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Liposuction Surgery in Connecticut (PDF)


Laser liposuction surgery has revolutionized cosmetic surgery, and Smartlipo Triplex is the most advanced form of this revolutionary treatment. Laser liposuction surgery removes excess body fat and sculpts the body to perfection

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Liposuction Surgery in Connecticut
A reliable plastic surgery facility can offer liposuction surgery in Connecticut in
an unconventional, pain-free and minimally invasive method which is quick and
effective. The invention of laser-assisted cosmetic surgery has made the
treatment more efficient and safe, and as a result more popular too. The most
advanced form of liposuction surgery (a major element of plastic surgery) called
Smartlipo Triplex is available in Connecticut.

                                                              Why Laser Liposuction                                          Is
                                                              More Popular
                                                              Liposuction          surgery        with      Smartlipo        is
                                                              minimally invasive, which is a major
                                                              factor       for     patients         who’d         otherwise
                                                              hesitate to sign up for any kind of plastic
surgery. Smartlipo liposuction, in spite of being less invasive, does the job. It
successfully manages to remove the fat in the targeted regions alone, without
affecting the surrounding areas of the skin.

The side effects are much less and you can get back to your regular routine
faster. You can begin to feel the effects of fat removal almost immediately, and
the results keep improving with time. Laser liposuction offers benefits such as
stimulation of collagen in the skin, effective skin tightening and permanent
destruction of the fat cells.

Smartlipo Triplex – Flexible and Effective
Laser liposuction surgery, particularly Smartlipo Triplex, can be performed by
the plastic surgeon in the office. It is ideal for eliminating saddle bags, love
handles, jowls, bat wings, muffin tops and other physical features that make the
individual look older and less attractive. Smartlipo liposuction can also be used
to target specific areas of the body for fat removal and aesthetic shaping of the
buttocks, thighs, hips, knees, breasts (for men), abdomen, chin, face, mons
pubis, and other parts. Laser liposuction surgery can be customized, taking into
consideration the individual requirements and expectations, and health condition
of the patient.

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Lesser Risk of Side Effects but Greater Chances of
Desired Results

The high-tech Smartlipo Triplex liposuction is a simple procedure that does not
cause excessive bleeding and can be performed with local anesthesia.

     •    First, the plastic surgeon inserts a tube called a cannula with a diameter of
          around 1mm into the targeted area of the skin.

     •    Then the laser fiber within the cannula ruptures the fat cells and the
          melted fat is drained away.

     •    Thirdly, the tissue in the surrounding area coagulates. The result is a
          tighter skin tissue.

That’s all it takes – no risk of burning up the fat cells in the surrounding area, no
unnecessary cutting and blood loss, and lesser risk of complications since the
procedure can be carried out under local anesthesia.

Cosmetic Surgery in a Single Session
This kind of laser liposuction surgery can usually be performed in one session.
Patients can get back to work and normal routine in two days, and begin
exercising after around 2 weeks.                          Any healthy individual with around normal
body weight is an ideal candidate. Offered by experienced plastic surgeons,
liposuction surgery in Connecticut is state-of-the-art, safer and brings about
quick results.

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