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Calcium Phosphate Scaffolds for Bone Repair


All of these materials with the exception of monocalcium phosphate exist naturally either in biology or in mineral form. Octacalcium phosphate has been assumed to be a precursor of biological apatite, the mineral component of bone and teeth, whilst tri-calcium phosphate is found as the mineral whitlockite. Perhaps the greatest literature exists on the synthesis, substitutions, and applications of hydroxyapatite and as such it is this material that will be considered in the greatest depth.

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									 biomaterials for regenerative medicine                                                                         Overview

 Calcium Phosphate scaffolds
 for bone repair
  J.H. Shepherd and S.M. Best

   Calcium phosphates, with their                                                         In 2005 alone around 2.2 million
chemical similarity to bone mineral,
                                             How would you…                            bone grafting procedures were reported
show biocompatibility with hard and          …describe the overall significance         to have taken place worldwide in order
                                             of this paper?
soft tissues and offer massive poten-                                                  to repair bone defects across the fields
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