

3. Viewing practices: Parents are asked to stay in areas designated for viewing.

4. Attending matches: Impromptu conferences with coaches are forbidden; all spectators are
asked to avoid berating referees; players will communicate well in advance concerning any missed
practices or conflicts.

5. Payment: Players whose account is delinquent will be withheld from play and practice.

6. Attendance: Attendance is required. Since match play is solely up to the discretion of the
head coach, playing time may be affected by poor attendance.

7. Multi-Sport Athletes: Will be handled on an individual case basis. Athletes on National Level
teams will be expected to attend all practices unless cleared by the head coach.

8. Negativity and Poor Sportsmanship: All staff, players, and spectators will avoid harsh criticism,
extreme negativity, and displays of poor sportsmanship throughout the process.

9. Respect for Facilities: No food or drink is allowed in any facility except for players’ water or
Gatorade; all staff, players, and spectators will clean up after themselves as well as assist with
routine cleaning of facilities.

10. Event Behavior: Players will support other United teams participating at an event; no player
will leave until entire team is dismissed after last match or officiating duty.

11. Travel Behavior: Players will avoid any conduct that is illegal or immoral; players and families
will attend and support all team meetings and functions; players will heed curfew and appropriate
public behavior. Any deviation from the above will necessitate parent contact and possible
dismissal from the event. Note that middle school players must secure their own rooms on the

12. Please note that in the case of a player being dismissed for any of the above
violations, all money collected will be non-refundable.

PLAYER:_____________________ SIGNATURE:__________________

PARENT:____________________ SIGNATURE:___________________
Application for the Bartering of Services:
Please provide Sam Cibrone with the services/financial value offered to
Tampa United AND the services/financial value requested of Tampa

Financial Aid Application:
Please provide the following documents to Sam Cibrone before tryouts:
   1. List of all children’s schools
   2. List of any extraordinary financial burdens
   3. Copy of W-2 (confidential)
   4. Brief paragraph articulating financial need
   5. Copy of signed Financial Aid Recipient Agreement (below)

Financial Aid Recipient Agreement:
Tampa United insists that financial aid money truly gets to where to it is needed
most. It is a noble program when it truly helps those, who would not otherwise be
able to, participate in club volleyball. In order to make this program successful,
financial aid recipients must agree to the following policies.

As a recipient of financial aid greater than $500, I understand and agree to the

   1. I will volunteer at both United hosted tournaments in Tampa either by
      assisting with set-up and tear down or working one of the doors during the
   2. I will provide one golfer for the annual United Financial Aid Golf
   3. I will communicate any payment plans required and meet my deadlines.
   4. I will forgo participation in United al la carte services while currently
      receiving financial aid.
   5. I will repay in full the amount of aid received in the previous year if and
      only if I decline an equivalent roster spot for the subsequent year and
      choose to play for another local organization. (For example, aid was
      received for 15Tampa, but a 16Tampa roster spot was declined in favor of
      another local club.)

Player Name:


Parent Signature:


Tampa United may use volleyball related photos /
videos of my daughter on the Tampa United Website
and in marketing materials promoting the

Player Name:

Parent’s Signature:               Date:
10 Rules for Parents from USAV Florida Region:
1. Make sure your children know that win or lose, scared or heroic, you love
them, appreciate their efforts, and are not disappointed in them. This will
allow them to do their best without fear of failure. Be the person in their
lives they can look to for constant, positive encouragement.
2. Try your best to be completely honest about your child's athletic
capability, competitive attitude, sportsmanship, and actual skill level.
3. Be helpful, but don't coach them on the way to the field, rink, pool, gym
or track or on the way back, at breakfast, and so on. It is tough not to, but it
is a lot tougher for children to be inundated with advice, pep talks, and
often critical instruction.
4. Teach them to enjoy the thrill of competition, to be "out there trying", to
be working to improve their skills and attitudes. Help them develop the feel
for competing, for trying hard, for having fun.
5. Try not to re-live your athletic life through your children in a way that
creates pressure. You fumbled too, you lost as well as won. You were
frightened, you backed off at times, you were not always heroic. Don't
pressure them because of your lost pride.
6. Don't compete with the coach. You both have clearly defined roles that
should complement each other. Encourage your child to respect their
coach...they will learn more in the process.
7. Don't compare the skill, courage, or attitudes of your children with other
members of the team, at least within their hearing distance.
8. Get to know the coach so that you can be assured that his/her
philosophy, attitudes, ethics, and knowledge are such that you are happy to
have your children under his/her leadership.
9. Always remember children tend to exaggerate, both when praised and
criticized. Temper your reaction and investigate before over-reacting.
10. Make a point of understanding courage, and the fact that it is relative.
Some of us can climb mountains, and are afraid to fight. Some of us will
fight, but turn to jelly if a bee approaches. Everyone is frightened in certain
areas. Explain that courage is not the absence of fear, but a means of doing
something in spite of fear or discomfort.
The job of the parent of an athletic child is a tough one, and it takes a lot of
effort to do it well. It is worth all the effort when you hear your youngster
say, "My parents really helped...they are the best!"
Florida Region of USA Volleyball – 15014 US Highway 441 – Eustis, FL 32726
Florida Region of USA Volleyball – 15014 US Highway 441 – Eustis, FL 32726
Steve Bishop, Executive Director – James Phillips, Commissioner Tel: (352) 742-
0080 – Fax: (352) 742-0088 – Web: www.usavFL.org
(This legally binding document may be reproduced as often as necessary)

1. I WILL abide by the official rules of USA Volleyball. 2. I WILL display good sportsmanship at all
times. 3. I WILL encourage my child and his/her team, regardless of the outcome on the court. 4.
I WILL educate myself on the unique rules of this facility. 5. I WILL honor the rules of the host and
the host facility. 6. I WILL generate goodwill by being polite and respectful to those around me at
this event. 7. I WILL direct my child to speak directly with his/her coach when coaching decisions
are made that may be confusing or unclear. 8. I WILL redirect any negative comments from
others to the respective Event Director or Program Administrator. 9. I WILL immediately notify the
Event Director and/or Program Administrator in the event that I witness any illegal activity. 10. I
WILL support the policies and guidelines of the team/club that I represent. 11. I WILL
acknowledge effort and good performance, remembering that all of the players in this event are
amateur athletes. 12. I WILL model exemplary spectator behavior while attending this event. 13. I
WILL respect the history and tradition of the sport of volleyball by being a good ambassador.

1. I WILL NOT harass or intimidate the officials. 2. I WILL NOT coach my child from the bleachers
and/or sidelines. 3. I WILL NOT criticize my child’s coach or his/her teammates. 4. I WILL NOT
participate in any game or game-like activities unless I have a current membership card with the
Florida Region. 5. I WILL NOT bring and/or carry any firearms at any Florida Region event. 6. I
WILL NOT bring, purchase, or consume alcohol at any Youth/Junior volleyball event.

Note: Any violation of this Code of Conduct will result in you being asked to leave the site/facility,
and may result in you possibly being banned from attending future Florida Region sanctioned
events. The Event Director has the final say regarding their individual event. Local law
enforcement will be contacted if necessary to resolve any disputes or altercations. Questions or
concerns may be directed to the Florida Region office.

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